Ian Colin Entwistle

Ian Colin Entwistle, 31, passed away on September 11, 2020 at his home in Webster, Texas. He was born on September 15th, 1988 in Houston, Texas to Joseph Henry Entwistle and Pranada Entwistle. Ian is survived by: Eric Orion Entwistle and many family members and the best of friends. Ian worked as a courier for Fedex. His passions were anything where he could create something on his own; whether it be sculpting from wood, creating podcasts, or making music. A memorial will be held on Friday, September 18th, 2020 at 6 pm at Crowder Funeral Home – 111 East Medical Center Blvd, Webster, TX 77598.


  1. Ian was a brother to so many of us. Impacting so many of our lives forever by being the most caring and thoughtful person. He gave me a life of laughter. I will always miss him.

    Zachary Holliday
    • Ian,

      I can’t believe you are really gone. You were such an important role in mine and many other people’s lives. You had so many great qualities and characteristics that I will always strive to have. You were there and helped me through so many tough times and help me become a better person through it all. So I want to say thank you again from the bottom of my heart for being a big part of my life.

      I will miss you dearly! You quickly became a brother to me and I’ll always cherish that and the great memories we have had like the Lan parties at Charles’ house playing halo, driving around aimlessly listening to Regina spektor, and countless more.

      I love you buddy and will miss you greatly!

      Bobby Wilson
  2. Thank you for always being there. Nothing will be the same without you.

    Love you always.

    Tina Hernandez
  3. The world lost a great one. Ian, you were the absolute kindest person. Your heart was pure and you had the most creative mind. You are one of those friends that you cherish forever and, although we fell out of touch, I remember all the times I spent with you like they were yesterday. Form driving around endlessly for hours doing absolutely nothing, to taking black and white pictures at the park in League City, to you teaching me to play Gears of Warcraft (very badly, but you never made me feel that way), to your hilarious FedEx rants and the person you were striving to be. I just wish I would’ve reached out sooner.
    Hope to see you on the other side ❤️

    Vicky Veloso Rivera
  4. I can’t quite remember when I met Ian, because once I knew him it was like I’d always known him! There was no being “acquaintances” with Ian. To know him was to also have a friend in him. I remember I was feeling sad one time and I mentioned it to Ian and so to distract me, he told me to pick my favorite food, animal and comic and so I told him “dreamsicles, guinea pigs and Batman”. And he drew me this hilarious comic of a guinea pig wearing a Batman mask next to a popsicle in a cape, half eaten and the caption, “you just DON’T eat your partner!”. Kind of a rambling personal story but it meant so much to me at the time and that is who Ian was! He shared himself so easily with us all. He was a gold standard human and a once in a lifetime friend. I wish more than anything that he could be with us growing older.

    Sophia Nicolosi
    • Thank you for being a friend all these years. I have regrets that I hadn’t reconnected with you recently.. it just seemed like there was always time. I appreciate the 15 years of friendship. Who knew the last memory I would have with you would be a classy dinner in Galveston followed by the not so classy Karaoke session where we found ourselves singing Wrecking Ball at Reno’s. Thank you for being someone I could find so much comfort and optimism in. Thank you for your hugs and thank you for your love. Ian you will forever be in my heart.

      Samm Perryman
  5. Ian – There is an insane amount of people that love and care about you. I wish I could tell you today. I love you. I miss you. RIP

    Pranada – I am so fortunate to have had Ian in my life. He was my day 1. I Loved him so much. I am so sorry you are going through this. I will do anything to help you and lend support. Love you.

    Brian Nehls
  6. Oh, sweet Ian. You exuded joy. Truly one in a million, that’s the only way to describe you. None of us will ever think of you and not smile. Thank you for the memories.

    Olivia Reno
  7. Ian, I don’t even know where to start. At this point, I just want to tell you how thankful I am for one of the most genuine and fun friendships. Thank you for getting me, truly understanding me! I’m also thankful that we told each other often how much we loved each other. I wish I could tell you now, but I’m grateful that you knew. I will miss you everyday, for as long as I live.

