Gene Stanley Earnest

In loving memory of Gene Stanley Earnest, a man whose life was filled with extraordinary moments and cherished memories.

Gene passed peacefully at home on May 31, 2023, surrounded by his wife, Amy, and sons Gene Vernon, Grant, and Guy. He was blessed with two daughters-in-law, Emily and Denise, and six grandchildren: Taylor, Janie, Weston, Lexy, Bethany, and Kane. He is also survived by his mother Pennie McMahon of Lakeside, CA, and brothers Jason Earnest of Lakeside, CA, and Robert Henley of Troy, MI.

Growing up in the San Diego, CA area, Gene and Amy met through their community activities, fell in love, and married 42 years ago. Together, they embraced change and embarked on a grand adventure, leaving behind the golden coast of California for the vast expanse of Texas. With courage and determination, they started anew, building a life filled with joy and new experiences.

Gene worked tirelessly for over 40 years with NRG as an Operator to provide all the best in life for his family. He was not just a husband, father, and grandfather; he was the very embodiment of unwavering support. His devotion to his loved ones knew no bounds, and his gentle but firm demeanor was often interrupted by one of his goofy quirks. His children and grandchildren will forever cherish the memories they created together, as they carry his legacy of love and kindness into the future.

Gene began his commitment to helping others during his Eagle Scout journey, then becoming a DeMolay member, furthering his passion for community service. Through his selflessness, he became an inspiration to others, a guiding light that touched countless lives. The community of Pasadena, TX was blessed to have Gene as a tireless volunteer over the span of the past 40 years. Whether it was lending a helping hand with the City of Pasadena Verne Cox Center, or serving as a Scout Leader for his sons’ troop, his dedication to making a difference was immeasurable.

Adventure coursed through Gene’s veins, eventually leading him on exhilarating motorcycle journeys that took him to the farthest corners of the country. The open road was his canvas, and he painted it with the vibrant colors of freedom and exploration. Through these travels, he embraced the diversity of landscapes and cultures, finding inspiration in every mile. What started as a hobby quickly grew into so much more. The San Jacinto Harley Owners Group Chapter blessed Gene and Amy with more brothers and sisters than one could hope for, many of whom were with him to the very end.

Gene considered himself an above average golfer, and his passion for the sport brought joy to countless rounds played with friends and family. But Gene’s talents extended far beyond the golf course. With a skilled hand and a creative mind, he mastered the art of carpentry, creating beautiful pieces and gifts for others that reflected his attention to detail and dedication to his craft.

Gene’s zest for life extended beyond his passions and community service. When it came to entertainment, he had an eclectic taste that knew no bounds. From the iconic films Free Willy and National Treasure to the infectious beats of Mambo Number 5, his entertainment preferences were as diverse as the adventures he undertook.

As we bid farewell to Gene Stanley Earnest, let us remember him not only for his accomplishments during his 63 years of life, but also for the indomitable spirit that touched so many lives. May his memory inspire us to live each day to the fullest and to cherish the moments we share with our loved ones.

Farewell, Gene, may your spirit forever roam the open road, finding solace in the great unknown.

Gene said he would not be attending a funeral, so why waste the money. Details for a celebration of life will be shared once available. In lieu of flowers, Gene would have appreciated a gift in his memory to the Verne Cox Center in Pasadena, TX.


  1. Love and sympathy to Gene’s family. I love each one so dearly and will always have him I. My heart. You are free from pain Gene. Give all our loved ones a hug for me and fly high with the angels. Rest in Peace my dear son.
    I love you,

    Pennie McMahon
  2. Earnest family,
    Our love and prayers to all, from Missouri. A great guy and fun cousin who will never be forgotten ❤️

    David and Jeanie Adkins
  3. This describes Gene perfectly. He was such a big part of my life. We shared a few adventures in the past 50 years. He gave me wings to truly live life when spending time with him which was not nearly enough. I will miss him terribly. Rest easy my friend knowing what a difference you made in so many people’s life.

    Mary Preston
  4. I knew him from the Vern cox center and how he alwa volunteered for sporting events as a score keeper. He always looked happy and enjoying his life. Our Condolences and Prayers for the the family.

    Eddie Seman
  5. Dearest Amy and Family –
    I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of Gene. His spirit will truly live on through all of you his precious family. The legacy of wonderful memories we all have from this awesome man will remain timeless. His smile and zest for life were always present. He was a committed friend and selfless guy. My time working with and spending time with Gene at Verne Cox Center/community, left an impact of Joy. He stayed in touch no matter the distance and shared his life with regular updates. He will truly be missed, and I for one look forward to joining him at the party in heaven one day. Hugs to all of you as you celebrate his brilliant life.

    Kathy Henderson
  6. Prayers for Amy and the family. Growing up with Gene & his family was an adventure. From local camping to 50 mile canoe trips on the Colorado River. It was great catching up with them when they came to visit Mama Pennie. Glad he’s at rest, but Gene will certainly be missed ♥️🤍💙

    Jeff & Marie Brown
  7. I will miss you, dear cousin. Dearest Amy and family you all are in our thoughts and prayers and hope that Gene’s fond memories helps you through this difficult time. Love, Terri and Don.

