Avi Jain


He came into this world on Jan 4, 1997, as Avi bringing Anuj and Vini (Ritu) together. He was a happy child who almost never cried including at the time of his birth. He was an extremely caring and giving child, always happily sharing and even letting go of whatever was rightfully his. He loved playing with all kinds of balls, cars, and mechanical toys. He had huge difficulty in telling a lie even when the situation demanded it and believed in the existence of Santa Claus into his teens. He looked forward and welcomed his brother Aru (Anuj and Ritu) and proudly declared “He is my brother“. The brothers are like Ram and Laxman with Avi being a proud loving elder brother, with Aru seeing Avi as his role model and willingly following Avi’s every lead and direction. He got immense love and affection from his Nani-Nana and other members of his family from both his mother and father’s side.

Avi was a brilliant student winning “Scholar Badge” in every academic year through his schooling years at Delhi Public School, Noida, and at Delhi Public School, RK Puram. He was an active, fun-loving, and friendly teenager with immense love for his friends and respect for his teachers. He was an excellent swimmer and a good pianist. He discovered a love for reading and watching movies with the “Harry Potter” series being his all-time favorite. He developed a love for animation characters and figurines especially the ones who had special powers. He learned driving at the early age of 14 and was an outstanding driver. He was instrumental in adding his playmate Tango – a German Shepherd to our family. Avi loved to play with Tango for long hours and spoiled him with his love and care. At School, he was lucky to have built true friendships (Shivang and Aryan) that lasted for the rest of his life.

He went on to graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology. He continued his academic brilliance at MIT and scored top grades. He was a very active member of the prestigious “Parikshit” club (building Nano-Satellites). He became a coach, counsel, and guide to many helping them in every possible way. He was meticulous in his work and strived for perfection. He would take lead in most of the technical papers he published but would ensure that his team members do their part. He would work as a free resource for multiple Startups to help them start even when they were willing to pay him. He interned with “Samsung Electronics” and “Cisco” in Bangalore. He loved the driving trips he made with his friends to local destinations in Udipi and Mangalore. Once again he was lucky to add Gokul and Eswar to his circle of best friends.

He effortlessly secured admission to Georiga Tech, Atlanta. In addition to scoring a perfect “4” in coursework, he was a conscientious Teaching Assistant. He interned at Qualcomm Inc. and was offered a job. In his workplace, he earned the respect of his peers and the affection of his supervisor Eric. Once again he expanded his list of friends to include Suketh and multiple others. He proudly became the owner of a Lexus in March 2021 and loved driving around. He loved the tall buildings, clean air, and beautiful open spaces in the USA.

During the last few months, he gave his parents the chance to be with him 24X7. He continued to work as much as his body would allow him due to his concern for project deadlines and team. He continued to express his concern for his mother’s pain till the last day. Last week, he mentioned that he is not able to see the road ahead but agreed to keep walking holding hands with his parents. He told his father – Papa, I have opened the doorway by chanting “Om Namah Shivaya”. On Sep 26, 2021, He walked out of that door to continue his journey into his next life. His last act in this world was to donate his eyes to someone who needs them.

As we remember Avi for a well-lived happy and productive life, we must remember he was, is and will always be Sat-Chit-Anand – the sublimely blissful experience of the boundless, pure consciousness – the only true, ultimate reality.


  1. I met Avi when he interned for us last year. I remember Avi for being kind and having one of the best and brightest smiles. The above picture is another example of that great smile. My condolences to his family.

    • I cannot find words of consolation. Avi has certainly found peace and is one with the Supreme. I pray God gives his family the strength to bear their pain.

  2. I remember Avi as a a very cheerful and focused boy. Remember couple of incidents where his papa Mr Jain used to coach him and force to remain fit. Asking him to do regularly excersise, and specifically Surya Namaskaram he forced him to do when ever we visited Bangalore during his internship with Samsung. And despite being embarrased of doing in front of me as obedient child he use to do Surya Namaskaram.
    I remember Mr Jain often talking about him, his ability of not being able to lie.Gis fondness fior driving and playing Piano.
    But as people say, good people are needed in the other world more to be sent back to this world to spread happiness in someone’s family.
    I would remember his smile with which was enough to attract anybody’s notice.

    I would pray for his happy journey in the other world , till we meet him again
    Bhagwat Geeta says, Death is that moment, that rips us away from every thing that we hold dear, all at once. For soul their is neither birth nor death at any time.He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being.

    Sir I know how incredible your relationship was with Avi, know that he will be missed by many . In this hour of grief me and Pratiksha both are their with you and Bhabhi ji and everyone else in the family.

    We have to gather courage , so that he rests in peace, he would want his parent and brother to always be happy. He has also donated his eyes in this world so that he can see all of us. Such a great person in his age .

    Om Shanti

    Sanjay Tiwari
  3. My condolences to Avi’s family. This is such a great loss. I was looking forward to having Avi working with us here in Qualcomm, San Diego. He was a very impressive young man and will be missed so much..

    Joe Warner

    Joe Warner
  4. Avi, have’nt met him in person but remotely worked with him as a colleague. Even over the conference calls, I could see that he always had a smile and a great energy. Aside work, we used to talk about his undergrad days as we had been to the same school. Though our interaction was for few months, it seemed we knew each other very well. Very saddened. My heartfelt condolences!

    Anand Gurusamy
  5. Avi joined Qualcomm full-time just a few weeks after I did. We met only virtually as I was trying to get to know the team. He struck me with how upbeat and happy he was, and he already was known as a good engineer. I was looking forward to getting to meet him in person and getting to know him better. Avi’s whole team at Qualcomm is very saddened. The team met today and shared stories about Avi. Condolences to Avi’s family and friends. You are in my thoughts.

    Jerry Roletter
  6. Strength to Avi’s family. You will always be in our thoughts.

  7. I met Avi at a very young age in my school. He was a great friend who like playing outside and reading. I don’t have a lot of memories from that time with him but one that stands out above others was when I broke my collar bone in school. It was Avi who shouldered me and dropped me at the clinic.

    In our teenage years, I would often see Avi in school here and there. We would nod to each other. Sometimes we would spark a conversation. I was not a good student and Avi was, therefore our paths naturally diverged, but the love was still there. I remember meeting him in 12th class when he came to collect his Gold Medal from DPS Noida. We talked a lot that day. Relived old memories we had playing together. Talked of old friends and days of the past. We departed each other’s company saying we will keep in touch in college.

