Steven Wells Maudsley

Steven Wells Maudsley, our beloved brother, father, uncle and friend passed away peacefully in the early morning hours of December 26th 2023. Born to Kay McNamara and Wells Maudsley, he was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and developed a great fondness for the majestic mountains that surround the area. Throughout his life he would find solace and peace in those canyons.

Born a creative and gifted musician, he played the piano by ear and brought beautiful music to life. He was a great athlete, an all-star pitcher and the Texas State Champion in Racquetball in his fifties.

Steve loved to drive and took many trips home to Utah to see his family and spend time in the mountains, especially Millcreek Canyon where he ditched countless classes in high-school to drive up the scenic winding road and hang out with nature. He loved his family, his friends, music, star-gazing, big, beautiful trucks, Starbucks at least twice a day, working in his yard and boy, did he know how to barbeque a steak!

Steve had a quick wit and a wonderful sense of humor. His comedic timing was impeccable. He was charismatic, friendly, reliable and likable. He made a friend of everyone he met along the way. He was also a pragmatist and saw solutions clearly. If you needed help figuring something out, he was the one to call. He was a straight talker, sometimes to the dismay of those who loved him because he never sugar-coated anything. He had a gift for seeing people for who they were and trusted his internal compass.

Steve worked in the travel industry in Mexico City, Laredo, Nuevo Laredo, and San Antonio, Texas, transporting tourists to and from Mexico and introducing the enchantment of both countries to his travelers. He had a gift for numbers and had a successful career in the automobile business as a salesman, sales manager and general manager at Port City Pontiac in Corpus Christi, Texas. He also worked in real estate before he retired to enjoy life.

Among Steve’s many accomplishments, he was most proud of his marriage with Rhonda Maudsley, the love of his life, and his two beautiful daughters, Haleigh Paige Sanfilippo, and Stephanie Maudsley, his precious “baby dolls”, both from a previous marriage.

Steve was a devout patriot and loved his country. He was a passionate Christian, nurtured a deep and abiding love for Jesus Christ and studied the gospels with deep interest in the Kingdom of God. He loved the scriptures and took every opportunity to bear witness of the Grace and love the Lord has for each of us.

Steve was preceded in death by his wife, Rhonda Maudsley, his mother Frances Kay McNamara, father Wells S. Maudsley and brother, Cameron Richard. He is survived by daughters, Haleigh Sanfilippo (Jonathan) and Stephanie Maudsley, his brother Christian Maudsley (Janette), sister Sue McMillin (Ron) and many nieces and nephews who loved him dearly.

Special thanks to Steve’s friends who offered their time, care, concern and compassion to Steve and his family over the last several years: Mark Walker, Bill & Cindy Ameredas, John and Imeldia Adams, Jess and Seth Moody & darling Quinn, Jim and Cheryl Jones, and Mark and Kelly Clark. Thank you to our many friends who offered prayers in Steve’s behalf. They helped get him through some pretty rough days and opened the way for many miracles. We are sincerely grateful.

A celebration of Steve’s life will be announced in the spring and held in early summer of 2024 up Millcreek Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The last note Steve shared with us was Paul’s message of eternal life:

Have you ever been sailing?

Imagine looking out at the vast sea before you. You reach down and scoop a handful of water. It leaks through your fingers until your hand is empty.

That handful of water is a man’s life. From birth to death the water slips through our fingers, along with all we hold dear.

And yet the kingdom I speak of, that I live for, is like the rest of the water in the sea.

Man lives for that handful of water that slips through his fingers, but those who follow Jesus Christ live for that endless expanse of sea.


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  1. Steve was such a good friend and I practically lived in his house during high school. He and his family was so gracious and kind. His friendship was crucial to my growth and development during those teenage years and I will miss him tremendously.

    Mark Hamilton

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