Victor Jose Faria Martin

Victor Jose Faria Martin was born January 7, 1981 and died March 14, 2019 in Clearlake, Texas at the age of 39. He will be missed by his parents, Jose and Dagma, and his sister Cassia and his much loved dog, Caesar.
Victor has been working at the University of Houston-Clearlake for the last three years and the family is very grateful for the support he has received from his team. There is no need for flowers; however, if his friends desire, a donation can be made to the Office of Advancement, University of Houston-Clear Lake.
A celebration of life and viewing will be held with the family from 4 pm to 6 pm at Crowder Funeral Home in Webster, TX, Tuesday, March 19, 2019.


  1. Dear Dagma, and Jose,
    I am so sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you both. Maria Luisa and I were so saddened here in San Pedro Sula, Honduras when we learned of Victor’s passing. My thoughts turn to Victor’s 7th birthday in the Dominican Republic with many happy children in the rural town of Bella Vista. May he rest in peace. Our Love, Richard Hansen and Maria Luisa Smith

    Richard D Hansen
  2. From the distance we embrace as one to our american family and send you all our love, strength and energy. There are no words to express our lost, we do not find relief for our hearts or peace in our silence. Our dear Victor, such a big heart, such a marvellous sould, such an eager to discover mind, such a beatiful smile. Our dear little cousin, like Julius Caesar, you have now decided to cross the rubicon and the world is sadder without your light. Be our eternal guardian and wait in the other side of the river for our arrival. Your cousins Raquel Capalleja and José del Torno (Seville-Spain).

    Raquel Capalleja
  3. Dear Dr. Martin, Dagma and Cassia, We are extremely shocked and saddened to hear of Victor’s passing. So young and so talented of a person. I remember the desk you showed me that he made and I was so impressed by his skills! May Victor’s soul rest in peace. May God give you the strength you need in this hour of grief. With kind regards, Harish and Rupal.

    Rupal Trivedi
  4. Dear Aunt Dagma, Uncle Jose and Cassia,
    We are all extremely grieved and saddened by Victor’s passing away. So many good memories come to mind such as him entering from the back door into the kitchen all sweaty from his hockey games. He would try to hug us with a big mischievousness smile. Or even when we ran on the snowed streets of the neighbor delivering the paper. His physical presence will be missed so much. But He certainly lives on. I wish I could be there. Love you

    Marcelo Gutemberg DeSouza
  5. I heard of Victor’s passing and am saddened at the news. I wanted to let your family know that my family’s thoughts and prayers are with you. I only knew Victor through our work environment. He was a kind person. I know the team has already felt the loss. HIs absence will not go unnoticed. Our prayers are continued with your family in this time of mourning. I pray that you all may find and be filled with peace and comfort in the days to come.

    Kindest Regards,
    Lea Black

    Lea Black
  6. Victor was the goalie on my Groton Ice Hockey team more than 20 years ago. We have not stayed in touch, but I remember his presence as if it were yesterday. He was so much bigger and stronger than everyone else that his physical stature couldn’t help but define him. But I also remember Victor to have been such a kind and gentle soul. There was a genuine quiet tenderness behind his eyes. He made sure never to bully other boys with his size and strength. Instead, he was always thoughtful and kind to everyone. I hope Victor found joy in his short time here on earth, and I hope his soul rests in peace. I already miss him.

    Zeke Hawkins
  7. Dagma Dr. Martin i am so sorry for your loss. May he RIP. May our Lord give u peace snd strength.

    Pilar Saldivar
  8. Dear Jose, Dagma and Cassia,
    Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for the loss of your dear son and brother. We will remember him as the happy and energetic little boy we knew in Lowell. Our prayers of love, healing and peace are extended to you.
    Charles, Alyce & Lisa Bush

    Alyce Bush
  9. I just wanted to express my deepest sympathies and condolences to your entire family. It is no mystery how much of my early childhood was spent with Victor. The news of Victors passing has brought forth a flood of amazing memories and shared experiences. He and I had a significant shared childhood experience and learned much of what we knew to be the world at that time together. Whether it was running through the neighborhood yards, speeding down the hills pushing the limits of our fears on bikes and skateboards, trying to best each other in Marble Madness or the latest Nintendo game, Soccer, Shedd Park baseball, or simply being kids. Our childhood was intertwined and we took comfort in knowing we could face just about anything as long as we were doing it together. My first exposure to the larger world outside of the U.S. was because of Victor and the generosity of your family to include me in your adventures in Spain. So much of my foundational life experiences were with Victor. When my children ask me about my childhood almost all of them begin with “Victor and I” ….. I cannot fathom the loss your family is experiencing. Please pass along my most heartfelt condolences. I just wanted to say I am thankful for having been able to share much of my childhood with Victor, he was a great friend and I am deeply remorseful he and I didn’t get a chance to reminisce more recently than in College. It would have been a lot of laughs. Thank you to you and especially your parents for sharing a small piece of Victor with me. He will never be forgotten and he will forever be a part of my life.

