Sean Michael Bradfield

Sean Michael Bradfield, 21, passed on July 23, 2023, in Houston, Texas.

We were overjoyed to welcome Sean “Seawny” into our family on April 13, 2002, in Suffolk County, NY to Sandra Everton (nee Briza) and Jonathan Bradfield. Sean is survived by his parents Sandra and Brian Everton, his older brothers, Erik Bergstrom (with his fiancé Hanna), Timothy Bradfield, and Jared Everton (with his wife Jena) along with many grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and a multitude of family members, friends and co-workers who loved him very much.

Sean spent the first six years of his life at home with his family in Medford, Long Island. He was a funny, energetic, and kindhearted little boy, and one of the most imaginative kids who never stopped wanting to play with his brothers, toys, or his dogs. Sean had an early appreciation for being outside in any season and was the first one to run out the door to go play with all of the big kids on Eagle Avenue, sometimes without anyone’s knowledge, and so a sliding latch lock was installed all the way at the top where he couldn’t reach it. At least for a month or so, when he figured out how to unlock that too. He was never afraid of anything.

Sean was always ready to laugh and have fun, especially when it included his extended family, who absolutely adored him. There was no end to his love of matchbox cars, Hess trucks, trains, or Legos. He competed aggressively with Erik and Timothy in hallway basketball and hallway hockey. His favorite thing of all was Halloween, when his mom would surprise him at the bus stop in full costume to pick him up to go trick or treating. A true New Yorker, Sean was a huge fan of the NY Islanders, the NY Mets and the NY Giants. His loyalty never wavered, and he was looking forward to watching each of his teams get into the playoffs this season. He supported the Astros living in Houston and his all-time favorite game to attend was the Astros and Mets!

After moving to Houston, Texas in 2008, Sean attended elementary at CLCE and joined the Cub Scouts with Tim.  They also attended St. Claire of Assisi School and were altar servers at both St. Claire’s and St. Bernadette’s. They couldn’t wait to go to AYC and Brave together. His extended family here in Houston quickly wrapped him up in their love, and Sean jumped right into his group of cousins with ease, winning numerous contests of “guess my age” down at Kemah Boardwalk. Sean played soccer for the Y in elementary and during middle school he played football at Space Center Intermediate as well as being the only one in the district to play the harp in Orchestra, which he played beautifully. He had a great time watching his mom hauling a harp back and forth to concerts, including one time in a convertible down Bay Area Blvd. He met his best friend Riley in middle school and from day one have been inseparable.

Sean graduated from Clear Lake High School in 2021. As a student he was a favorite member of the Thespian Society both for his acting and his skill in the theater technical department. He was recognized his senior year by the Theater Department and received the award for Best Senior Technician in 2021. When it came time to learn a second language, Sean challenged himself and chose American Sign Language- well before graduation he had achieved fluency in ASL.

After high school he attended the University of Maine and then came home to work in the IT department as a valued teammate at Universal Weather and Aviation here in Houston. His colleagues from around the world have reached out to say what a gifted and talented young man he was. Sean had a love for music and gaming and a gift for computers and technology; he was everyone’s IT guy. Whenever someone needed to know the right phone or computer or headphones to get, ask Sean. Laptop giving you problems? Sean would always take a look and figure it out; he was quietly generous with his time, his talent, and his treasures.

He loved to laugh with Hanna while watching stand-up comedy, cooking shows, the Office, and Severance, and didn’t hesitate to win Mario Kart against Erik. He was incredibly patient with Tim’s coordination of car rides home with friends after school.  He would spend hours listening to all kinds of music from Frank Sinatra to Bob Marley and Greenday. He loved every dog that he met, and spent hours playing and cuddling with Teddy, Gunner, Reagan, Lucy and Bailey. He often pet-sat for friends and neighbors and loved when he could take Wally from across the street for his walks down to the bayou. Never letting most know he was allergic to cats and dogs; it never stopped him.

A few months ago, Sean joined his cousin Hannah’s Dungeons and Dragons game group and took absolute delight in engineering elaborate and completely unnecessary side quests that would have everyone laughing for hours on end. He always brought light and laughter into any room or situation. He was thrilled to get up and dance or sing or deliver a few quick jokes even at his own expense to make you feel more comfortable.

As the youngest in his family, Sean often had to go along for whatever ride was occurring during the day, possibly influencing his interest in traveling. This appreciation developed into a love for all-inclusive travel, double fisting chocolate ice cream cones, and maxing out the credit in the game room on the Briza family cruises. He even swam with the dolphins! Last month he flew to New York to cheer for his cousin Abby at her high school graduation. He wanted to come back soon and haul more compost and bond with his cousins around the campfire afterwards. He planned to travel someday to see the sea turtles on the Galapagos Islands.

Sean loved decorating for and celebrating the holidays with family and friends. His enthusiasm for building the train village around the Christmas tree could not be matched in its creativity. After his dad and neighbor found his mom on the top of the ladder and he and his brothers on the ground, he was persuaded to hang the lights. And after getting over a little fear of heights he couldn’t wait to climb a ladder and hang up the lights and sing along with the music. No matter what the occasion, Sean found the fun in it, and lived his life finding joy in helping the people he cared about. He had a tattoo placed over his heart of a four-leaf clover for his background and an anchor for his mom. He planned to have “Family” written underneath.