    How would I know, keeping in touch in college would mean that he would become an integral part of my life in college and beyond. On my 5th day in Manipal, I saw him with his dad in the food court. I thought to myself it can’t be Avi. It just cannot be. But then later that day we met again and thus started a 4-year journey of some of the best moments of my life.

    I have countless stories of Avi in college. Some fun, some sad, and some really confusing. He was an amazing person. He pushed me constantly to do my best(SolarMobil, GSoC, Microsoft, Research Paper). He pushed me to be better even when I didn’t have it in me. He was an amazing roommate and an amazing friend. No, I don’t think he was my friend, he was my brother. We shared a room for 2 years. I count myself lucky to have gotten to spend so much time with him. He had the biggest heart. He was willing to go to the end of the world for his friends.

    College ended but we would still talk every week if not every day. He went to Georgia Tech, a place we knew he deserved. He deserved the world and he was willing to work for it. At college, he scored a perfect 4 and even go on to work for Qualcomm. He would call me every week and we would talk for 2-3 hours about everything. When covid came, we (Aryan, Gokul, Avi, and me) would play PubG online. Playing the game was just a reason, the real motive was to listen to my friends relive the old days. We had a lot of fun back in college and the love was still there it was evident to see.

    When he was diagnosed, I didn’t believe it. I think I still don’t. I still want to believe one day he will call and we will have one of our long conversations about our lives. I’ll ask him about his and tell him about mine. I would give just about anything to have one last conversation with him. Tell him what he did for me. Tell him what he meant to me. Tell him…… not to go.

    I owe more than the world to him. I still think back to the moment when I saw him in Manipal that day. I still think what if we didn’t talk that day? How would my life be different?

    I know how it would have been different, I would not have met my brother.

    I miss him so much. I wish he could be here. I wish we could talk again, laugh again. I didn’t get a chance to say that he was my brother. I didn’t get a chance to say thank you. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

    Avi wherever you are, I hope you are at peace. I hope to live my life as if you are here right beside me. I miss you Bhai. Have fun in heaven.

    Shivang Bharadwaj
  8. Heartfelt condolences to Mr Jain and family. This is such a sad news. I met Avi once in Gurgaon and he was such a gentleman. May he find eternal peace.

    Rahul Sharma
  9. Really sad to hear about Avi. He was a joy to interact with and always carried a smile. My condolences to his family, and hoping God gives them the strength to bear with this loss.

    Akarsh N. Kolekar
  10. Our deepest condolences to Anuj and Vini for losing Avi. Too early, very unfair, and extremely painful. Our heart goes out to you guys… in all this Avi shines bright and will always prevail with his smile and the memories he left behind. His soul has made the journey beyond leaving this world. Hope his smile and memory brings some solace to the family.

    Rajan & Bhavini
  11. Our sincere condolences to everyone in the family and love to much beloved Aru also

    I couldn’t gather words here…I am so dead shocked at this news. Smallest Coffins are heaviest and sitting at home I feel heavy in all literal sense.

    I started visiting Jain family house in Mayur Vihar…Avi would smilingly welcome and open door for me. Mr. Jain would make sure he offers me tea. I used to have some lengthy meetings with Mr. Jain. I witnessed him grow in height, age and maturity.

    I realise today that I have some long lost connection with family that would keep me close to every one in Jain family.

    May Waheguru bless your pious soul always and keep your Nobel soul with him…
    And May God give everyone in family strength and courage.

    Radiating in the sky,…..Your soul would prove “Sitaron ke Aage Jahaan aur bhi hain”

    Munish Khurana
  12. We are absolutely heartbroken at this unfathomable loss of dear Avi. We are sending all of our love, prayers, and strength in this impossible time to Ritu, Anuj, Aru, grandparents, all relatives, loved ones, & friends of Avi. May his memory be a blessing to all. With love, Naresh & Asha Chand and family

    Naresh & Asha Chand & Family
  13. Avi has not left us ! He remains in out hearts for ever ! A wonderful son, a great friend, amazing student , an achiever , outstanding profile and above all an ideal friend to our son, Suketh ! Avi also became our friend ! We were fortunate to have Avi at our place briefly in Dallas , he made a lasting impact ! Some bonds are not defined by length of association ! They are just so much a manifestation of the strong qualities , great virtues and his adaptability to society that made meeting Avi so special for us !!! We believe Suketh had a idea roommate ! A dream for every parent to have a friend , philosopher and guide in a room mate for our Son! Relationship was just not being a roommate , For Suketh and us , Avi meant a lot more than a friend ! A role model ! An icon of success ! Avi would have gone on to script another success story of an Indian immigrant making it big in States ! The journey is just diverted for Avi from material world to Spiritual World ! They say ! Those whom God love go young ! Avi is deeply loved in this world and in his destination – an abode of peace ! We do not have words to articulate how Much we miss Avi and how much he meant to us ! Life is a journey ! Beyond Life is a greater journey ! We wish Avi’s soul nothing but peace as he travels into the divine world ! While we all miss him ! He still remains close to our hearts and his short life is a great example to the society ‘ an ideal boy ! Made his parents proud brought so much happiness to his environment . It’s not just his brother Aru, but Suketh as well has lost a brother but his memories will continue to inspire ! Om Shanti !

    Padma and Guru
  14. With tears eyes and heavy heart, I offer my heart-felt sympathy and support to my dearest friend Anuj and his beloved family, especially Ritu Bhabi, dear Aru, grandparents and Tango. It seems almost impossible to bear the huge vacuum created by our dear Avi and I wish almighty will give the utmost courage and strength to Anuj and family in these difficult times.

    Although, I have never met Avi but when I read the description above, it is like Avi is standing right here exuberating his radiant smile. My friend Anuj from IIT Delhi is more than a brother to me as I looked for his support, guidance and camaraderie many a times during our Kumaon (IIT Delhi hostel/dorm) days. Avi inherited all his father’s traits (including Anuj’s ever-lasting smile and joyful nature) and so much more. What a brilliant and kind soul Avi is (like father like son)!!

    Again, I have no words to express my deepest regards and condolences to Anuj and family. Ever-smiling Avi will forever be in our hearts and minds.

