Cedris Bailey

Reflections of Cedris Bailey- Loving Daughter, Sister and Aunt

Marc Antony, in his funeral oration in the popular Shakespeare work, Julius Caesar, is accredited with these words:
“The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones”
Our dear sister was not known to have evil in her. Mischief…yes but not evil nor malice.
She was the mischievous prankster in the family. She enjoyed a good laugh at our surprising or alarming reactions to her well devised plans to catch us off-guard with her spoken word or her deeds.
If per chance we were lost to the humor, she would not hesitate to ask, “…so what, you can’t take a joke”?
Cedris passed away August 3, 2018. Cedris loved family dearly. She did not have any children of her own. This, she claimed, did not bother her at all as she considered those of her siblings…all her nieces and nephews as her own.
She showed care and love for all of them, as she did for her siblings. She rejoiced in their successes and suffered in their pains.
She followed the Bailey family tree with a zeal that was almost unrivaled. She researched and explored the connections and branches over years and generations…and at times seemed pained that we all did not demonstrate that same zest.
From an early age she had a determined, fighting spirit. This served her well in her athletic pursuits at school.
Although not a ‘tomboy’ she was never afraid of a challenge from even the boys in the neighborhood. She played a good game of marbles and she could bowl (pitch) a cricket ball faster and better than many. They would struggle to keep up with her in any race and if she said, “…catch me if you can”, they knew it was all over.
Her determination and fighting spirit also served her well in making a life in New York City and later on in her failing health.
She did not complain much as she cared little for pity.
On reflection, she was even quite guarded about the severity of her condition as she did not wish to cause, what we now believe she considered to be, undue anxiety or distress in the family.
It is difficult to even fathom that she chose to run this last race without bringing much attention to herself.
But such is the path she chose, such is the path of a determined and fighting spirit…that no one could have run this race for her…and that she had to finish the course her way.
More importantly, she had a deep faith in God and she trusted Him to direct her path. Yes, we are all sad that she will no longer be with us physically. However, memories of her love and care, her peals of laughter and all her jovial mischief will linger with us forever.
These, for sure, will not be interred with her bones.
And as her path continues to everlasting rest in the Heavens above, just listen keenly…she may have whispered, with that mischievous but peaceful smile, “…catch me if you can”
Travel on to eternal rest, Dear, Loving Cedris.
Sleep on!
A memorial service will be taking place on Saturday, August 10, 2018 at 11am at Crowder Funeral Home, 111 E. Medical Center Blvd., Webster, TX 77598.


  1. Cedris, go on and take your rest, in my heart I will always miss you. but Gid loves you best. Sleep well.

    Ivory Taylor Akande
  2. I cried when i heard of her passing, but I know she is at peace with our Heavenly Father. No more pain or sorrow.
    To the Bailey family, Condolences from the Peterson family.

    Sonia Peterson
  3. I have fond memories of Cedris dating back to our time together at Christ the King. She was indeed mischievous with a wicked sense of humour. She was also a fantastic athlete. Her soft, high-pitched voice belied her fierce determination. You underestimated Cedris Bailey at your own risk.

    I extend sympathy to her family and loved ones even as I thank God that her pain and suffering have come to an end. I encourage everyone to pay tribute to Cedris by taking care of your health. Cancer is indeed a scourge. One of the most effective tools we can use in this battle is early detection.

    May her soul rest in peace and rise in glory.

    Joan H Underwood
    CKHS Class of 1979

    Joan H Underwood
  4. Our deepest condolences goes out to you Trevor, Gaynell and family from Alan Vanderpoole and family. Those we love will walk beside us every day. May she rest in peace!

    Alan Vanderpoole
  5. RIP my old friend, condolences to Gaynelle, Trevor and the rest of the family. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

    Donna-Jean Samuels
  6. My condolences to Gaynelle and the rest of the Bailey family, I remember playing ball at their house on Antigua, I was so scared of their Dad, we usually walked to schi together
    Rest in Peace, definitely gone too soon
    Susan deNully

    Susan deNully
  7. My condolences to the Bailey family on the passing of Cedris.I’ll always remember her sense of humor and that laugh.Rip my sister.May God bless and watch over you always

    David Samuels
  8. RIP Cedris!! The last message I got from you was on January 5th if this year when you message me and telling that you are not hearing from me and that you are worried. All those time you were probably sick and was worried about me and the passing storm that we had I will miss you Cedris Bailey. Rest In Peace dear friend

    Sandra Marajah-Richards USVI
  9. *Condolences to the Bailey family on losing a loving daughter, sister and aunt. Continue to rest in peace Cedris.

    Denise James
  10. Sincerest condolences to the Bailey family. New Cedris during school years. Although I wasn’t very close to her, I am very close to her brother, Trevor. Bro, be strong and may her soul rest in perpetual peace.

    John Swift
  11. Sleep in eternal peace my dear Sister. The Love we shared can never be replaced. You will always live on in our hearts!!

    Jacquelyn Bailey Connor
    • Hello can i ask where were she buried at?

  12. To the entire Bailey family especially Trevor my sincere condolences. It is well. God got this. RIP Cedris.

    Linell Lovell
    • May you Rest In Peace,my love.

      Claudius M.
  13. Condolences to her mom, Gaynelle, Josette, Trevor and families on passing of Cedris. Memories live on long after the passing if loved ones. Hold fast unto your memories of Cedris and keep her alive in your stories and thoughts. I will always remember her as a fine athlete from our school days, and a God fearing Christian from our recent past.