    SamJo Melto
  8. I can still see us sitting in drivers ed…we were picking out a ringtone for his phone. And I was thrilled when he picked “Swing, Swing” by the all American rejects. I loved how much Ian loved music. There are sooo many songs I can think of that instantly take me back to riding in his car in high school. Him being one of the oldest and getting his license first basically required him to drive us all around. I remember how we used to pack inside that car like sardines…and it was. the. best.

  9. I was reminding Chels of this one…sitting in the back of Mrs. Scott’s class…definitely not paying attention. Ian had brought in dried squid. As a snack…lol and he was trying to get us to try it. I feel like this went on for most of the class. The two things that I vividly remember were he kept saying it’s a “Korean delicacy” haha and the squid was extra extraaaaa salty. Darn him and those powers of persuasion!!

  10. Ian, you were such a great friend to me and to all of the lucky people that you met. You were always there willing to support or just have a nice chat together. We could talk for hours about the most random things but it was always fun and entertaining because it was with you. It didn’t matter how long we lost touch, you were always welcoming and picked back up where we left off. You were an awesome guy, so open minded and caring. Never met a stranger because your relaxed nature made everyone feel at ease and it was so easy to talk to you. I can’t believe you’re gone. It’s heartbreaking. I’m so sorry to all of your family and other friends. The world will never be the same without you. I know there’s so many others who had you in their lives as a family member who are truly devastated by this loss. I hope your memory brings them some comfort, like it does for me. Rest easy friend.

    Sam del Castillo
  11. Ian you were such a sweetheart. I’m so lucky to have met you. You were such a light in so many peoples lives and will be greatly missed.

    Victoria Allen
  12. Ian, you were always so kind and one of the most genuine people I have ever met. You will be forever missed by so many people, rest easy.

  13. Always amazing and good times 🙂 hope you are at peace . Sending my LOVE

    Jessica Mulder (Pumo)
  14. Rest in peace my friend.

    Ian was truly one of a kind. He changed so many of our lives for the better and gave me too many memories to name. Life is difficult to imagine without him.

    My favorite recent memory is our trip last year to the renaissance festival. He spent so much time crafting this barbarian outfit by hand and we had such an amazing time. He even managed to convince me to dress up (which I have definitely never done!). I will never forget walking through the Holiday Inn Express with him in full barbarian garb and 30-pound club. He owned every moment.

    Ian lived life to the fullest and I will always admire him for it. His unique charm, humor, and wit brought so many of us together and gave us ALL so many wonderful memories. I will never forget the late night gaming sessions, road trips, day trips, classy bars, crappy bars, the good times we shared, and everything in between. Ian was always there and always had my back. I feel truly lucky to have had him in my life.

    Love you forever buddy,
    Michael Chaney

    Michael Chaney
  15. Such a great guy. I remember how he made working at BestBuy tolerable back in the day. Could always count a laugh at some point during a shift that he worked. My heart goes out to his family and close friends.

  16. Ian, I wish I told you more how much I appreciate you and how much I love you. You were such an incredible and thoughtful friend. My heart is completely shattered. I’ll miss your contagious laugh and your hilarious stories. We should have brought back S.K.I.B. Nights! Thank you for always including me, even when I was notorious for bailing. Lol Life will not be the same without you. I miss you and love you, my friend.

    Kelly Santos
  17. Ian you were a great loving soul with high spirits. You stayed with a smile on your face, you made everyone around laugh. I remember the fun nights on the beach just hanging and having fun. You will forever be missed. Rest in peace!

    Ryan Rodriguez
  18. Ian,
    You were one of the nicest and genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing! You were definitely taken way way to soon and there will be a major loss felt by many.

  19. Ian, I thought you were one of the funniest and genuinely caring people ever. You always made me laugh and then cry when you kicked my butt in pretty much every video game we ever played. I was hoping to see you again brother but it’s not going to be on this earth. This one hurts, not going to lie. Love you Ian.

