Scott David Ritterhouse

Scott David Ritterhouse, 52, passed away on December 5, 2018 in League City, Texas.
He was born October 2, 1966 in Houston, Texas to Charles and Pat Ritterhouse. Scott is survived by his wife of 18 years, Melesa, his parents Charles and Pat Ritterhouse, sister Jennifer Ritterhouse and husband Paul Labys, niece and nephew Sophia and Stephen Labys, dear friend Adam Conger and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

Scott graduated from La Porte High School in 1985 and Texas A&M University in 1989 with an Electrical Engineering Degree. He was a lifetime member of Taylor Lake Christian Church. Scott enjoyed a 25 year career in space flight working with Lockheed and MEI Technologies engineering firms, integrating payloads for the Space Shuttle. Scott enjoyed being outdoors hunting and camping and also building outdoor furniture. He had a great mind for drawing ideas on paper and making them come to life with the tools in our garage. It was a heartfelt experience to watch his mind work. He was a wonderful and patient teacher, though he would never brag about it. Those who knew his unique sense of humor and those who loved him, really appreciated it. When playing 42 (Dominoes), he was the partner you always wanted but the foe you never wanted. Scott had a heart of gold, was my partner in crime and leaves a hole that could never be filled.

The family will hold a Celebration of Life, January 5, 2018 at 1pm at Taylor Lake Christian Church, 1730 Old Kirby Road, Seabrook, Texas 7758.

Rather than condolences, please share your favorite memories of Scott. In lieu of flowers, please donate to Team Rubicon National Headquarters, 6171 W. Century Blvd., Suite 310,
Los Angeles, CA 90045, Operation BBQ Relief, PO Box 3825, Shawnee, KS 66203, or a charity of your choice.


  1. We are so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you Melesa and the Ritterhouse family during this difficult time.

    Rochelle, David, and EJ

    rochelle manning
  2. Charlie and Pat
    I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your son. The loss of a child is especially difficult to understand and accept at any time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Bill Culpepper
  3. Melesa, I am so sorry to hear of Scott’s passing. I know this leaves a hole in your heart that cannot be filled. Please know that you are loved and your many friends grieve with you. Sending you love and prayers and wishing you peace and comfort.
    Love you, Peg

    Peg Fields
  4. It is with great sadness to learn of Scott’s passing. I had the privilege of working with him for over a decade, relying on his wisdom, expertise and insight to me and our team as we sought new ways to get Department of Defense technologies to space. He had a brilliant mind that was both creative and innovative! He shall be truly missed. May the Good Lord bless his family, friends, and coworkers and bring them comfort knowing he made this world a better place!

    David C. Hess, USAF Retired
  5. Charlie, Pat and family,

    I am sorry to learn of the death of your son, Scott David. Having lost our only son, Michael Scott, to cancer at age 36 in 2001, just a week after 9/11, I have a sense of your grief and what your family is going through at this time. But time does heal, and for some reason, only the good memories linger in our hearts. May God Bless your entire family during this difficult time.

    Harold Doiron
  6. Charlie and Pat, we are so sorry to hear of the loss of your son. We cannot comprehend the terrible sorrow you are experiencing now. We pray that prayers, and time, will help to ease your pain.

    You have our deepest sympathy and our prayers.

    Ken & Tracy Demel

    Kenneth Demel
  7. I am in shock as I am sure everyone is but I wanted summarize some of my thoughts about Scott and what he meant to me. I know that as time has gone on Scott had to deal with some pretty serious physical and medical challenges but I hope he is now free for eternity in heaven to do all the hunting and fishing he so enjoyed and that Rock, Lady, Maddox, Morgan and all the pups are right there with him in the blind and boat.

    Looking back over my life in the last few days, I realized that many of my happiest times have directly involved Scott Ritterhouse. We have been friends for more than 40 years. Going from elementary school to church youth group/high school to Texas A&M University and all the way to current times, Scott was ever present part of my life. He even taught me along the way about medieval history at the Texas Renaissance Festival and that Morgan loved beer as much as we all did! Good times!