Sean Michael Bradfield lit up a room and always made you glad to be in it with him. He knew how to dance like no one was watching. He loved his family and friends.  He was both fearless and brave. He will be missed terribly, and the world is less bright without his spirit and his smile. We trust that he is in the loving embrace of the lord and all of our family who have gone before him. We are heartbroken that he is gone, and we will love and remember him forever.

These past few days we have heard so many unknown stories of how Sean was quietly generous with his friends and neighbors, and it has been a gift. Thank you for loving Sean. Keep loving each other. As Sean unknowingly taught us:

Love the life you live, and live the life you love. -Bob Marley.

Sean’s Family would like to invite all to the Visitation and Viewing that will be held on Sunday, July 30 and Monday July 31, 2023, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm each evening at Crowder Funeral Home, Webster, TX.  The Funeral Mass will follow on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, at 10:30 am at St. Bernadette Catholic Church, 15500 El Camino Real, Houston, TX 77062.


  1. As Sean’s first high school theatre teacher, I celebrate his talents in the various areas of theatre production. I thank him for the hours he devoted to all of Clear Lake High School’s productions, be they for the theatre department or other school functions. I always appreciated Sean’s ability to work with his fellow technicians and school staff. Thank you, Sean!

    Tom Boone
    • Sean really loved you being his teacher, he totally was a pain sometimes in class and working on shows. But you were his favorite teacher and he was so sad and worried when you left. I remember he told me you came to something his senior year and it brought so much joy to him then. I’m so thankful he had you to look up to in his teenage years. Thank you Mr.Boone.

      Mali Oditt
  2. Sean – it was an honor getting to know you. Thank you for your patience and support with any issues you got stuck handing within Data Management…
    even the stupid questions – through it all, you were always so helpful and kind. Thanks for your sense of humor and thoughtfulness in our frequent encounters. I remember telling you when I first seen you, I thought you were someone’s son just helping while at work. We shared some talks about life and family and for certain, your family is so very proud of you – including your work family!

    To Sean’s family and friends. I am so very sorry for your loss and continue to pray for you all. Sean was kind, caring, patient, helpful, self driven, and all around a wonderful human being. Make the most of everyday in Sean’s honor – he talked about wanting to travel.

  3. Sandy, I am praying that you would cling to Jesus in this difficult time. He is our source of strength. May you feel His presence as He guides you. You are in my prayers, sending hugs and love. Aunt Jane

    Jane Policastro
  4. Sorry for your loss.

    Michael w.
  5. Very sorry for your loss. Prayers to you all!

    The Sneddekers
  6. We knew Sean as a little boy while he was living in Medford on Eagle Ave. Sandy you could have not describe him better when you said he would be the first kid on the block to be outside. He just could not get enough of all the block had to offer! Once Sean was outside I think all the other kids knew it was okay for them to high tail it outside too. They would all stay outside for hours. Bikes were up and down the street, baskets balls were bouncing, hockey pucks sliding into nets, water balloons being thrown, and just countless hours of fun and memories.
    Sean would often come over to our house and play with my daughter (Juliana). It was so sweet watching them interact with each other, they would play dolls, color, watch TV and have a snack together. Sean was always kind, caring and cooperative, even when my daughter was being bossy towards him. I could tell he just loved being around all the neighborhood kids. He was adventurous but also compassionate in all his play. We remember Sean as an adorable, fun, loving, energetic, happy, and passionate little boy. He was the star of the block! The block has not had the same positive energy since you moved. Sean’s presence has made an impact on the block and my children’s lives. Thank you for sharing him with us. God Bless you all.
    We are so deeply saddened by Sean’s passing. We are praying for all of you during this extremely difficult time.
    Sandy, I am so sorry. Words can’t not express how sorry we are.
    With all our love, Jimmy, Cynthia, Thomas and Juliana

    Cynthia Wright
  7. He was an amazing person and I’m sorry he’s gone. I talked to him not too long ago. We had just caught up and it was so great to talk to him. I was supposed to hang out with him last month but never did and now I regret it. I’m going to miss him.

    Natalie Dizazzo
  8. Sean was an amazing person I went to school with I went to space center with him and our friendship grew to the highest possibility. He used to ride his bike when I walked home and would never say no to me being on his back even though I was a solid 100lbs heavier than him. We played football together in 7th grade were even though we were B team we showed them that we both were power houses to reckon with. We used to play on our Xbox so much together and even when we cut off I knew he was a friend in the long run. I was at a lost when I heard the news as of today and I wish the family my deepest regards to the family that raised such a an awesome friend wish you well in heaven my friend we will have another walk with me and Riley taking about what our day is like soon. We will miss you Sean much love to you bro bro

    Nefi Martinez
  9. Aww baby Sean ❤️ You were our next door neighbors in Medford . I remember endless days of you & Timmy playing with Sarah on the trampoline, riding bikes , running around . Those were the best days with the neighborhood kids . You had the best smile & those beautiful eyelashes too !! You were always smiling , laughing and right in there with the big kids !! Sandy what you wrote about Sean was so beautiful , I know this has to be so hard for you & your family . May all of Sean’s memories bring you some comfort & May Sean Rest In Peace .

    Sally & Charlie johnson
    • Sean was one of my best friends for 5 years and we had our issues as any teens do but he was always there for me if I needed. I really really miss him and I’m so sorry to his family. I loved Sean so much and cannot fathom how to live my life without him. I’m so sorry for your loss and I hope his service was beautiful.

      Mali Oditt
  10. Hey Sean, we were online friends and I talked to you a few days before I assume you passed you were one of the best friends I have ever had my condolences to you and I hope your having fun wherever you are.

    Demarion Taylor

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