  20. Ian I know we didn’t really keep in touch since high school, but I’ve got a bunch of memories of you playing bari-sax in band and destroying me in Magic cards at lunch. Thanks for always bringing laughs and smiles into the world man and inspiring people to try new cool things. Sending all my love and warm thoughts to your family

    Joe Dwyer
  21. While it’s been years since I’ve seen Ian, he remains in my memory as one of the most genuine, fun and hilarious people I’ve been lucky enough to know. From working with him at Best Buy to remaining connected to him through social media, you could see that he was so so loved by all of his friends and family and had a beaming personality. I’m so sad to hear of his passing, which was way too soon for someone so great. Sending all my love to his brother, Eric, and all of his family and friends!

    Ashley Sanchez
  22. Ian,

    We were just talking about how we needed to hang out after all this. How we were going to work out together. I was always excited to get your message after you saw an MCU movie so you could discuss it with me. I have nothing but positive, awesome, fun memories and can hear your voice in my head thinking about them as clear as a bell. I hate that I cannot remember right now what was the impetus but it was something probably ridiculous that usually makes or breaks whether someone likes me and I recall you saying something of the effect, after a pause “…I like you” and we’ve been buds ever since. I don’t think there’s anyone you’ve come in contact with that won’t have positive things to say about you. You lived to bring joy to people and we will all cherish that. You were too good for this world, man. I don’t know what we did to have you but we were lucky.

    Condolences to the close family and friends. I can only guess at how much you all are hurting. And I know my guess still probably falls short.

    Jo-E Marshall
  23. I am so so sorry to hear this. I didn’t know him really well, but he used to make me laugh in the classes we shared together or when we would be around mutual friends. He was always happy, smiling, and a friend to anyone that needed one.

    Ashley Khoja
  24. Ian was such a kind soul. I cherished the many years we worked at Putt Putt together. He gave the best hugs. His daily delivery rants were my favorite, they always kept me laughing. I am sending my condolences to his family.

  25. A genuinely precious human, taken from this mortal coil far too soon. Ian was such a great friend to me and many others, and I feel immeasurably fortunate to have known him. Sending love to those who knew him and loved him best, he will be so sorely missed.

    Morgan Leonpacher
  26. Thinking of you always, Ian. Thankful for our special memories and time together. Rest peacefully, friend. Prayers to Ian’s family, and his dear friends Sam and Brian, Rebecca and Chaney. Thinking of you all.

    Hilary S
  27. I truly enjoyed working with Ian in Pasadena…. I would call him a “damn millenial” and he’d call me “old man”…..I’m gonna miss that…..

    Rudy Garcia
  28. Ian! Such a cool, creative and genuine person. I know you impacted many lives with joy and friendship!

    Sam (smith)hernandez
  29. Oh Ian.. I just still can’t believe this. You are larger than life my friend. Your presence is reverberated through so many other lives and I love that you left such a trail of creative energy and love to me and Zack and the boys.

    One of my favorite memories of all time is doing the puppet show. I had to make a puppet in sculpture class and create a story and video for it. I’m not tech savvy , so I asked Ian to help. He came over to my house one night and we pieced together a stage and play to go along with my creepy ass puppet I made lol. It was one of the funnest times I had in my entire life. I remember asking him why we weren’t doing this on a regular basis. The final product was spectacular. It’s out there on the internet somewhere.
    He created my life in videos that made me feel like I was living a movie. He made the stories of my life so rich and I am forever grateful for him.
    I love and miss you terribly.

    Pj Holliday
  30. You were loved by so many and played such an important role in all of our lives. I’ll always cherish the memories of us being together—movie/game nights, birthdays, weddings, and an unreasonable amount of time playing online together. Life is going to be different now. I know we were supposed to have a jam session soon, so I promise to learn some Regina Spektor on the piano at some point. I’ll be thinking of you always.

    “The sorrow we feel when we lose a loved one is the price we pay to have had them in our lives.”