    Matthew Hubbell
  10. Dear José (cumpa), Dagma, Cassia and family,
    We could not believe the text message with the sad news of Victor’s (my “tocayo”) passing. While his departure took us all by surprise, we are consoled that it was in happiness, as we can clearly see in his face in the picture you posted. We wish we could be there today with you and give you our support. Instead we can only tell you to rest assured that he (and you) will be in our prayers, especially at the time of his service, but also long term. From the times at graduate school in Madison, WI we have gone different paths but we have been fortunate enough that these would cross periodically, the last time in Brownsville, together with our grandson who was so grateful of your hospitality and Dagma’s support in his birding pursuits. We hope we will see you again in the nearby future. Rest assured that you will always be in our hearts and that our home is your home. And yes Victor, please pray for your parents, sibling, family and us all who miss you, from the spot that the Lord has assigned to you in Heaven.
    Your friends forever Viktor & Mary Wilhelmy

  11. Queridos Dagma, José, Cassia y César
    Con mucho dolor les hacemos llegar nuestro
    abrazo solidario para acompañarlos y honrar con ustedes
    la vida de Víctor.
    Aunque no hay consuelo para esta pérdida, seguirán vivos
    la atención, el cuidado, el respeto, el apoyo
    y sobre todo el amor que incondicionalmente le
    Con el cariño de siempre
    Lidia y Mario Díaz

    Lidia y Mario Diaz
  12. Queridos Dagma , Jose y Cassia, nuestras mas sinceras condolencias, que Dios brinde consuelo y paz en estos momentos, el termino su vida aqui pero sigue estando como angel en el cielo.
    Un abrazo con mucho carino y nuestras oraciones, los queremos
    Maria Teresa Castaneda, y los Rodriguez Castaneda.

    Maria Teresa Castaneda
  13. Queridos Dagma , Jose y Cassia, nuestras mas sinceras condolencias, que Dios brinde consuelo y paz en estos momentos, el termino su vida aqui pero es como un angel en el cielo que velara por ustedes.
    Un abrazo con mucho carino y nuestras oraciones, los queremos
    Maria Teresa Castaneda, y los Rodriguez Castaneda.

    Maria Teresa Castaneda
  14. Victor,
    I remember our afternoons studying for the Hellenic School! I was always admiring you comprehendin in four languages, English, Spanish, Portugese and Greek! I was always thinking you hated it, till you select to take some Greek courses while you were at the University! We were frequently starting by playing football in the backyard and we had relaxing time helping us to proceed in studing and exploring the way people think, by understanding languages. It was funny when we were walking and discussing in the forest, behind my house, but the time after we got “lost”, got out of it far away and returned home very late, after someone gave us a ride, wasn’t that much of fun! We were all the time communicating, sometimes silently, but really communicating although the age difference! Thank you for assisting me in becoming a little boy, a boy of your age! The time we went to Greece and you attended the Greek School was a blast, for you and for the Greek kids who were proud to meet and be friends with you, Victor, a true American boy! You were a little kids and we brought you to many places, including swimming in the warm, clear, friendly seas of Crete and visiting sites like Olympia, Acropolis, Knossos. You seemed to be thrilled, astonished, participating in braking plates in the dances at the evenings in my yard under the surprised (if not shocked) eyes of your dad!
    Victor, your parents and Cassia, everyone and of course I love you very much and you have your permanent throne in my/ our hearts!

    Stratos Soubassakis
  15. Mi muy queridos Don Jose y Dagma,
    Facundo Cabral dijo “ De la cuna a la tumba es una escuela; por eso, lo que llamas problemas, son lecciones. No perdiste a nadie: El que murió, simplemente se nos adelantó, porque para allá vamos todos. Además, lo mejor de él, el amor, sigue en tu corazón. No hay muerte… hay mudanza.

