Frances Cantu Jacobo

On November 6, 2023, Frances Cantu Jacobo passed away at age 89. She was born in Fashing, Texas, as one of five children. Frances is preceded in death by her siblings, Reynaldo, Arnulfo, Carolina and Gregoria, her daughter Maria De Lourdes and her husband Frank Jacobo. She lived in Dickinson, Texas, and is survived by her children, Louis and Yvonne Jacobo, Esther Tinney, Josephine Rodriguez, Virginia Castille, Raphael Saenz, and their respective families. Frances was a proud grandmother to 14 grandchildren and great grandmother to 30 great grandchildren, and Callie, her puppy.

Frances was a beautiful soul, full of love and light that shined everywhere she went. She loved music, dancing, plants, sewing, shopping thrift stores and she loved to cook for her family – her tamales and carne guisada were famous for being THE best!  Her family was her world and she would give the best hugs anytime you leave her house, and she could not wait to see you again…Si Dios Quiere. Frances enjoyed a long career of 38 years with Pilgrims Cleaners and was blessed with friendship and support from the Farin family.  After her husband passed, she retired and lived with her granddaughter Jennifer and her clan, where she took pride in “taking care of the kids” in every way possible, from folding laundry to cheering at their sports games. She loved summers when they were all home but she dreaded when they went back to school because she missed them during the day. Frances extended this same love to every family near and far, and to her sisters’ families as well. She loved trips to San Antonio, and spent most of her time on the phone on a 3-way call with her sisters while they all watching the same novelas. Christmas was her favorite time when everyone would come together to make tamales, eat, listen to music, play games and open gifts together on Christmas Eve. She was known by everyone, even our friends, as “Grandma” — she was Grandma to all.

To Frances, the love you bestowed upon us all cannot be measured nor the impact on each of our lives whom have had the pleasure and honor of having you as a grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, cousin or friend. You believed in us all and wanted the best for us all. You pushed for us, fought for us, and would give any of us your last $20 you kept hidden if we needed it. You made sure we were never hungry. You never let any of us go without a place to stay. You laughed with us. You cried with us. You were angry with us in the times we would slip and fall cause nobody knew the good in us nor our potential like you did. You made sure everyone had a Christmas gift. You called everyone on their birthday. You made us feel loved and special. No matter what we pursued, you cheered for us as our number 1 fan and believed in us 100 percent.

Congratulations Frances Jacobo on a life well lived. You were an Angel in a human body while here on earth. You have earned your star in the sky and will shine on us in even the darkest of nights. Thank you for showing us unconditional love and grace. You will live on in us, as we are a part of you.

Thank you everyone for the kind and heartfelt messages. We did not “lose” her, we know exactly where she is at and she is resting in eternal peace.

The Celebration of Life will take place on November 17, 2023, at Crowder Funeral Home
851 Farm to Market 517 Rd W, Dickinson, TX 77539.
Visitation at 6pm, and service at 7p.


  1. Sorry, for your loss. She was a sweet lady and a dear friend

    Esther Cisneros Nunez
  2. Sincere condolences to the family. I am so very sorry for your loss. May God provide the necessary peace and comfort to your family and friends during this difficult time. Please remember these words of encouragement from the Bible: “ Jesus plainly told her: “I am the resurrection and the life. He that exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life.” —John 11:20-25.

    Ruby Bell
  3. So Sorry for your loss. She was a very sweet lady. Prayers for you all.

    Laura Hinojosa Copado
  4. It is so dreadfully sad to have our loved ones return to Our Lord God. We do not know the why’s of, and we have so many questions for God, The peace and promise of the hereafter is all we have to comfort us. Thinking of you. Remembering my wonderful Aunt and what a blessing you always had with her. I am Estella Bernal Marple’s daughter, Rebecca. I am so grateful for the short times I was graced with her being my Aunt Frances., my time with her was not long enough. Aunt Frances was a wonderful, wonderful part of our family. What fun we had together, cousins playing. And the cleaners downstairs. A wonderful unique time of life. Aunt Frances sewed a beautiful dress for my Mom, a copy of a Marilyn Monroe dress! So talented. I am so sorry of the grief you will experience from here on. My sister Marisela, often speaks of Aunt Frances, and the memories. Mary Lou, so many people sorely missing her. God Bless, and peace.

    Rebecca Watson

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