    With love and regards,

    Vishvaroop and Monika Agarwal
    Palo Alto, California, USA

    Vish Agarwal
  15. Avi and I first had the same section in the first year and that is where we met for the fist time. He used to sit in the second row and I in the last. Eventually I also started sitting in the second row next to him and Eswar. We instantly hit it off and gelled really well.
    This is when we found out that our hostel rooms were next to each other. We used to prep for the sessionals and end sems together in his room and order a fixed menu from Apoorva. After coming from Parikshit late at night, he used to directly come to my room to share and discuss everything.
    From going on trips in Manipal to hanging out in our room , from watching movies together and shouting about Don Corleone to meeting randomly in Goa, it is you who made all of this fun.

    Among the many things that Avi has taught me over the years, his ability to take challenges head on with his chin held high was extraordinary. His positivity was contagious and used to brighten up the room. He knew how to lighten everyone’s mood instantly. His seriously and dedication towards his goals was second to none.

    He has always pushed me to exceed my own capabilities and to become a better version of myself. I knew he always had my back.

    Bhai, we have been through thick and thin and I still can’t digest the fact that you are not here with us physically. The hole that is there in my life now cannot be filled but I know you are still looking over us and caring for us like you have always done. Miss you Bhai. Love you to the moon and back.
    Rest in peace.

    Gokul Upadhyay
  16. Anuj/Ritu – we are so very sorry for your loss, and hope that over time the family can find solace in the fond memories and joy that Avi brought in everybody’s lives in the short time he was in this world.

    Sanjiv Narayan
  17. Our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family and friends. It is heart breaking to loose such a bright and promising boy at such a young age. His loss can never be recovered. But he will live in our thoughts and heart for ever. May his kind soul rest in peace 🙏

    Ashok Wadhwa
  18. Dear Anuj, Ritu, Aru and Tango-
    We are incredibly sorry for your irreplaceable loss. It is heartbreaking and we simply cannot fathom the unfairness of this. Our deepest condolences. Avi was such an incredible young man and he will be missed by so many. Wishing you all peace and love.

    Alka & Manish Srivastava
  19. Avi’s colleague from Qualcomm. Although we didnt meet face to face, we were all looking forward to getting to know him when offices reopened 🙁 . My deepest condolences to the entire family.

    Aswin Sampath Kumaran
  20. Dear Avi – I never met you personally but have known about you from the eyes and heart of your proud father. As a colleague and later a friend, I heard the immense pride he had in your accomplishments and your journey in US whenever we spoke. After reading messages of so many people who knew you better I can truly understand that You were and will always remain the joy and pride of your father and mother – and as you experience the ultimate shanti in heaven – know that you made your parents happy and proud , your friends loved, your colleagues and bosses grateful for having known you. Even in your going you gave the ultimate gift of sight and Someone will see the world through your loving eyes ! Rest In Peace dear son, brother and friend – you will live forever in memories of many people in the world …Om Namath Shivaay 🙏

    • Words can’t express the sorrow on loss of such bright and young kid.May his soul rest in peace and God gives courage to parents to bear this pain ..Om Shanti

  21. Rest in peace dear Avi. You will forever be in our hearts and minds.
    Aru, Ritu & Anuj our thoughts and prayers are with you. Sending you all our love.

    Nabanita & Rony

    Nabanita Ghosh
  22. This is a message you hope you never have to leave for any parent. My heartfelt condolences to my friend Anuj and Ritu and the family. Over the last couple of months I have grown to know Avi thru my conversations with Anuj. What I learnt was besides being a wonderful young man with the loveliest of smiles, he was a fighter. Never have I seen more committed parents and their son fight such a brave battle with total determination and great love for each other. Avi has been in my and my family’s prayers everyday and now my prayer is for strength for Anuj and Ritu who have been so brave. Avi has lived a bright life albeit way too short. May the joyful memories give comfort to Anuj, Ritu and Aru. With affection and prayers, Vanitha

    Vanitha Narayanan
  23. Avi stay happy, we all will miss you , but you will be in our thoughts and in our life daily. Rest in peace buddy.

    Sanjay Tiwari
  24. So sad that Avi left us at such a beautiful age. Felt like just a short moments ago I was listening to him to share his thoughts on meetings. Wish him all the peace in another world… Condolences to Avi’s family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Iris Miao
  25. May his Soul Rest in Peace
    Om Shanti

    Neeraj Jain
  26. My heartfelt condolences to Avi’s family and close ones. In our case, he was closely linked to our project in Qualcomm and indeed is a huge loss. My prayers for his soul to rest in peace. Om Shanti.

    vasudev bhaskaran
  27. May God bless Avi wherever he has gone to. May God grant courage to the family to bear this loss. Avi was definitely a star and will always remain so making his family proud of every moment spent with him. God bless his soul.

    Lovneesh Chanana
  28. I worked with Avi for a few months and found him to be a hardworking, intelligent and thoughtful person. Every discussion I had with him showed me how deeply he thought about things, technical or otherwise. He was always cheerful and never once did I hear him complain about anything. He was truly a positive person and his presence will be missed by all.

    When he first told me about his health, we genuinely believed that this will be just a passing phase. He was hopeful with the treatment as were all of us. Even as he continued with the treatment, he had the courage to continue working, attend meetings, deliver code. I cannot imagine myself ever being able to do what he did. Just goes to show how committed he was to his goals.

    I wish I could have met him once but unfortunately couldn’t due to the COVID situation. My condolences to the family over this heartbreaking tragedy. I pray with you for Avi.

    Niswarth Mudaliar
  29. My heartfelt condolences to Anuj and his family. May his soul rest in peace and god give the strength to deal with this loss.

    Puneet Gupta
  30. Heartiest condolences Anuj. My prayers to God to give you and family the strength to bear this irreparable loss.

  31. Extending my sincere condolences to the Jain family — I am deeply saddened by your loss of Avi. He was a well respected young man with lots to offer.
    Our journey together was short, but Avi shared with us his captivating spirit that we will carry with us forever.

    Eric Lutz
  32. Impressive of all things Avi has done. Short and full filled life would have been a bright star amongst many, but now he is one in the sky. Mary peace be bestowed upon family and friends. Om Shanthi!!!

  33. My heartfelt condolences to the family. May the almighty embrace Avi’s soul. I also pray for strength and fortitude for the bereaved loved ones. Rest in peace Avi!!
    Om shanti!!