    Y del otro lado nos espera gente maravillosa: Gandhi, Miguel Ángel,
    Whitman, San Agustín, la Madre Teresa, tu abuelo y mi madre, que creía que la pobreza está más cerca del amor, porque el dinero nos distrae con demasiadas cosas y nos aleja, porque nos hace desconfiados. Ahora Victor estara alla; pero tambien sigue aqui, porque lo que amamos nunca se va, nunca nos deja.

    Quisieramos de todo corazon estar ahi con ustedes, pero espiritualmente ahi estamos. Ustedes son nuestra familia, y los apreciamos mucho.

    Hugo, Tere, Hugo Esteban y Jose Mario Rodriguez Castaneda

    Hugo Rodriguez
  16. Dear Dagma and Dr. Martin,
    We are so very sorry for the loss of your young son. We know how much you cared for him and how proud you are of his achievements. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. Rosalinda and Peter

    Peter Gawenda and Rosalinda
  17. Dear Dagma and Dr. Martin,
    We are so very sorry for the loss of your young son. We know how much you cared for him and how proud you are of his achievements. Please accept our heartfelt condolences.

    Peter Gawenda and Rosalinda
  18. Dear Dagma, Jose, and Cassia.

    Nuestro mas sentido pesame. Durante el tiempo que estuvimos juntos en Brownsville siempre pude contar con ustedes porque no solo eran familia de UTB, eran familia de verdad. Cualquier cosa que se les ofrezca, Sarah y yo estamos aqui en Houston. Un abrazo con mucho carino.

    Hugo Esteban Rodriguez y Sarah Jean Rodriguez

    Hugo Esteban Rodriguez
  19. Dearest Dagma – this is Ali Hasan – Victor’s friend from Groton. When we were children at Groton (2nd form, etc) you frequently invited me to dinner with your family, whenever you drove up from Lowell to take Victor to dinner. It was such a kind gesture. I was so damn homesick that entire 5 years (lol) and you stepped-in to basically be my mom away from home as often as you could. I don’t know if I ever thanked you for that? But dinner with you and your family were some of my favorite memories. I know you loved Victor deeply. He loved you deeply as well. He was an intellect and a gentleman. I recall having plenty of conversations with him, on many topics, and he never raised his voice or felt the need to insult another, in order to make his point. He carried a confidence about what he knew – and because of it, you never wanted to be on the opposing side of his viewpoint (he was usually right, because he was well-read). I miss the conversations with him. I’m also thinking of your wonderful daughter, Cassia and your husband. Victor was my friend and I was very proud of it. I’m sorry I lost touch – many of us from Groton didn’t hear from him after graduations. It seems like he found a lot of joy in his work in Houston. I’m glad to know my friend found joy there. Business will soon be taking me to Massachusetts. If you’re still there, please send me an email (hasandaddy at This time – I would love to take you to dinner, give you a hug, and hopefully make you feel some of the solace that you kindly gave to me. With great love and affection – ALI

    Ali Hasan
  20. This is a sad day for the Martins, my friend. Victor passed away last night, victim of a pulmonary embolism. His parents are in shock, and it hurts a lot.
    I will communicate again when i can.

    Ruth Ann Ragland
  21. My dearest Uncle and Godfather….I just read an email from Dad about Victor. I am stunned. So so sad for you, Dagma and Cassia. My prayers, thoughts and love go out to you. Wrapping you in warm hugs during this terribly sorrowful time. 💜💕

    Ami Hill
  22. Oh my God. Our hearts and thoughts are with you and Dagma. Give us a call when you have a chance. All our love.

    David Pearson
  23. Don Jose, Teresa me acabo de hablar de esta terrible noticia, esto parece una pesadilla, esto es horrible, mi más profundos pésames, no puedo imaginarme lo triste que es este momento para ustedes, besos y fuerzas para usted y Dagma,
    estoy de guardia aquí en el hosp hoy.

    Emilio Garrido
  24. This must be the darkest days of your life. Parents are not supposed to our live their children. I know that you wish you had been there when he passed, but it was not meant to be so don’t look back. Look at how happy Victor was with his job, his house and his dog. He was blessed to have two loving parents that did more for him than he might have understood. Be thankful for what you have my dear friend.
    Darrell and I have been thinking about you today as we have both lost siblings. It is not easy. Hugs and more hugs😢

    Darrell and Laurie
  25. Lori and I am sincerely heartbroken.
    Let me know if there is something we can do.

    Robert Craffey
  26. In an attempt to fill some emptiness, I am sending you a beautiful photo of the children from 1994.