    Xavier Hernandez
  31. Oh, Ian. My heart hurts. I feel like we grew up as kids together back at PH Greene. I know the old friend group drifted apart, but you and I always checked in with each other randomly. Within the past five or six years, I’m so happy to say those check-ins totally increased in frequency and you always made me giggle when we messaged. You were one of my true competitors in our Six Degrees Kevin Bacon game and it would make my day when you would randomly send me to actors and we’d race to see who could link them first. I’ll miss seeing your adventures. I’ll miss the competition. I’ll miss how you made me feel after our conversations. Watch over us, man. Immediately I thought the world is a little less creative without you here, but then I think that maybe it’s MORE creative since you were here. Your humor and light spread to everyone, even if you didn’t know it. We won’t forget you.

    Courtney Bayne Brandon
  32. My deepest and sincerest condolences to his friends and family.

    I did not know Ian as well as many others, but the times I met with/spoke to him, he was always the funniest, kindest person. He was so talented. At one point we discussed doing an art swap… I am sad that we never got to do that.

    I only regret not being able to get to know him better. He will be missed immensely. The world is worse off without him here.

  33. Ian,

    Look at all this love for you and it’s not surprising to me at all! You were always the life of the group, you brought so much joy and fun to everyone and everything you did. I always loved hanging out with you and seeing what new hobbies you were getting yourself into. Some of my favorites were the woodworking (especially the wooden bow ties) and photography. It is because of you that not only great moments were created but captured through your photos. You were an amazing friend to Ashley and I and we absolutely loved being around you. Ellie would have loved and adored you!

    Life won’t be the same without you Ian and I will forever cherish our friendship and the memories created with you!

    I love you Ian!


    Alex Ruchte

    Alex Ruchte
  34. I will be forever grateful for having known you Ian. You were open, fun-loving, funny, creative, and sincere. It was impossible to not adore you, and I will never forget you.
    To Ian’s family and friends, I am so terribly sorry for the pain of your loss. May you continue to feel Ian’s happy presence surround you. Blessings to you all.

    Ruth Ann
  35. You were, are, in every essence a brother to me. We talked damn near every night and every time you and everyone would go I couldn’t wait to get through the next day so we could be together again. I can only remember a life where you were in it and trying to imagine one where you’re not is extremely, extremely, hard. Lan parties at the house playing Halo, my dad and you destroying the front door window, living together for a year… to ren fest, playing games nightly together… you made every instance of my life, our lives, better and there are so so many great memories. I love you so much.

    Ryan Hogue
  36. Ian,

    We’ve had so many great moments over the years. I don’t even know where to start. School, going to the beach, hanging out in the garage, playing video games, making music, popping fireworks, going to concerts, or even something as simple as riding around in your car. Those moments all seemed so simple before. But I’m going to cherish them all so much now.

    But, aside from all of those moments, what I loved the most was the way you made everyone feel when you were around. You were able to breathe so much life and positivity into every conversation, every party, every photo and every other kind of moment. People were just happier when you were there.

    I wish you could see all of the amazing things everyone is saying about you right now. You had such an amazing impact on this world.

    I love you and miss you so much.

    Rest easy man,
    Justin Hernandez

    Justin Hernandez
  37. Ian
    Thank you for all the laughs and fun that you brought. You were among the kindest and most genuine persons I have met. My favorite memory of you was also the last time we hung out . You were singing OutKast “Caroline” at Reno’s and the way you sang the last part of that song was hilarious. I will miss you lot man.

    Justo Montoya
  38. Thank you for being such an important part of of my life, Ian.

    You made my face hurt from laughing at PuttPutt, whether it was from silly drawings, your quick wit, or your impressions of my grumpy grandfather, Frank. You were always up for any adventure: taking a last minute trip to watch a metal concert and even flying across the country with me to go a zombie convention. Your willingness to try anything once with an open mind is something I always admired.

    Your acts of kindness were plentiful and often, but your final act of selflessness was choosing to cancel our meetup the day you started feeling ill. Not because you felt sick, but because you didn’t want to get me sick. That was just who you were…thoughtful to the very end. I will carry you with me always, Ian.