    Dawn Theodore
  14. Aunt Cedris,
    I will forever miss your sweet and funny messages. You always knew how to keep me laughing. Heaven will be more rich for having you, but we will miss you here.

  15. Dear Cedris,
    I am still in disbelief. I still look for your face as I walk the streets of New York hoping to run into you, so we could laugh and talk. I hear your voice even as I write. I feel comforted that God has you among his angels where there is no more pain or suffering. I will forever hold the joyful memories of you in my heart, and feel blessed that you touched my life.
    My Love extends to Mrs. Bailey, Josette, Gaynell, and other family and friends.

    Joycelyn Garbutt
  16. My dearest friend and ‘twin’ has left me😥
    No more hilarious emails and telephone calls full of endless laughter!!
    Truly Ce, it will be difficult for me not hearing your voice, sharing updates and fellowshipping in the Word of God.👏
    You are truly a beautiful soul, full of love and faith. You have ascended to the heavens, away from us but closer to your dear Lord and SaviourJesus Christ! I can say that one of His angels has returned Home⚘
    To her precious Mom, Mrs Bailey, and her entire family – my deepest and heartfelt condolences. May the peace and love of God bring you comfort⚘

    Vania Laurent
  17. My heart is broken. I am so lost of words right now. I know she is in a better place, and she don’t have to suffer any more, but it still hurt. Love you ms.bailey. im really going to miss you so much. Just watch over me and my family like always.

    Please if anyone knows where she is buried, can you let me know … PLEASE

  18. My heart is broken, i know your in a better place and you don’t have to suffer anymore. But it still hurt to know we won’t speak for hours no more. Watch over me and the family like you always do. We love you. You will be in our hearts forever.

    Please if anyone knows where she is buried, can you let me know PLEASE.

  19. Miss Bailey wow this is so unreal hard to believe.You left us here at Prospect many many many months ago and we were trying many of us to get in contact with you to see if you were okay. It’s funny how people don’t believe in the saying (you’re going to miss me when I’m gone) that’s what you said to me and I didn’t believe it I said (oh miss Bailey please I’ll see you when you get back )and you said (this time I’m going to be gone a long time )wow if I would have just believed in those last words you said to me it wouldn’t be such a shock my condolences go out to your family .Miss Bailey we had a love-hate relationship but you are going to be missed you are already missed your constantly asked about . You were always a private and secretive person so for us not hearing about how sick you were comes to no surprise to me.Many times you would hint to me and I would have to read between the lines as if you were trying to tell me Keisha I’m really really really sick and those few times that you told me that you were sick I always used to tell you Miss Bailey you need to take some time off and this last time when you said that you were going to be out a long time I never would have thought that you would retire within that time and eventually go home.May your soul rest in Heavenly peace. As you always said my superviiiiiser lol.

    Kecia moshier
  20. You will be missed. My. Heartfelt condolences goes out to your family may your soul rest in Heavenly peace

    Kecia moshier
  21. I’m so sad to hear about this and in this way…..I keep thinking about you and our talks how u were there for me when I needed …all the laughs we had…I will truly miss u miss bailey…luv u always …

  22. Ms. Bailey, Ms. Bailey, Ms. Bailey. For the second time in my life I am at a complete lost for words. I appreciated you more than words can say. I wish you were here for us to have one of our hours on end conversations of what I’m doing wrong. I recall you scolding me when I came out of character and praising me when I made you proud. To say I miss your mischievous nature is an understatement. We lamented about our immigrant journey and those legs. Oh Ms. Bailey, we had some moments that will forever stay in my mind and heart. I miss you Ms. B.

    Je t’aime et tu me manques mon ami.

    Respect and Love.

    Ms. Leonie B.

    Leonie Boreland
  23. I am sorry that I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to you.

  24. God Bless Her Soul! My Mom (P. Peters) was her co-worker back at Aldus/Bronx.. we’re just hearing of her passing.

    To the Family: Have Strength in the Lord! May She Rest Eternally in Peace!

    Kimberly Purcell
  25. Miss Bailey I didn’t know it was going to be so soon.I was expecting your call from Texas as you promised that was the 10th of July and while waiting, hmmmm bad news knocked at the door of my heart that have left to meet your creator.
    My sister you will always be remembered.RIP.My sincere Sympathy,Prayers and condolences goes to the entire family

  26. ms.bailey my ms.bailey oh how God works in wonderful ways. I know u before I truly got to know u. you was the love of sam who lived next door from me as a child. who would of know we would cross path in later life. U became me mentor,best friend, protector & sister of prospect. you wore many hats and one had my heart on it. you taught me how to keep my job, u saved my job , u scold me when i was doing wrong & I’m grateful for it. u was loving. giving, compassionate even through your journey of illness. you always knew when i was bothered. you’d come with kind words. you adored my kids I thank u for that. You left and I didnt get to say good bye. west suppose to do city island n Atlantic city. however God had different plans. my soul was hurt to know that we lost u. I called many times hoping to hear your voice. I thought well she went to see her mom as u do. I wish I’d none u wasI’ll. I use to say ms.baileyu are not alone u got us here. prospect and I loved u dearly. ee appreciated more then u known. my condolences to her family. may you s.i.p and watch over us. I love u my sister. not a day u not on my mind & forever in my heart. ❤

    cherharriet HAPPY watts
  27. we did a memorial for you at City Island. To show our love for u. I know you are pleased.

  28. My deepest condolences

    Eleanor Kwansa
  29. I will miss her forever.

    Claude M

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