    I don’t believe it is too far a stretch to say that my time with Scott had a direct bearing on my path in life. Scott was ahead of me in school and already had a year under his belt at Texas A&M when it was time for me to make decisions on where I wanted to end up attending. He of course regaled me with all the stories of his freshman year and sold me on the decision to attend Texas A&M. I remember when I received my dorm assignment in the summer prior to the start of my freshman year I was a bit worried. I was assigned to the notorious Davis-Gary dorm. In those days DG had quite the reputation as a wild and woolly place to live where freshmen go to flunk out or land on academic probation. Scott, as luck would have it, had already been in that exact dorm for the year prior and he convinced me that the stories I had heard (some of them from him even!) were all embellished over the years. So off I went. Well, I must say it did turn out to be a pretty wild place but I survived and look back very fondly on my time there. If not for Scott working to allay my fears, who knows how my course through college might have changed.

    When I arrived on campus, from the very first night, Scott took me under his wing, which I suppose, depending on your perspective, could be both reassuring and terrifying all at the same time. I was so thankful to have him there and we enjoyed a lot of time together and made many happy memories during the next 3 years. I look back on that time as one of the happiest eras of my life and as usual Scott was there the whole way.

    Scott graduated and left the university a few years before I did as I decided to play around in graduate school for a few more years. However, Scott came up often and would sometimes crash at my place. Sometimes Adam would come along too. These were fun times. It was particularly entertaining to watch my poor; quiet and mild-mannered roommate get initiated in the Scott/Adam experience. I never did figure out how Scott was able to crash on that little tiny couch I had in my apartment. It was an impressive sight to behold I must say.
    Once I graduated, I took a job a Lockheed Martin in Houston. As luck or fate would have it, Scott had already been there for a few years and again was able to again take me under his wing to help with the transition from school to work life same as he had done for me years before as a freshman at Texas A&M. First at his apartment in Clear Lake and then at his house in LaPorte, Scott would gather together a lot of the old friends from our college days along with some newbies to hang out, shoot pool, play dominoes and whatever else we could get ourselves into. And of course, “Kelly” was always there supporting us as well. These are the times I remember and the great comfort it was to ease the transition from the college to professional years. Scott was there the whole time yet again.

    In the years since then, busy lives of work and family forced us to drift apart a bit compared to the old days but Scott was always there to check on Stacy and I when he heard something had popped up or happened. He was always there.

    I wanted you Missy, Jennifer and Mr. and Mrs. Ritterhouse to know how much Scott meant to me. Scott was a caring and decent soul and a very kind, true, trusted and loyal friend. I will miss him but will always be thankful for the years of friendship.

    Finally, Missy, I wanted you to know how happy Stacy and I are that you are our friend and that you and Scott found each other. We were so thankful that you were able to provide the love and support Scott needed in dealing with the physical and medical challenges he faced over the last several years. I know that you brought him great happiness. You were an angel in caring for and loving him and I know it was appreciated beyond words.

    -Paul Romine

    Paul Romine
  8. My deepest condolences on your loss. My thoughts are with you & his loved ones.

    Jeff Phillips
  9. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ritterhouse and family, Beth and I are so sorry to hear of the passing of Scott. It is very hard to take that news. Like my brother Paul, I too have many wonderful and hilarious childhood memories with Scott. We grew up together at Taylor Lake Christian Church and spent many Sunday afternoons hanging out and getting into trouble. He took me on my first hunting trip. We went duck hunting out near Morgan’s Point early, early one COLD and foggy morning. I’ve never been more cold and wet in my life. Scott yelled, “duck” and I did…just in time to have 3 shotgun blasts about a foot from my right ear! We didn’t get anything that day but the fond memory is etched in my mind forever. I remember that little cabin y’all had on that horseshoe lake near the Trinity. Scott took me fishing there several times…we were much more successful catching fish! Wow…those Crappies were tasty! The great memories are far too many to list here. Scott was a big part of my childhood and teenage years. After he graduated from A&M he bought a house in La Porte. I rented a room for a year or so while I was getting my adult feet under me. After that I guess ours lives took us in different directions and I really lost touch with him. I truly regret that now. I too found Scott to be a kind soul and a loyal friend. Great memories! I can’t believe he’s gone. He will be missed.