    Amrit Singh
  34. May your soul find the next beautiful abode Avi and your memories be the balm for your parents for this untimely loss. My deepest condolences to the family and my heart bleeds looking at your young smiling face and such an amazing bouquet of achievements.
    OM Shanti

    Shivam Mittal
  35. Avi. You have reached a better place. You have given so much love and strength to your parents. Am sure your pure and wonderful soul will be a guiding light to your family always. May you rest in peace.

    Saurabh Swaroop
  36. My sincerest condolences. May Avi’s soul Rest In Peace.

    I met Avi when he was very little in 2002. I remember him as a cheerful young son with a very doting father, Anuj.
    May God give strength to Anuj and family to bear this immeasurable loss.
    Om Shanti.

    Shivesh Sharma
  37. Avi- keep smiling and stay strong, wherever you are.

    Viren Malhotra
  38. जब अपने चले जाते हैं तो दुःख होता है
    मगर सच यह भी है कि शरीर नशवर है
    हमारी यही दुआ है कि
    जो जीव – आत्मा आज हमारे बीच नहीं है
    प्रभु उसे मोक्ष प्रदान करें ..

    Anuj, Ritu, Aru & Tango please accept our condolences & May god give you strength at this difficult time.

    Meera & Umesh Kapur
  39. With a heavy heart, I offer Anuj and his family my heartfelt condolences. I have not met Avi personally, but I have heard Anuj talk about him with genuine pride. It is extremely painful to see someone so young and full of life go away.

    I pray that Avi is in a better place now. Also, praying that God give Anuj and his family the strength and courage to get through this heartrending loss.


    Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan
  40. Avi you were the most sweet and cheerful boy in our whole Family. We used to meet rarely but always spent a quality time together .You departed from this world but you will always be there in our heart . Love you Bhai 😘

    Mayank Jain
  41. Anuj & Ritu are like family and Avi & Aru like our own sons, so this moment of typing our condolence message for Avi is really heart-wrenching.

    An extremely bright spark – academically and personality wise – gone too soon 🙁

    Avi’s cherubic smile, his zest to live and the fight to live-on will never be forgotten.

    Anuj/Ritu – we can’t even begin to imagine your sorrow, may God give you courage to face this most torturous event of your lives.

    Om Shanti.

    Himanshu & Chitvan
  42. A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to Moksha. May our condolences and prayers bring strength and peace to Avi’s family.

    Jinesh / Sonika
  43. You left us too soon. May your soul rest in peace!
    Deepest condolences to Anuj and family.
    May God give you strength to bear this loss.
    Om Shanti 🙏

    Sunil Pandita
  44. A big loss to our family that can never be
    compensated.His memories will always remain in our hearts. May God rest his soul in peace.

    Rashmi Jain - Taiji
  45. Avi had always been my favourite out of all the 10 children i.e. his siblings and paternal cousins.
    He had been a simple, sober,and pleasing personality.His laugh had always been laced with blushing. His naration was always smiling one. He had brought laurels to all of us. Despite meeting him not frequently, he was always in my heart.
    I am short of words to describe him.He shall always adore my heart like a diamond necklace.
    May God help all of us specially his soulmates Tango, Aru and His parents.
    We shall always cherish your memory dear Avi.

    R K Jain
  46. My heartfelt condolences to Anuj and his family.
    May the almighty give strength to bear this irreparable loss.

    Avi was a wonderful person, and he lived a happy life.
    May the almighty grant him eternal peace, and be with him in his next journey.

    Om! Shanti…

    Abhijit Bhattacharjee
  47. Anuj San, though we know each other professionally but for me you are like my brother. And hence Avi is my nephew.
    My eyes are wet reading about him, and I am just trying to imagine the immense pain to lose a brilliant and worthy son. My deepest condolences.
    Om Shanti.

    Hilal khan

    Hilal khan
  48. Dear Avi

    You blessed this world with your happy and sincere presence. You stayed for the period that was destined. God loved you so much that he needed you by his side very early.

    Rest in peace, lovely child. We will miss you forever.

    Om Shanti


    Sharad Mittal
  49. This is such a sad and shocking news. Heartfelt condolences to Mr Anuj Jain and to the entire family. May God give strength and courage to the family members to bear this huge loss. Om Shanti.

    Rajeev Gupta
  50. Hi Avi,

    Knowing your daddy and having worked with him, you too have shown that you are a fighter like him and faced all challenges bravely all the way.
    God has his own ways and often calls special and good souls near him much earlier. So you are not only special to your family and friends, but God’s special child too.
    You leaving us so early is devastating and heart wrenching.
    May your soul continue to be at peace and happy forever.

    Sumana Aunty

    Sumana Mondal
  51. Heartfelt condolences to Anuj and his family, may the almighty give strength to bear this irreparable loss.
    May the almighty bless Avi’s soul and grant him eternal peace…
    Om! Shanti

    Abhijit Bhattacharjee
  52. Life has been cruel and unfair and there are not enough words to express grief and console the sorrowful loss of Avi, he fought like a fighter. I wish you find peace and strength in his loving memories so that he rests in eternal peace. May he shines like a star and brighten your memories always. Our heart-felt condolences to the family.
    Bhavpoorv Shradhanjali…Om Shanti
    Nawani Family

    Pranav Nawani
  53. I have met Avi only a few times, but even in our first chat it was as if we knew each other since years.
    Whenever I came to meet Ritu ma’am a after graduating from high school, I always found Avi dedicated in his studies, but he never missed saying a quick hello. When he went off to college, maam used to proudly tell me about the student Satellites projects Avi was working on in Manipal. Infact Avi was an inspiration for one of my cousin to choose Manipal for their undergrad.
    My first proper interaction with Avi was just before he started at Georgia Tech. He was excited, confident yet humble, and ready to change the world.
    On my next visit to Atlanta, I along with my brother decided to drop by his place. Avi had that knack of connecting with people, and we had a great time knowledge sharing.

    I really could not believe it when Ritu ma’am told me that Avi is no more with us. I wish I had more opportunities to interact with him. But I will make sure to honor his memory by imbibing his exceptional positivity, dedication and friendliness.

    Wishing strength to the family. May Avi rest in peace.