    Pranada and Eric, I am so sorry for your loss. Please know you have many friends of Ian here for you, in any way you need.

  39. I love you, Ian. You were the brightest light in this world. No one could ever fill your shoes…..

    One of my most favorite memories is when you and some of the group would come over and hang out in high school. We were on the way back to my place, someone else was driving, and I saw your little white car parked outside my house. My heart jumped for joy and I wanted to shout “hey! Ian’s here!” but you were already in the car with us. 🙂 I always got that same elation, that same excitement, every time I saw you. I’ll carry that joy with me always.

    Thank you for everything.

    Taylor Cobarruvias
  40. Ian, there is absolutely no one like you. Your humor. Your big heart. I called you my best friend at one point in our lives. I am just so sorry that we lost touch but I am so lucky to have known you. There are just so many memories. I especially cherish when we’d go get “signature cocktails” together and talk for HOURS. I loved our conversations. You, Megan, and I had so many laughs together too! I’ve never laughed as hard as I did when we were all together. I’ll miss you so much Ian and I’ll absolutely never forget you.

    Shelby Perez
  41. I’m the mom of one of your BFF’s….David…I feel his pain and also the joy he had with his relationship with you. His pain is also mine. There is a hole in our hearts without you. Gone way too soon…

    Joanne Aubin
  42. Ian,
    Happy birthday! Growing up with you gave all of the cousins so many laughs and memories we will always cherish. I wish I would have told you how much I loved your podcasts, YouTube videos, and Instagram stories. The way you could tell a story, the animation in your voice was like no other. Reading all of the comments from friends and loved ones makes me smile because you touched everyone you met. My heart is heavy because I wish we had more time together. We all love and miss you beyond belief.

    Sabrina Guevara
  43. Ian is the sole definition of a delightful soul one may have in their life. I absolutely adored him. It’s is so lovely to read all the beautiful comments people are posting in a kindness to his memorial. I will forever remember him with a smile and a deep ache in my heart that he has moved away from us. Until we meet again……love you !
    Carolyn Howard

    Carolyn Howard
  44. I’m heartbroken to hear of Ian’s passing. We were coworkers for many years. Ian was a bright light at fedex to everyone that knew him. Always a free spirit and jokester. He was a pleasure to work with. Gone way too soon but never forgotten. Prayers to his family and friends.

    Brandy Simpson
  45. Ian… my coworker my friend my little brother. I will miss you dearly.I loved talking to you and watching your funny videos..Always willing to help. Thank you. Rest In Happiness. I will never forget you.

    Janie Castillo
  46. Ian…My coworker, friend and my little brother as I called you. I will miss you dearly. Thank you for all the laughs. Rest In Happiness.

    Janie Castillo
  47. I retired from Fedex this past March. I had the pleasure of training him for a day or two when he first started at Fedex. One of the most likeable people I have met in my life. Had the opportunity to rescue him on the road when he broke down, truck in the street. I get there and he is sitting in the truck, I say to him why have you not put out the reflective triangles warning people of broke down vehicle! I am not sure exactly what he said, I showed him where they were in the truck and how to place them. He was always a pleasure to be around. Morning hugs and smiles followed until I retired. This world lost a good man!

    Eunice Henderson
  48. I hadn’t really spoken to you since I can’t even remember when, but you were always thought fondly of, even if my best memories of you are from middle school. It’s a bitter thing to realize only at the end that you wish you’d been fortunate enough to really know a person before they’ve left this world. It took me too long and too late to become a good enough person to realize this. I haven’t been good enough all my life; it took me decades to finally become someone who can make good decisions; someone who can appreciate good people – someone who could actually be a friend. I’m learning from so many people in this past week that you were more than just good people. You were wonderful. All of these posts, the memories everyone is sharing, these beautiful words are true testaments of the great man that you were and the impact you made.

    Ad Astra, ICE.