    Viktor and Mary Wilhelmy
  27. I am very sorry and saddened by the unbelievable news about Victor. I cannot imagine what you and Dagma are going through as parents who brought him up with love and care. May he rest in peace, and may God give you and your family patience.

    Fitra Khan
  28. This is horrific. There is nothing else that I know, other than it is horrific.  

    Michael Blanchard
  29. Cannot even imagine… our hearts are broken with you… we love you and will be there in thought and spirit tomorrow and the days moving forward…

    Jack Chase
  30. Cleve and I are holding you in our loving thoughts as you say
    Goodbye to your dear, much loved son. There are no words for such times! We hope that your many precious memories of Victor will hold you up during the most difficult
    times ahead.
    We send all our love to you two and Cassia and your family members there with you today.
    With much love and respect,
    Rosemary and Cleve

    Cleve and Rosemary
  31. We are blessed to count Dagma and you as our friend. Have been praying and thinking of you all today.

    Mrinal and Shanta
  32. You all have been in my thoughts virtually every minute of the past five days. All is well here.

    Charles Lackey
  33. I read a line recently concerning a situation like yours and Dagma: “Life breaks all of us, with difficulties.” My response to that is: We can perform some self-repair job on the breakage, but we must be willing to live with the cracks showing (even just to ourselves).

    Bob Innis
  34. Hemos conocido la triste noticia. Debes ser fuerte en este momento. Un gran abrazo.

    Pochi y Johana
  35. No words can convey our condolences! We just wish we could have been there for you, in this hour of unspeakable sorrow!! We are with you in our spirits, though!

    Please take care of the both of you and we will be seeing you sometime this year!!

    William and Neil
  36. Indeed it’s a « Sad new”.

    Dominique et moi, sommes de tout cœur avec Jose et Dagma.
    L’amour de parents pour leur fils (ou fille) est incommensurable.
    Celui de José & Dagma pour Victor devait être encore plus fort et plus grand.

    Si tu vas les voir, embrases les chaleureusement, Jose & Dagma, de notre part,
    et dit leur que l’on garde d’eux de magnifiques souvenirs d’Espagne,
    d’une très belle famille épanouie.

    On t’embrasse bien fort …………

    Pierre & Dominique
  37. Gone too soon, but a legacy that is varied and treasured.

    Big and tough in sports, but creative and precise in crafting wood.

    Serious student, but ready to share laughs and paint ball with buddies.

    Excelling as a scholar, but an entrepreneur as his paternal grandfather.

    Embracing technology and soaring to black holes, but gently loving his pups.

    Facing turmoils and disease, but plowing through to share his knowledge and skills.

    Victor and a victor in life…gone too soon, but left an indelible mark on those who knew and loved him.

    Doug and Marie Ferrier
  38. Me imagino los que debe doler perder un hijo. Aunque el dolor verdadero solo lo sabe quien lo pasa. Es ley de vida enterrar a los padres no a los hijos…yo también tengo el alma encogida desde que me entere.
    Aunque no hemos estado con vosotros hoy fisicamente, nuestro corazón esta con vosotro

    Palome de Andres Pearson
  39. Que en paz descanse, Victor. Mis condolencias.

    Cecilia Colom
  40. Tan terrible. Que la lucha parece que no merece la pena. Pero solo personas ductiles y sensibles. Que a lo largo de los años han sabido dar y sufrir, pueden soportar el dolor más desgarrador

  41. Sentimos mucho la pérdida de su hijo Víctor no tenemos palabras para confortar el dolor por el que ahora están pasando nuestras más sinceras condolencias les mandamos un abrazo inmenso 😥

    Yolanda Y German
  42. Sentimos mucho por vosotros ante la pérdida de Víctor. Ojalá estuviésemos allí para daros nuestro fraternal abrazo. Nuestro recuerdo y cariño en estos momentos.

    Miguel y Martha
  43. I am very sad to hear about Victor passing away last week. At such occasion there are no words will amenize th grief. I join you, Dagma and Cassia in prayers to the almighty to provide him with illumination and divine guidance in his future missions. Abraços.
    Pray also that you three have the strength to bear the grief. My heartfelt condolences.

    Kesi Nair
  44. We are all praying for him and for all of you🙌🏼

    Dina Florencio
  45. Lamentamos profundamente el dolor que sienten en este difícil momento. Aunque sabemos que no hay consuelo ni contención, queremos que sepan que su familia en Cuba los acompaña con todo nuestro cariño. Muchos besos para todos y nuestro apoyo desde los afectos.