  54. Avi was a genius. Avi and I used to stay back during our holidays. He used to do his extra curricular activities and club activities and I had to prepare for my exams.
    I used to struggle with my academics and Avi always used to teach me. In every semester, Avi taught me many subjects. I learnt so much from him, not just academics. He had this vision for himself which I used to admire. He clearly knew what he wanted and he had planned it all. After spending years with him, even I started to think about my future.
    It is difficult for me to imagine my future without him. I still cannot believe that I won’t be able to meet him again. Not just a friend, I also lost a mentor.

    I have millions of memories with him. I still remember his favourite navy blue nehru jacket which he used to wear everywhere, how he used to sneak into my room and use my perfume, and that day when I and Avi saw a shooting star for the first time, the memories are just countless.

    I still cannot believe that I cannot talk to him anymore. Our conversations were never-ending. He was a part of my life. I still sometimes think that he will call me again and we will laugh together.  I have so much to tell him and so much to ask. I just miss him.

    Goodbye Avi, rest in peace.

    Aryan Srivastava
  55. I came to know Avi when I interviewed him at Georgia Tech in Oct 2019. Next summer he interned with us via remote. Several of us remember him since the day he announced “Hi I am an intern”. He surprised us with his can-do style from day one, and provided a jolt of energy in preparing us for tapeout. Having such a team member on the east coast turned out to be a blessing with him launching and monitoring jobs early in the morning , and getting them in order before we even woke up on the west coast. It was a pleasure in seeing him join us after graduation. I was hoping to thank him in person one of these days, but God needed him more to debug things in heaven. I will always remember his smiling face. May God give strength and peace to Anuj and family in this extremely difficult period.

    Atul Garg
  56. I worked with Avi for a few months and found him to be a hardworking, intelligent and thoughtful person. Every discussion I had with him showed me how deeply he thought about things, technical or otherwise. He was always cheerful and never once did I hear him complain about anything. He was truly a positive person and his presence will be missed by all.

    When he first told me about his health, we genuinely believed that this will be just a passing phase. He was hopeful with the treatment as were all of us. Even as he continued with the treatment, he had the courage to continue working, attend meetings, deliver code. I cannot imagine myself ever being able to do what he did. Just goes to show how committed he was to his goals.

    I wish I could have met him once but unfortunately couldn’t due to the COVID situation. My condolences to the family over this heartbreaking tragedy. I pray with you for Avi.

    Niswarth Mudaliar
  57. I have never met Avi but I have worked under Anuj, his father very closely. From everything I read about him, I can see he is a young version of Anuj- sharp, ambitious and versatile. While Anuj is a very strong person, this event is probably soul crushing for him and his family. I can feel it. I hope Anuj and his family can heal with time. May Avi’s soul rest in peace. Bright lights never gets extinguished.

    Kingshuk Ray
  58. Pyare avi teri muskurahat aur pyaar se gale mil kar batein karna sadev yaad mein rahega. Choti ayu mein bhi tera gyaan prerna deta rahe ga. Teri aatma ko shaanti mile aur tu sada chaand ki tarah chamakta rahe

    Shyam lal Jain, Basanti Jain
  59. Having seen Avi grow from a little shy kid to a smart, handsome, intelligent young man has been a reminder of the long time we have known Anuj & Ritu. So many memories come flooding by…visiting the Mayur Vihar house where Avi was a kid, family outings, get togethers and life moved on predictably..and with the kids growing up, spreading their wings, we grown ups took a back seat. We have closely seen the pride with which Anuj & Ritu have brought up the kids, the love, care, focus and attention to see them bloom. Avi getting into Manipal, doing so well at his studies, the exhilaration of him getting to Georgia Tech were all moments of great happiness and achievement. ,

    And today, it is a grim and heart wrenching moment to be writing his obituary. Our hearts and minds choke thinking of this loss. We can only console ourselves by thinking maybe God had other plans for him and wanted him by his side.

    Avi – you have made good of every moment that you have been on this earth. In this short life, you have lived a lifetime. You have touched many lives and left your mark. We will all miss you. Rest in peace, young lad. This smiling face is what we will always carry in our hearts.

    Lots of love and prayers,

    Prativa & Aharnish

    Prativa & Aharnish
  60. Avi was the happiest and most energetic of my 8 brothers. During childhood, I was always in awe of his height and his appetite. Initially we always met during all family gatherings where he was never shy of initiating any kind of mischief. I also remember the fights we used to have while playing PS2 at my home and how we always used to defeat me in every game I challenged him.
    From him giving me a beating when I tried to mess around with Aru, to forming a momentary football team with him, to him teaching me how to play Pokemon Go, to dancing like crazy at all our elder brothers’ weddings, and countless more moments, I will always cherish each memory I shared with him forever.

    The last time I met him was when he got into Georgia tech and was about to leave for US and the last time I saw his smiling face was during his graduation ceremony when he received his Masters Degree.
    I wish I could have met him and feel his warmth and energy one last time. He was, and will always be my ‘bhai’. I still cannot get over the fact that my bhai is no more in this world. It is a huge loss to our family and I have no more words to express my grief. My sincerest condolences to Chachu, Chachi, Aru, and Tango. I cannot even imagine your pain.

    You will always me in my heart Avi.
    Rest in peace

    Utkarsh Jain
  61. Avi,
    I never met you but you are son of my very dear friend and I am feeling very sad that you left him so early.

    But what can we say may be this was destiny. I pray for peace to your soul and let your parents recover from this situation soon.

    Rest in peace beta.


    Virendra Rai
  62. You will be always missed 😭
    Rest in peace my little brother.

    This is the biggest and irrevocable loss in my life till date !!

    Avi you are alive in my heart forever ❤️

    Anupam Jain
  63. We are deeply saddened by this untimely demise of such a wonderful life. Avi will live in our hearts always. May God bless his soul and give strength to family to bear this unfathomable loss.

    Om Shanti.
    Ruby and Ravi

  64. A big loss to our family that can never be
    compensated.His memories will always remain in our hearts .May God rest his soul in peace.

  65. The great souls come to this world to inspire and illuminate others. They depart quickly when their mission is completed. Once the path is paved by them, they move on from this mundane earthly matter and carry on their solstice journey . Avi is one of them. He was a lamp to this world and now he is the star again twinkling and seeing us from the distance.
    He was here, he is here and he will be always. His warm lovely presence and his innocent Infectious smile, will remind us everyday, the ‘life’ is meaningful and blissful.