  49. I worked with Ian years ago at Best Buy and he was one genuine and kind soul. Rest in peace, Ian.

  50. Ian, the idea that you’re no longer with us is something my mind still has a great deal of difficulty accepting. I cannot think of anyone more undeserving of such a premature departure from this world and the lives of those that loved you. For as long as I’ve known you I felt you would inevitably make a living by entertaining people or using your abundant creativity. Although you gave so much through the virtue of your presence, it’s sad to think the rest of the world won’t have an opportunity to know what a great person you were. The impact of your loss on so many can not be overstated. You were universally loved, and the ripples you left will be felt for a long time. Good bye my friend, I hope to see you again some day.

    Barton King
  51. Thank you for always taking time out for me since we were little to talk and listen when I felt alone. Thank you for coming to random late night parties and hanging out till 4 am talking about everything and nothing. I wish we hadn’t lost touch these past few years. There’s no one like you, you’re a rare breed of special and everyone will miss you incredibly ! Best hugs, best humor and one of kind soul and heart!

    Brittnie doran-Logue
  52. Ian, thank you for always sharing so much of yourself, your friendship, time, humor. You cared enough to really pay attention to the people in your life, to see others and accept others.. I’m going to miss riding along with you via social media and hearing your stories in a way only you can tell. Any time I talked with you, you brightened my day, and any time I watched your videos I laughed and felt warmer. You taught me a lot about how taking those extra steps for others can really impact them, and that just came so naturally to you. You were the best at making me feel like I was always welcome, seen, understood, and remembered, no matter how much time had passed. Such a special person, I will carry him with me always.

    Judith Bailey
  53. Ian-

    I will always remember the good times we had growing up. The sleep overs at each other’s houses, when we would stay over at grandma’s, and the family vacations. We got to experience Vegas together, even if we were only 13 & 14. What I will remember the most is your outgoing persona, humor and immense creativity. You took your quirky style of drawing when we were kids, and you made it into a style of your own. You’ve created so many amazing things over the years. Your Instagram rants were always the best and made my day anytime I watched them. Xoe and Shelby will miss you dearly (even though she used to get scared every time you walked into the room, haha). We love you, Ian…so much. I’ll miss you every day. See you in the next life <3

    Nichole Ramirez
  54. It just doesn’t seem real that life could take away one of the most genuine people I’ve ever known. Ian was such a friendly, huggable, fun and lively person. I will always remember meeting him for the first time on a night out with some friends at Etro. You would’ve thought we had been friends for years. He was just one of those people that you can easily open up to and trust. The world is a much sadder place without him. He will be deeply and truly missed.

    Kayla Taliaferro
  55. Ian was a great guy and I’m gonna miss him a lot. My heart goes out to Eric and the rest of the family.

    Joe Majdi
  56. I met Ian in December 2019 when I became his Senior Manager at Fedex in our Houston location. I could tell from the moment that I met him, that he was a good employee, but more importantly, he was a good person. It was very easy to see why his co-workers loved working with him and I soon found myself meandering over to his work location whenever I was on the package sort. I loved how open he was about his wood work. He had recently shared with me that he was in the process of building a chair and I never got to ask if he ever finished that chair. I remembered reading the emails from my managers about Ian’s planned return to work after he had been out for a period of time. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to reading those emails until after I had learned of Ian’s passing. Those emails were filled with excitement to have him back for reasons other than his ability to run a route. They were excited because he would/could brighten up our day with that infectious smile, that long hair, and that great personality. Rest well my friend. You will truly be missed but never forgotten

    Brian Griffin
  57. There really aren’t enough words to describe Ian❣️ He was not only everyone’s friend but he was so thoughtful and caring – making sure I enjoyed a wedding even though I had a medical boot on my foot (asking me to dance) That I will never forget❤️ YOU WILL BE MISSED❣️💔

    Karen Hernandez
  58. Ian,

    We will all miss you. May have been a long while since we saw each other last but you were always and will always be a friend. You were always able to make anyone smile with a quick joke and happy demeanor.

    Truly, you will be missed.

