Clarence Neil “Mike” Millican

Visitation will be Saturday, June 28th, 2014, at 3:00 PM with the memorial service at 4 PM at Crowder Funeral Home in Webster.  Burial will be Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at the Houston National Cemetery at 2:15 PM.

The celebration of Mike’s life will continue at the home of his daughter and son-in law, Barbara and Gary McCollum following the service at 15707 Pinewood Cove Drive, Houston, 77062. Call 281-488-0123 for directions if necessary.

Clarence Neil (Mike) Millican was born in Bisbee, Arizona on October 19,1923, the son of Rosa Crawford Millican and Joseph Aaron Millican.  Rosa and Joseph were born in San Saba Texas as was Mike’s older brother Tom.  The family moved from San Saba to Arizona for job opportunity in the copper mining industry.  Mike’s older brother,  Frank was also born in Bisbee, two years before Mike.  When the copper mining industry closed up, the family moved to a farm in Roswell, New Mexico in their 1931 Ford Model A.  When Mike was 9 years old his father passed away. With World War II raging, and  Mike turning 19 in 1942, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps where he was a flight maintenance gunner (teaching air plane gunners how to hit moving targets while they were moving).  He received the American Theater Good Conduct Medal and the Victory Medal WWII.  Mike was stationed near Hanford, California.  One day in 1945 a buddy of his asked him to go with him as his girlfriend was coming to town with a friend of hers.  Mike was introduced to Sybl (the friend) and as he put it, he was on “Cloud 9” and two months and three days later they were married.  Mike at this time was assisting the officers at the base.  Mike was transferred to Walla Walla, Washington,  then back to McClellan Field in California where he was discharged from the Army in February, 1946.  Where to now?  Neither Mike nor Sybl wanted to return to their hometowns so they decided to move to Shreveport.  When they first arrived there Mike met a traveling salesman who told him if he was a young man starting out he would go the Houston where there was a lot of opportunity.  So they moved to Houston. Mike worked during the day, and at night began his college education at the University of Houston followed by attending South Texas College of Law where he earned his law degree.  He passed the Bar Exam on the first try.  While he was going to school and after he became an attorney he started his career as a private investigator.  He was then appointed to the Federal Bar and practiced Maritime Law for Alamo Barge Lines to finish his career.  By the time Mike had graduated from college he had two children, Barbara and Larry, and right after his graduation Roger was born.  In 1978 Mike’s grandson,  Michael was born.  Mike enjoyed living in the Clear Lake area, especially the boating in the area.  He started with a 17 foot boat and ended with a 38 foot Pacemaker.  His favorite part of boating was just to drive the boats, even if there was no particular destination.  All you had to do was to suggest a boat ride and he was ready to go.  Mike is survived by his wife of 69 years, Sybl, his 3 children and their spouses, Barbara and Gary McCollum, Larry and Monica Millican, Roger and Renate Millican.  He is survived by his grandchildren, Michael Millican, Scott McCollum, Greg McCollum, and Cynthia McCollum Funderburk.  Mike was a wonderful and loving husband and father who worked hard, played hard and loved everybody and always had a smile for everyone he met.  A note from Mike:  I hope that when you think of me it will be with a smile remembering the good times we had.




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