    Sumita Basu
  66. Avi my nephew, was a very cheerful, comparatively quite, elegant intelligent boy turned into handsome man was absolutely adorable in the family. It’s absolutely incomprehensible why is no more with us. I pray to God to bless his soul.

    Pradeep jain
  67. Have no words to express the shock and grief. God could not have been more cruel . Avi has left such a huge void in the family. Will always remember him as a bright, cheerful, caring boy . May his noble soul rest in peace.

    Poonam Jain
  68. Our heartfelt condolences to my dear friend Anuj, Ritu, Aru, their family and friends. There are no words that can sufficiently console. It is my prayer that Avi’s memory will live strongly and that from his life you will draw courage, strength and deep wisdom. It will be a fitting remembrance of all the good and beautiful things Avi embodied in his life. I pray that he will continue to be an inspiration to all. Donating his eyes is such a noble gesture. He will be able to see everyone from heaven. Om Shanti.

    Deep and Sreyashi

    Deep Sen
  69. Avi,
    We still can’t believe that you are no longer with us physically. But know that you will always be there in our hearts and will be greatly missed. Your ever-smiling face, your amicable persona, your contagious laughter, your sincerity towards your work will always be remembered and will continue to inspire us all.
    May you shine like a star and stay with us.
    Love you , Mama-Mami

    Shilpi Singhal
  70. Came to know Avi through parents and we felt knew him since long time. He had a special task in this world and completed that with his earnest sincerity and diligence. Even though we never met him he became part of our family due to his deeds and the divine energy he brought among us. He was here to elevate our energy level so, that we can do more and more for friends, family and this world. Ritu and Anuj are great soul and they are among us to share the love and energy received from Avi who has become immortal in our memories, we will follow the loving path paved by Avi. Wishing strength and love to the family.

    Madhu & Prafull
  71. It is terrible to hear about your loss and I express my sincere sympathy to your family. May God rest your soul in peace.

    Pankaj Jain
  72. It is terrible to hear about your loss and I express my sincere sympathy to your family. May God rest your soul in peace.

    Pankaj Jain Rohini Delhi
  73. He loved, he laughed, he inspired.

    I’m pretty sure that he’ll be out somewhere right now, spreading joy with his effervescent smile in this moment as I write this.
    That’s how Avi is and will always be, a lively soul with an extremely comforting presence and a very caring brother.

    Ever since the beginning, we were known for being mischievous- we would run away from family functions, break all the make-up Bua had and empty out the entire bottle of oil for the lock on the door seemed to be glitching. Avi was extremely fun-loving right from the get-go.

    He achieved everything and more that he decided to. All of us, all of his siblings, looked up to him. He is always will be the smartest of us all. Avi and I have had good times together; we laughed at how extra our family can be, to him making fun of me not knowing how to drive. I will miss you, Bhai.

    As he moves on to a place that’s better, he leaves behind light and love.

    So here’s to you, Avi, to your strength, your endurance, to everything you achieved and to every life you touched. Here’s to you being Avi, my brother, always and forever.

    Mishie Singhal
  74. Avi have been a cheerful soul since beginning and he will always be remembered in our prayers. May his soul rest in peace..

    Om shanti!

    Arpit Jain
  75. Dear Avi, did not have a chance to meet you; but knowing your parents and reading all the messages above can only imagine what a kind soul you would have been. You are no longer with us in body, but I guess your spirit and memories will reverberate in many hearts for a very long time. You should know that you will leave behind a void in the hearts of your close ones that no one can fill. Every moment will be a memory around you ans your thoughts. You were loved in this life and you will be blessed by the side of God.
    Anuj, Ritu and Aru- may you have the strength to live through this and with this

    Lula and Sandeep
  76. Dear Avi.

    Last time we met when you came on Rakshabandhan, I can’t forget the cheerful and smiling face.

    I don’t have words to express my grief. Will always be there in Bua’s heart.

    Om Shanti!

    Indu Jain
  77. Gone too soon! What can I say. Rules of almighty is not understood.
    Let him have the peace. Om Shanti!
    Anuj is very dear to me. May he, along with his family, gets all the strength he needs to move on for Avi’s happiness.

    Deepak Garg
  78. We clearly remember the day we welcomed you into the world and into our family, Avi. Always a happy child, always bobbing around, always that effortless swag in whatever you did. It is not possible to talk about you in past tense Avi, it never will be. Kahan chala gaya bachche..bahut yaad aayega..ghar mein ab bhi paneer banega, teri bahut yaad aayegi..the way you would blush and the way your eyes would light up at the slightest thing done specially for you..
    Our lives are incomplete and forever will be. Every step, every day, every time..teri kami rahegi..
    Stay happy, stay smiling, wherever you are. There are no goodbyes dear child, its only ’till me meet again’..Love you loads..

  79. Bhai himmat rakhna. Mere may tou itni himmat nahi hai. Parso jab se suna tab se paresan hu. Himmat rakhna. Balaji maharaj himmat dege apko

    Parveen jain
  80. You will be always missed. Rest in peace my little brother.

    Avi you will always be there in our heart.

  81. The legacy of Avi will live on in our hearts forever. He had a beautiful presence in this world and his soul has moved on, but he will always be with us, in our thoughts and sweet memories. He will be greatly missed, and never forgotten. We are thinking of you. Our hearts ache for your family. We will hold Avi in our hearts forever.

    Amit and Anu
  82. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. May God give you the peace that you seek.

    Rajiv Jain and poonam jain .Rohini Delhi
  83. I am deeply saddened by the news of your loss. I pray that God will grant you the strength. My most sincere condolences

    Rajiv Jain and poonam jain .Rohini Delhi
  84. With tears in my eyes, my heart is soring for the young, intelligent, dynamic and beautiful soul. Avi was a great fighter and he has been fighting against all odds at such a young age. There are no words to console for this irreparable lifetime loss. Anuj and Ritu; you did your best; however God was not kind and had other plans. This is the worst situation any parent faces in life and only time will heal a little bit. Remember Avi will be with you on every occasion and will be watching you. We cannot imagine in being the unfortunate situation you are in. You have been brave and strong and have not left any stone unturned. Please hold on and let Avi depart with peace. He would have left with Heavy heart. He was such a nice kid and God wanted him so early to be with him.
    We pray that God give the family the strength and courage to bear this unbelievable shocking loss and handle this unfavorable situation. OM Shanti

    Ravi and Vandana
  85. I met Avi during the 2nd year of my undergrad in Manipal. We’ve been friends ever since. We even came for our masters’ in the US right after finishing undergrad. While he went to Georgia, I went to Maryland. We were in constant touch in the US and used to talk at least every month.
    He was a supporting and caring person. He was always ready to help me understand topics during undergrad and even help me out in projects.
    It was a shock to me when I got to know he was fighting the disease. I talked to him to twice or thrice since May. But, he always told me how content he was that he was getting the best possible health care. I have heard how physically draining the treatment is but he never portrayed that while we talked.
    My only regret is that I couldn’t meet him after coming to the US and that I couldn’t join him for the Disneyland trip last year.