    Arlene Martinez
  46. Queridos primos, no tengo palabras para expresar está tristisima noticia , que nos ha dado Raquel, aunque hace mucho que no estamos en contacto , os recordamos con muchísimo cariño y siempre preguntamos a Raquel por vosotros, está noticia ha sido devastadora no puedo imaginar el dolor tan grande que estáis sintiendo, pero sabed que os acompañamos en el sentimiento .
    Víctor descansa en paz , vuela alto y libre, no te olvidaremos.
    Un abrazo muy fuerte.

    Aitor, Victoria y Raquel
  47. Queridos tios, sinto muito pela nossa perda! Espero que voces consigam ser muito fortes nesse momento. Que papai do ceu esteja com voces. Todo carinho e amor.

    Familia Krajden
  48. In loving memory of Victor Jose Faria Martin, Sharing in your sorrow. With love and friendship.

    Lichi Y Daniela
  49. Los acompañamos en esta pena tan grande. A los que llegamos a viejos nos toca vivir crueles tragedias, pero pienso que la vida no debía someter a nadie a estas terribles pruebas. No encuentro palabras para expresar nuestra tristeza ni cómo ayudarlos a soportar lo ocurrido. Aunque todos sabemos que es muy difícil encontrar consuelo en esta situación, es necesario que recuerden que la vida continúa y que Víctor vive en vuestras mentes y que hay recuerdos muy gratos de tiempos felices vividos con él.

    Coco y Julián
  50. Words fail me right now. I cannot imagine what you and Dagma are going through. We wish you comfort in the midst of profound grief and pain. We were talking about Victor just the other night, telling friends about Matthew and Victor demanding equal wages when they and Ben were digging the trenches for the sprinklers on Fairmount Street. We knew him for 32 of his 39 years … ups and downs. This is unthinkable. Our thoughts and love to your whole family.

    Richard and Mary Lou
  51. Joan and I are deeply saddened about Victor’s death. We have you and Dagma in our thoughts. If we can help in any way, we will.

    Chip and Joan
  52. Me enteré ayer de la triste noticia. Yo sé que no existen las palabras correctas pare estas situaciones. Sólo les quería mandar un fuerte abrazo y desearles que estos momentos difíciles los puedan vivir con mucha paz.

    Cecilia, Sebastián y María
  53. Dear Victor,

    Here in your home I am visiting for the first time, I am reconnecting with the sweet little boy I met in Aguadulce, so many years ago. Time has passed never erasing the memory of happy moments we shared.

    I was then into oil painting, smell of the oil, color mixing seemed to interest you. You were about 2 years old, so I would give you a piece of paper and crayons. You would quietly try your own design, however, my tubes of painting oil were a lot more attractive, and I would not let you touch them. You never complained, you were ‘Un sage petit garcon”, wondering about my strange Spanish and even stranger English. Language was not a barrier for you! Your calmness said it all. You were observing, absorbing everything! This was astonished me the most, for a little boy you didn’t show the exuberance of kids your age! You applied your energy in understanding and learning.

    The day I finished my painting, I placed a brush in your little hand and helped you with mine to write your name in the lower felt corner of the canvas. I still have that painting and have many times looked at your autograph.

    I do remember how your father preferred that you didn’t play with any violent toys, or toys reminding of violence. You had no gun, of course not! One day your father had to go you day care center, in the middle of the afternoon, during your siesta. He found you, sleeping peacefully, both hands crossed over your torso, holding a gun! Your Dad was the most surprised!

    Today, for as much as I miss you, I know that we will meet again, you have not left us. For as long as I will be alive, you will live within my heart and the heart of all who love you and had a chance to ever me you.

    Until we meet again Victor!

  54. May Victor attains Peace and supreme bliss of Nirvana as expounded in my religion Buddhism !

    Priyantha Wijesooriya
  55. Dear son,
    The loving words and the support from family and friends are like straws that our soul grasps to keep from falling headfirst in a bottomless pit of hopeless desolation. I never thought this much pain possible, Victor. The mind wonders if this much pain is the price we must pay for having loved you so much during your short life. Maybe the pride your mother, your sister and I felt for you was in some way offensive to the gods and they decided to even things out. If that is the case, I beg those gods from some mercy for all of us.
    Thank you, Victor, for having taught us what really matters.
    Your father

    Jose Martin
  56. Dear cousin,

    I was recently overwhelmed by grief at your passing in the most sudden way at the most inopportune moment. I’m disturbingly disconnected from my emotions; if I manage to access them at all, it ain’t ever gonna be pretty. My crying experience is so limited that I’m literally terrible at it. I sound like some kind of wounded goat, the most alien sound, like someone else is making that noise.