    Jarrett Hoffman
  59. Ian you will be missed . You were one of the nicest guys that a person could ever meet. It was great working with you and hearing your I called adventures in singing and comes. Heaven has gained a wonderful young man . We will miss you . You will alway be in our hearts.

    Boyce Smith
  60. Ian, I’ve had the pleasure of watching you grow over the years, as we all used to hang around Grandma’s house, as well as each other’s numerous times. You’ve always been a character and your personality had blossomed into greatness as time molded our lives. You had many talents that were hidden and I’m glad to see that you found them and embraced them into the creativeness and quirky man you came to be. Life has unfolded and set a path of greatness for you. Even though you are gone from our world you are, and will always be here in existence with us. You’ve just unlocked another level of consciousness that truly sets you free. There is nothing like the times we’ve spent together with the rest of the cousins. I will always cherish those moments and all that you impacted on our lives as a family. Now, you are at peace…we will met again soon. Make sure you have a drink ready for me 🙂 To that, I will let you rest. Love you manner! Jer gan krup

    Michael A. Perez, Jr.
  61. Ian, You are a bright star in our universe. You are loved by me and so many others because you freely gave love to everyone. You are larger than life. You are the funniest and wittiest person I have ever met. Our Halloween parties will never be the same without you. I will miss your videos and your smile. You are such a big part of our family. We love you to the moon and back.

    To Ian’s family, I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending you prayers of comfort and peace.

    Thiany Hennessey
  62. Ian,

    I couldn’t believe the news and I’m still in shock. You were such a great guy and I have nothing but the best memories of you dating back over 20 years to Brookside. We were side by side on the football field for years. The world lost a good one and you will be extremely missed by everyone lucky enough to have known you during your time on Earth. Rest In Peace.

    Jonathan Nguyen
  63. Ian,

    There will NEVER be any one like you in our lives ever again. We are all so devastated you are gone, but thankful for the countless memories we had with you. Whether it was playing cards, going to concerts, ranking the best zombie movies, talking about your love for Regina Spektor, singing together in RockBand,…all of it was pure love and fun whenever we got together. Thank you for being such a bright and shining soul in our lives. I will cherish all of the memories we made together for the rest of my life! You are loved and missed so much…

  64. Ian,
    I’ve been thinking on what to write all week and I still don’t know what to say… I’m still in disbelief and I’m really hoping this is a weird, demented prank and that you’ll end up scaring the bageezus out of all of us and that you will chase everyone around in full zombie attire at the service . Well if so, please record it and post it to your YouTube channel so you receive the international adoration and fame you deserve!

    But if not, know that the world without you is now even darker in an already bleak time. You were a light that effected everyone you met. I’m sad that no one will ever receive a famous “Ian” hug ever again. I’m sad that you’ll never get to shame Jason Momoa publicily and give him a run for his money as sexiest man alive. Thanks for being a friend to everyone and not letting time nor distance get in your way. I can’t help but think of what A man told me a few months back that “…I believe you should always try to let people know how you feel about them because you never know what’s going to happen, that’s how I try to live…” you were always good about telling people how you felt and I always admired you for that…..
    Oh yea and that wise man was you. Please rest soundly and I hope they play you some Regina in heaven.

    Courtney (Little) Merritt
  65. In Vietnamese we say, “chia buon”, which translates to “share in the sadness”. I share in this sadness with you friends. We lost a great one. Gone tf soon.The world will never be the same. Ian made such an impact on all of us. This is truly a tragedy Ian. You are so loved and you will be deeply missed. Goodbye my forever friend, I will continue to share your hilarious stories, you will live on through all of us.

  66. Ian,

    You were always the laugh and joy of any gathering. You always welcomed myself and my family with great big open Ian bear hugs. You were a wonderful human and great friend. It was a true privilege getting to meet you in the hallways of HS and eating breakfast with you before class started. It was a true joy watching you extend the same love, care and friendship you gave to me, to my kids. You’re the kind of person that always made people feel welcomed.

    I love you and miss you bro.

    Joe Porro

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