    Umang Rastogi
  86. As a parent, this loss is something I cannot even fathom. Having known Anuj for many years, I can picture Avi as an absolutely wonderful young man, aspiring and achieving big and living life to the fullest. From the time I heard from Anuj in May, I have prayed for Avi regularly, wishing for what’s best for him and his parents. Now I pray that Anuj and his family have the strength to brave this loss and may Avi’s happy memories help the family.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Anuj, Ritu and family

    Usha Addepalli
  87. Avi, you had been a fighter and will be always missed. Rest in peace. Naresh

  88. Our heartfelt condolences to my friend Anuj, Ritu and Anu. May Avi merge with divinity.
    Hari & Manju

    Hari Nair
  89. What a gigawatt smile! I did not have the pleasure of knowing Avi personally, but just the way his dad talked of him indicated an incredible young man. One with great promise by all counts, and far more importantly, a thoughtful, kind, courageous young man. An unfathomable loss. May God grant strength to the family that has also shown incredible faith and determination during this time to bear their inconsolable loss. Remember the good times. Avi will always be with you.

    Hema V
  90. Avi was a fun, happy guy, with a ready laugh and a boyish smile. We were both the same age, and the respective ‘elder brothers’ of our houses, with the same interests, and choosing the same career path. At some level there was a rivalry, but above all, we understood each other. Whenever the family gathered together at festivals, we would play – football, pakdam-pakdai, video games, you name it; and Avi and I would often fight because we didn’t like losing to each other. And then we would promptly forget it when food was served – camaraderie in gluttony.
    I remember when Avi brought Tango along to one of the gatherings when he was young. We were playing pakdam pakdai, and Avi playfully sicced a young Tango at us. Avi’s face – he laughed so hard he went redder than a tomato – as Tango chased us is one of my most cherished memories of those days.
    Later we got so busy, we could only meet during our older cousins’ weddings – and there we would dance all our stresses and frustrations away.
    I wish we had met many more times bhai. The last time I saw you was when you came over after you had decided to accept your offer from GaTech. I regret I couldn’t be there to even see you off. I can’t express the depth of my grief as it sinks in that you are no longer in this world.
    Our family is so much the lesser for your passing, and I can’t begin to imagine the pain Chacha, Chachi, Aru and Tango are going through.
    Avi, I hope you find peace and happiness in the other world. Have fun in heaven bhai, macha de vahan bhi

    Saksham Jain
    • The rivalry or jealousy was entirely one sided and in our your mind Saksham and at least I have always been aware of the same. Avi never coveted anything that belonged to anyone else and just focussed on what he wanted to achieve in life.

      He is definitely in a far better place now away from all the jealousy that some felt and hopefully in his passing away, he has made it easier to impossible for anyone to rival him or be jealous of him.

      Best wishes to you. Have a good life.

      Anuj Kumar Jain
    • Avi loved to eat his favorite dishes cooked by his mom, so gluttony is another thing entirely in your head only.

      Anuj Kumar Jain
  91. Avi and I really connected in the second year at Manipal. He was kind, funny, and extremely smart. He always pushed everyone around him to aim higher and work harder. Manipal wouldn’t have been the same without you, Avi. I will miss you a lot. Rest in peace.

  92. We are both in deep sorrow at this loss. May God give peace to Avi’s soul and strength to Anuj and Ritu to deal with this huge loss. Anuj, you are very strong. Please be the pillar of strength for your family.
    Om Shanti.

    Sona and Rajeev Mitra
  93. Anuj Bhai, Please accept our most sincere condolences. May the soul of Avi be rest in peace. 🙏🙏

    Rajesh & Reena Jain
  94. I don’t think I have ever met a more cheerful person than him.
    We were in the same class in Manipal, and in those 3 years, I can barely remember his face without a smile. Even when times were not in his favor, he could just smile and make his way through, and on top of it all, he made it look so effortless.
    He was really kind, loving, and caring.

    It was a pleasure knowing you, Avi.
    Rest in peace.

    May God give all the strength to his family.

    Milind Arora
  95. Our heartfelt condolences to Anuj & family. As a parent it is absolutely heart-rending to see a young kid go so soon. May all the fond loving memories of Avi give you all the strength & comfort during these most difficult times.

    Mantosh Verma
  96. We met in Manipal in the first year as hostelmates and classmates as well. My room was right next to the water filter in the hostel and I used to keep the door open to meet everyone on my floor. On one fine day I met Avi and realised he’s also in my class. I used to sit one row in front of Avi and we had never communicated till that very day.
    After that we had everyone coming in my room after dinner and used to play Uno/Dumb charades or just having some fun on Omegle which used to go on till early morning.

    The friendship grew more and more. Sometimes all of us used to go out for dinner at KC for some sandwiches and we used to order about 3 rounds of Mountain Dew each (1 before the sandwich, 1 with the sandwich and 1 after the sandwich). We’ve gone for cycling to far away places, been to Gokarna and have had some really wonderful memories.

    Avi, you got into Parikshit and also did excellent in that as well as in studies. You are and will be one of the smartest and dedicated person I will ever meet. I admire that about you!

    After 1st year, I didn’t keep much in touch as we had different classes, different hostels. But now that I’m writing this I feel like I should have been more in touch with you and should have seen this friendship grow even stronger.

    I am in deep sorrow and I hope may God give peace to you sould and your family the strength to deal with this huge loss.

    Gunjal Parekh
  97. Please accept our hearfelt condolences on the sad and untimely demise of your elder son in U S. We all pray to almighty to give peace to the departed soul and also give strength to all the family members to bear this irreparable loss….R C Jain and Family (Rohini)

    Ram Chander Jain
  98. Avi is the most effortless genius I have ever met. No words will ever be enough to list out his achievements, let alone describe him as a friend. I have so many memories with him and I will always kick myself for not keeping constant touch. That one is on me buddy.
    Hope you find peace in afterlife.