    I am so very sorry that I was too self-absorbed to really understand your condition or your suffering, but I am most sorry that I failed to connect with you as an adult, especially in light of the revelation that we are evidently so similar in whatever essence canines rely upon to identify and distinguish individuals, that Caesar was at times confused about ours. There are other uncanny parallels, across several dimensions, from relationships to work to but none so heart-rending.

    But the revelation that sent over the edge in a public place surrounded by preening hipsters, was that you were the first baby I ever held in my arms, back when I was a widely disrespected, brace-faced teen in a suburb named by a developer.That realization open a flood of memories from family reunions to that summer in Spain, and all the implicit commitments that I was too dense to notice that one accepts whenever holding a baby, and suddenly I was overcome by the weight if it all and began to sob uncontrollably, in the middle of a hip-hop show, surrounded by strutting hipsters (in Seattle, NOT New Orleans). They treated me very badly for my deviation from their totalitarian script, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. That sobbing fit was REAL and TRUE, and It’s worth more than a lifetime of disingenuous, pseudo-marxist admonitions to “fight the power” and “check-out my merchandise on your way out.”

    My mother insists that these events are not only the product of my own turbulent spirituality, but rather an actual connection to your enduring spirit. I’ve steadfastly decided not to take a position on this on the grounds that I really don’t have a clue, even about how to get a clue, about any of that stuff. But if she happens to be right, and that was you or your spirit, thank you stopping by. It was good to feel your presence again. I hope you’ll find another opportunity to visit, whenever you want. You obviously know how to reach me.

    Until we meet again?

    Your cousin,

    Dan Marshall
  57. During our time together at Groton, I was always so impressed by – and grateful for – Victor’s kindness, his amazing intellect, and his warm friendship. He was such a strong but gentle person, and I feel honored to have known him. My thoughts are with your entire family. Though Cassia and I have lost touch since sharing a dormitory, I hope she is well. She’s a brilliant and kind person, and I look forward to seeing her again.

    Kristen Craft
  58. Dear Victor, It has been now two weeks since you left us, and the shock is beginning to transmute itself into memories that come, unbidden, like soft breezes to soothe our grief. One of those memories of you keeps coming back to me over and over, and I shared it at your visitation. It was the memory of a little baby that completely changed my inner life. I never told you about it, so I am doing it now. You were visiting us at our house, and your mother was holding you, when my neighbor brought her very elderly husband to meet you. You reacted to him, and he to you, with absolute joy. You greeted each other so effusively—you jumping up and down on your mother’s lap, he trying also to jump as if echoing your movement. In time, I came to realize that you two were not like the rest of us. You saw something in each other that left me wondering for a long time, until I figured out what that was. You were overjoyed in each other’s presence the way I am overjoyed when I meet a stranger in the street who speaks with a Cuban accent. I feel joy! The joy of seeing a kindred spirit from my own land.
    You and Lucien saw that in each other. You were a newly arrived baby and, as one poet said, were “trailing clouds of glory” from the Heaven whence you came. You were not a “terrestrial” yet. My neighbor, Lucien, had been stripped of all his earthly moorings, as if his soul had been purified in preparation for his return trip home. In a language that the rest of us could not understand, you seemed to be telling him that you were so excited about this new experience, and seemed to be asking him the same questions I ask about Cuban strangers I meet, “how long have you been here, where did you live before, how do you like the food, how well have you adjusted?” And he seemed to be asking you, “How are things back home, is anything different from the way it was when I left? I’m so anxious to see it all again.”
    Seeing this joyful dance between the two of you changed my life and my spiritual outlook forever, and, silly me, I never told you. Suddenly, life was so much bigger than my materialistic view of it had allowed me to see. It had no beginning, and it had no end, and the theme of it all was our eternal soul. This realization saved me from the darkness of a depression that had plagued me for a long time, dear nephew. And it was all because of you.
    I know that in the three years you lived in Houston, you found a group of co-workers who appreciated the depth of your talents, often hidden behind your quiet demeanor and your humility. We were all so pleased to know that you had blossomed well with your “extended” family at work. For that, we are all very grateful. But, if my experience with you as a baby is any indication, I know that you also left them gifts behind—gifts that are not necessarily visible at first, except upon reflection. I sense that their souls also grew, like mine did, in your presence. Maybe they learned to be better leaders and teammates, maybe you erased some bias they may have had about fellows who are very big, very strong, and very quiet, who do not toot their own horn and who and able to say: “Actually…” and then give an entirely honest opinion. Groups need this lest they fall in the trap of groupthink, which may lead everybody together in the wrong direction. These are gifts of the spirit, dear nephew, and, in your aunt’s humble experience, those gifts are invaluable for the growth of effectiveness in the workplace, and mostly, for the growth of our immortal souls.
    No doubt, we will meet soon, and then you will be the experienced celestial being, and we will be the babies that you will greet as we arrive, one by one, perhaps a little frightened, perhaps eagerly joyful to be home once again. I have no doubt that you will be there, shining brightly to lead us on. In the meantime, God bless you, dear nephew for the wonderful gifts you left with us.