    Terri Frey
  8. Condolences to the family. I knew Gene as a teenager. I remember him loving to dance. My sister Dawn DeBurn Waitman and Gene cleared the dance floor once as they set the floor on fire. Good people are hard to find and I know Gene was one of the good guys. He isn’t gone, just off on a new adventure. Ride safe my friend.

    Kim DeBurn Caldwell
  9. Sending our condolences to the Earnest Family. Gene was such a kind hearted person. We will always cherish his friendship. He will definitely be missed!! Rest easy Gene!

    The Dio Family
  10. I am lucky to consider Gene and Amy friends. Gene’s goofy smile and wonderful teasing always made me feel loved by this man. He just had that way of making you feel special. We traveled by motorcycle on many trips together with the HOG chapter and I always envied his trips around the country. He was a good man, a loving husband and father and a good friend to many, many people. He will live on lovingly in many people’s hearts. I am praying for Amy and the family in this time of loss. There will be a big hole left in their family but hopefully the happy memories and the knowledge that he loved them so much will help them get through these rough times. Sending Love, hugs, and prayers for the Earnests.

    Temple Pennison
  11. I’m so sorry for your loss! We all went to high school together. Gene was so nice. He always commented on my posts about Lindo Lake Park. He said he would check it out when visiting here. RIP Gene! Thinking of all your family. Renee Madison

    Renee Madison
  12. Hadn’t seen Gene in a many moons, but never forgot him. We were part of the young new hires with HL&P. Rest easy guy

    Brian Carr
  13. Gene, such a sweetheart. A man that will truly be missed

  14. A life well lived. Condolences to all. El Cap class of ‘78 remembers.

    Scott Johnson
  15. Gene and I were good high school friends, thought of him often. Love, hugs and prayers. Very sorry for your loss.
    Jeanne Thomas Wilkison

    Jeanne Wilkison
  16. My deepest condolences to all .. He was a very special person.. I will miss u ..

    Patricia Banegas
  17. Gene can and should be remembered for all the wonderful things he did for people. But my absolute favorite thing he did, was take care of and love my bestest friend Amy! For that, I’m forever grateful <3

    Leanna Crist
  18. Prayers going out to all of his friends and family.
    I feel blessed to have known Gene. Such a wonderful guy.

    Bill Askew
  19. Dear Amy and Family. I am so sorry for your loss. Gene was a truly remarkable man and friend. I met him in our freshman year in high school. One of my favorite memories is math class after lunch and he always asked me for Juicy Fruit gum. I did not chew it, but I always had it for him. I remember the school dances and how good a dancer he was. At our 20th high school reunion, the band played my favorite song, Van Morrison’s Moon Dance, just as they started serving dinner and Gene knew I loved that song, so he swept me to the dance floor, and we missed half our meal. He was always smiling and laughing and made sure everyone around him was enjoying life. I was lucky enough to talk to him before he passed. Ride safe my friend and when we meet again, I will bring the Juicy Fruit.

    Dawn DeBurn Waitman
  20. I met Gene & Amy in 1981 when I was still in high school, and I remember when “Little Gene” was born. Years later I bought the house across the street from them on Robinhood Street and spent many years going in and out through the garage into their kitchen door. I ate dinner with Gene & Amy and the boys more nights than I can count, and we spent many a Friday and Saturday night sitting around the dining room table, laughing and playing Trivial Pursuit. The first cold snap of winter, Gene would come over to my house, crawl around up in the attic, and light the pilot light of my furnace. Several years he helped me put Christmas lights up on the roof. Gene was one of the groomsmen and Amy was one of my bridesmaids at my wedding, and Gene entertained all of my relatives with funny stories at the rehearsal dinner. He was always ready to help me when something broke, and he drove me around the neighborhood helping me look for my dog when he escaped the backyard. I still can’t quite figure out why he bought that Penny-Farthing Bicycle (those old timey bikes with the gigantic front tire) but I always got a kick out of watching him ride it up and down our street on it. Can’t believe he never fell off it.

    Gene, you will be deeply missed. You were funny and quirky and generous and had a mischievous twinkle in those big blue eyes. You were a great friend, a wonderful neighbor, and a loving husband and father.

    My love and condolences to the Earnest Family.

    Shannon Tobias
  21. My deepest condolences to Amy, the family, and his many friends. A life well lived and still too short. I am so sorry.

    Jim Nolan
  22. Gene was one of a kind to be sure.He did what he loved and loved what he did.No pretenses ever!I feel we lost him way too soon. Knowing that Amy, Gene, Grant and Guy will feel the chasm he left behind in their lives, I pray for God’s healing, minute-by-minute, day by day. Blessings to the entire Earnest family during this time. Love each of you!

    Vickie Huckabay
  23. Gene, We Talked Many A Day And Consider You A True Friend.
    Until We Meet Again Gene Take Care.

    Sid Williams

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