    Vaibhav Tripathi
  99. शब्द नहीं है हमारे पास दुख व्यक्त करने के लिए, ईश्वर दिवंगत आत्मा को शांति दे तथा सभी को
    हिम्मत दे
    We all will miss Avi a lot ……
    ओम शांति शांति 🙏🙏

    Rajesh & Reena
  100. Having Avi around would always lift one’s mood. I have never seen Avi without a smile on his face. He was very kind, hard working, funny and down to earth person. He’s inspiration to many and still had loads to achieve. You will be missed.

  101. Avi, you’re one of the most beautiful persons I’ve ever known. I have the best of memories with you. I remember how we used to make paper Ravanas and put bijli bombs in them on Dusshera. I remember you all making me the goalkeeper everytime we played football. You’ve always been so full of life and so much fun; my close confidante. The last time I spoke to you was on a video call a few months back. You’ve always been an inspiration bhai. The gang of 10 will never be the same without you. It’s hard to believe we won’t get to see you again. Rest in peace buddy.
    I wish I could see you more often. I wish I could express my love a little, before you went away. I’d miss your energy and that contagious smile. I’m proud of you, Avi. You’ve lived happily.
    Love and hugs to maama, maami, Aru

    Pragya Jain
  102. Very sad and heartbreaking but hopefully his smile and achievements can help the family come out of this in a better manner.

    It’s commendable how in these tough end moments he could still think of others and give eyesight to someone else.
    Respect for Avi and may God soul rest in peace.

    Amita gupta
  103. Anuj and family – We are thinking of you in this moment of immense grief and sending you love. It’s one of those times when words can’t do justice to one’s feelings. I sincerely hope that with time you all can overcome this grief and be able to cherish the joyous memories of Avi. Sadgati to the departed soul.

    Vinaya Dhabareeya
  104. It is hard to accept the fact that such a young and energetic colleague has left so early.
    May god give strength to family in this hard time and give Avi peace in journey beyond life.

    Sanket Parekh
  105. Still can’t believe that you are gone. Such a big loss to our family. Although we met very little, but you and your smile will always be remembered. RIP bhaiya!🙏🏼😪

    Divya Jain
  106. Gone too soon bud. I am sure God has different plans for you and you will be shinning as always in heaven too. Rest in peace brother. It’s indeed heart wrenching and absolutely painful while writting bid adieu message for you, never thought this will happen so soon. Take care 🙏🙏

    Sonal & Harshit Jain
  107. I am beyond shocked by this news that Avi is no more with us. I know Avi since 2020 summer during his internship at Qualcomm. I was his mentor at the time of his internship, so my interaction with him was almost daily based. I got to know Avi very well professionally. He was a sharp engineer who showed genuine curiosity and interest in solving problems. I wish he is still here with us.

    My deepest condolences to his family.

    Pradeep Mani
  108. My heartfelt condolences to Avi’s family. I talked to Avi few times the first week I joined Qualcomm to setup the Linux client and other tools. He was very helpful and pleasant and responded quickly to any of my queries. Even though I did not interact with Avi much after that, he will always be remembered.

    Suku Koonantavida
  109. Met Avi about 20 years back and still have his naughty and bubbly activities as a memory… very difficult to imagine that he is gone..
    Remain the same ever..
    May god give strength to the family to overcome this huge loss..

    Kanchan Sarkar
  110. Dear Avi,

    You bravely faced the difficult time and gave hope to all your near and dear. Your brilliant life journey came to an abrupt end. We pray to almighty to take you under his sharan. May your soul attain eternal peace.

    Ramchandra Yagnik
  111. I never met Avi but I feel like I met him several times..thru Anuj’s depiction of his deeds, progress and life over several years. Anuj was always fond and proud of Avi, and Avi gave Anuj and family every reason to be. It is such a tragic news that till date, I am not able to NOT feel angry about why is he taken away from us?

    They say time is a great heeler, but I think that is only at the surface. In our mind and heart, Avi will always be there. He will constantly remind us of his smile, his goodness and his love for his pursuits. We will continue to miss him in every celebration, in every rough moment, and above all, in every walk of life.

    Avi, Anuj and entire family fought valiantly. I remember telling Anuj once that he is handling the situation very bravely. I so wish that we had a different outcome.

    I pray to the almighty for keeping Avi a place in their lap and bestow with their love, and grant the bereaved family all the strength.

    Om shanti, shanti, shanti 🙁

    Pramod Mundra
  112. It’s so sad.. I can’t believe a youngman ,whom i never met can leave like this.My heart felt prayers and condolences.om shanti

  113. He always smiled. He always made others smile. He was a great team member, an amazing senior, a helping mentor and a good friend. My deep hearty condolences to the family. May you all find a new peace in this new reality with his physical absence but ever presence in thoughts.

    Krishna Birla
  114. May his soul rest in peace. My deepest condolences to his family.🙏

    Parveen Kumar Jain
  115. Nothing I say can change what happened, but I am here for you and your family during this time.

  116. My deepest condolences to Avi’s family. May his soul rest in peace.


    Thomas Tang
  117. I knew Avi since the first year, when we lived next to each other in Block 16 in Manipal, and later on, when we were classmates from second to fourth year. I don’t think I’ve met a smarter or a humbler person during my time at Manipal. I remember talking with him about so many things, from the latest trends in tech, to graduate school applications, and to our projects in Manipal.

    I was shocked to hear about Avi and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones. I’m quite sorry that I didn’t get the chance to meet Avi in the US.

    Rest in peace buddy. You’re in a better place for sure.

    Sharan Seshadri
  118. Heartfelt condolences. It’s a huge loss .may his soul rest in peace

    Nidhi Arvind
  119. Met Avi during his Georgia Tech days. We were quick friends and geeked out over the same things. His easy smile and gregarious nature always put everyone around him at ease.
    His passion extended to his work and that was contagious, ever down to earth but always striving for the best. I always imagined us down the lane sharing life and work stories, bouncing each others passions off each other. But I can say, for the brief time I have known him, he lived life to its fullest.
    My condolences and thoughts go out to his family. And to Avi, you will always be remembered.

    Krishna Yalamarthy

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