    Ana Martinez Marshall
  59. Dear Dagma and Jose,
    We were shocked and saddened to hear of Victor’s passing and we know you are experiencing the worst grief parents can face. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we know that you were wonderful parents for Victor and filled his life with love. We hope this knowledge is of some comfort. Our deepest sympathy.

    Gale & Max Etschmaier
  60. Querido Victor,
    Me he enterado hace unas horas de tu muerte. Tu vida ha sido corta, pero llena de amor. Pocos hijos han tenido la suerte de tener unos padres como los tuyos, que te han querido y te quieren enormemente.
    Yo tuve la suerte de conocerte y estar contigo y Casia cuando eráis pequeños. Después, te he visto, eventualmente, de vez en cuando. Una vez, ¿te acuerdas? colaboramos en temas profesionales.
    Siempre me has caido muy bien. Parafraseando a Machado estoy convencido de que eres (no de que has sido, sino de que eres) “en, el buen sentido de la palabra, bueno”.
    Ahora te toca velar por los que aún estamos en este mundo.
    No nos olvides. Nosotros no te olvidamos.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

    Manuel Blacno
  61. Queridos Dagma y José.
    He tenido conocimiento por Teresa Castañeda de la irreparable pérdida de vuestro hijo. Poco se puede decir de consuelo ante esta situación antinatural, pues consolar a unos padres es tarea imposible. La vida, como los ríos, siempre avanza sin mirar atrás. Asumimos como natural que los padres se vayan antes. Los queremos, sabemos cuanto les debemos… y por eso su pérdida nos hiere. Pero perder a un hijo nos desgarra una parte de nosotros mismos, nos rompe el futuro. Y aunque nos recuperemos, siempre la falta estará ahí.
    Por eso no tengo palabras. Solo puedo expresaros mi apoyo absoluto y mi recuerdo muy cariñoso a tan buenas personas como sois vosotros.
    Mi tiempo en Texas está lleno de buenos recuerdos y agradecimiento a personas como vosotros que me abrieron los brazos con generosidad y afecto.
    Mis mas sinceras condolencias. Un fuerte abrazo a vosotros y toda vuestra familia desde Granada, España.

    José Peinado
  62. I am writing to offer my sincerest condolences on your unimaginable loss… If I can ever be of service to you, please let me know. Please let me add that memories are the wealth loved ones leave us on earth.

  63. Our deepest condolences and heartfelt prayers to all of you

    Martin Wilhelmy
  64. I have you in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for your loss of your son.

    Linda Fossen
  65. It has been a blessing to know Victor. He was a genius who could transform gravitational waves into coherent images and patterns that could be used for predictive analysis at UTB. At UHCL, he gave shape to a vision by crating a sophisticated, decision support tool that used intricate algorithms to empower administrators at all levels by offering analytical data and customized assessment tools on demands.
    Victor’s record of accomplishments at UTB ad UHCL is stellar and his colleagues and beneficiaries will continue to benefit from his body of work even after his departure. Being a modest person, Victor never talked much about the decision support system e created at UHCL. That said, I could feel his happiness and sense of accomplishments when he talked to me about it once his system was operational. Although he never acknowledged it or took credit for his work at UHCL, I believe that his accomplishments gave him a sense of purpose and willingness to lead a healthy and happy life. He had a short life but it was a full of accomplishments. Shanta and I are grateful to be part of his life.

    Mrinal Mugdh
  66. We are all praying for him and for all of you.