    David Romine
  10. I’m so sad to hear of Scott’s passing. He meant so much to me as my best friend in high school. Fishing in his John boat, playing basketball, driving around in his Camaro. We just simply grew up together. I was always so proud of him. He was always the smartest guy in the room but also the funniest and humblest. The good lord has him in his arms now. I’ll always cherish the Ritterhouse family. Thank you for inviting me into your home and always making me feel welcome and loved. Cliff

    Cliff Geisleman
  11. Mr and Mrs Ritterhouse, I am so sorry for your loss. I worked with Scott at NASA when he was with MEI, and I was with the Aeospace Corporation. We were both supporting the USAF Space Task Group at JSC. I was always impressed with his wizardry with complex electrical and mechanical systems. But he was more than a colleage to me; he was a friend. He introduced me to the world of firearms. Because of his knowledge and experience with guns of all sorts, I began my own little collection.

    His love of hunting and fishing was always a magnet to me. We shared many fishing stories. His dry sense of humor, whether it was a work-related item or not, his presence and personality made the experience an enjoyable one. His love of his dogs was another trait I shared with him. Of course, he had his Labs, I had my Westies.

    God bless you Scott. The world is a better place because of you.

    David DeAtkine
  12. Charlie and Pat, I am saddened to learn of the loss of your son. I am sure he is at peace in a better place. God knows what is best for all of us even though we may have a hard time understanding it.

    Ken Vorhaben
  13. So sorry to hear about Scott this week. Our kids were younger, so not in Scott’s and Jennifer’s groups, but I still remember Scott and the Romine boys on the back row at church asking for number 310, “Lily of the Valley” every time we called out song requests. Memories of my SS teaching of the high school class and our 30 years at Taylor Lake helped make me the Christian that I am today, and your family is a big part of that influence. Thank you for that role model. You are in our prayers and on our prayer list at church here.

    Larry Veale
  14. I’ve been in shock since mom called me at work on Thursday and told me of Scott’s passing – I don’t think that it has still sunk in. Scott was a huge part of my growing up. I remember when my dad, mom, and I first came to Taylor Lake Christian Church when I still was a pre-teen, and we were instantly taken up as members of the Ritterhouse family. We spent countless Sunday afternoons with the Ritterhouses eating and visiting and hanging out and playing games. Scott was outgoing, popular, athletic, and outdoorsy – everything that I was not – and I wanted to be just like him. He took me under his wing and made me a bit more outgoing, a bit more popular, and a bit more outdoorsy. (Nothing could be done about my complete lack of athleticism.) Paul and David Romine commented above about our church gang, and Scott was most definitely the leader of our little pack. He was such a great influence on us all. Since that time, I have seen Scott and Missy far too infrequently, but always enjoyed those times when our paths have crossed and the memories they stirred. I believe that Scott is now enjoying eternal life with God, but he leaves a big hole here. Mr. and Mrs. Ritterhouse, Missy, and Jennifer, my prayers are with you as you come to terms with his absence.

    Mark Lear
  15. Dear Jennifer and Mr. & Mrs. Ritterhouse, I am so sorry for your loss. I offer you all my fondest remembrances, love, and prayers in your time of grief.

    Laura Wallace
  16. Melesa and Ritterhouse family, John and I are so sorry to hear of your loss. May God’s Grace strengthen and comfort you during this difficult time.
    With Heartfelt Condolences,
    John and Angie Ames

  17. So sorry for your loss. I knew Scott since we played baseball together on Marburgers Sporting goods for LaPorte Little league way back in 1976 I think . We started going to school together in LaPorte Jr High and LaPorte High school. He was such a fun smart friend. A good guy who everyone liked. Had some great fun times with him back then. He is going to be missed. Praying for the Ritterhouse family.

    Stephen Lamb
  18. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Mary Kincaid
  19. Pat and Charlie
    I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your son. I remember meeting him at your house when you showed me your antique radio collection. Thoughts and prayers to you along with my deepest sympathies.

    Brett Parrish
  20. Please know that Missy, Pat and Charlie are in our most deep thoughtful prayers.

    Love , Jacki and Gene Oliver

    Jacki Oliver
  21. So sad and sorry to hear of Scotts passing. From what I have read Scott was an incredibly talented man with lots of compassion and kindness that he shared with others. Wishing the family and close friends peace and comfort in the days ahead. Prayers are with you during this very difficult time.

    Cindy Vain Sycamore, Illinois

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