    Dina Florencio
  67. Words many times are hard to describe what we feel. Waves of different emotions and tears often are more exact that what our minds would normally rationalize. Death of a loved one is hard to comprehend and accept, specially of a child or a parent. The bond is so strong that it is almost impossible to let go. For a father it is a difficult task because men are designed to have the solutions and be a provider. Death has no solution, not can a provision be made for intervention of death. If words are hard to express, writing thoughts down is a great way for a father to deal and accept their loss of a chid.
    Both, you tio Jose and you tia Dagma – are each other’s strength in this moment because the two of you loved and love Victor the same way. There is no greater love than a parent’s love for their child. So keep strong, stick tightly together because the love you shared towards your son is a love strong enough to ride this season of grief and overcome it.

    Debora Holt
  68. No tengo la menor idea que se le puede decir unos padres ante tan gran dolor. En nombre de la familia de Cuba les damos nuestras sinceras condolencias. Es dificil aceptar que una vida tan joven se fue. Le pido a Dios que les de fuerza para poder soportar tan duro dolor.

    Maydita Martinez
  69. It was with tremendous sadness that I received the news of Victor’s passing… I am sure you received with pride and some comfort the testament of Victor’s friends and “team” as to his high level of dedication, skill, and accomplishment. It is especially true that regardless the field, professionals as we (you, Victor, myself) take pride in working hard and performing at the highest level and getting the job done. Sounds to me that Vctor had done I – ,he had found a niche and a place where he fit in very well. I also remember how well you said Victor performed in Ice Hockey when he was just a small boy. It was a special treat many years ago when we visited you and the family in Lowell and Victor dressed up in his hockey uniform. I was impressed by how much he looked like the professionals! That picture of Victor as a boy and knowledge of his final impressive level of professional accomplishment will always be in my memory.

    Charles Bush
  70. I am so sorry to have learned of your son’s passing! I feel deeply the sadness you have experienced. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    Nicky shares my feelings and hopes for your future good health and happiness.

    Eldon Nelson
  71. My sincerest and heartfelt condolences to you and your wife. There is absolutely nothing that I could possibly say to ameliorate your pain, but know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers

    Maria Conde
  72. We can share the pain… anything that is required from our side please do tell us.

    Harish Hande
  73. I know that words cannot really express my emotions right now. I am deeply experiencing some of the sorrow and devastation you are feeling. Too soon. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and Cassia this night and in the days to come. With much love,

    Anne Williams
  74. El corazon me duele de saber lo que te a pasado, no padre merece ver la perdiada de un hijo tan pronto. Mis mejores deseos para ti y tu esposa

    Francis Kallus
  75. So sorry for you loss Jose cuanto lo cuanto no lo puedo crer estamos para lo que me decide mis codolencia para toda la familia

    David Cruz
  76. Toda la familia Martinez Ginoris sufre por la perdida de nuestro Victor . Descansa en Paz querido sobrino, algun dia nos volveremos a encontrar.

    Tio Guillermo Martinez
  77. Victor is in heaven and he will be taking care of you , Dagma , and all your family . Be strong . I will be praying for you

    Eric Maspons-Rivero
  78. Life’s treasures are the memories one gathers. Treasure your memories of Victor, and those thoughts can build a wealth of comfort in your lives. All we really have when IT’S over is the journey… God bless you and yours.

    Pat Kitty Wade
  79. Nadie nos prepara en esta vida para el dolor de la perdida de un hijo. Ni siquiera el idioma, que tiene la palabra huerfano para definir al nino que ha perdido el amparo de sus padres, tiene una palabr para la perdida de un hijo, que nos deja desamparados como ninos, en la edad adulta, con la experiencia del hombre que ha visto desafiar tantas desdichas y algunas alegrias en este extrano mundo nuestro. He conocido en mi vida personas maravillosas que tenian el don de consolar. Yo no creo tener ese envidiable don, pero creo, como en el hermoso cuento de la sirenita de Hans Christian Andersen, que las sirenitas no tienen lagrimas y por eso sus penas son mas amargas. Yo creo en el poder del llanto, en no sentirse mal por ello, en no disimuoarlo, en expresar el dolor de la perdida. Creo tambien en que nadie esta muerto hasta que es olvidado, creo, como en el viejo poema antiguo, que “no hay muerte porque es vida el universo”, que los seres amados que nos dejan viven en nuestro cerebro y en nuestro corazon. Creo que la memoria e una facultad maravillosa que nos ayuda a recrear al austente con la belleza de una estrella fugaz. Creo en el consuelo de los recuerdos.

    Para ti y a para Dagma, en nuestros momentos van de nuestr parte toda nuestr solidaridad, nuestro carino y nuestro deseo de vernos algun dia y revivir los hermosos recuerdos de nuestra amistad.

    Miguel Escotet

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