Robert Bruce Munchausen

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November 07, 1953- April 12, 2015 League City, Texas

If you are reading this today, you will know that while I was home, I received my calling from God. I was surrounded by my brother Chris, my chocolate lab Sasha and my wife Laurel, each of us sharing peace and love. I was sick in body, but never in sprit; for I am a care giver designed by God. I have been blessed with a life time of friends some old, many new. Each processing their own human connection, wisdom and willingness to give of their selves. Meeting my wife, twenty three years ago, Laurel changed our lives forever. Our paths crossed numerous times, till at last we had our own encounter. Becoming friends and supportive allies, we found love along the way founded on trust, solid ground, respect and a willingness to commit. I was preceded in my passing by my parents Baron and Maxine and two brothers Butch and Baron. I am survived by my brother Chris, brother Barons, adult children, Anna, Gretta, Katrin and Eric. A stepmother Rebecca who became through years of caring dependable love my next mother, not step and her children Sabrina, Rebecca and Jason each having families of their own. My wife’s Laurel son Darryl and our grandchildren Eric and Jordan. Darryl became the son I never had but always wanted. A fine example of today’s generation having a heart of gold. Along with his children’s laughter, chatter and pure hearts I found never ending hope and joy. While employed with Texas workforce and Galveston Housing Authority I had the privilege of working alongside others who toiled daily for the underdog, often going the extra mile while learning the meaning of team work. Though out of my life I have learned that “living” is trying to be, who we have not yet become. ADIOS, BON VOVAGE, later——-. A memorial service will be held at 3:00pm, Saturday, April 25, 2015 at Crowder Funeral Home 1645 East Main Street (518) with Pastor Charles Dill officiating. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the Wounded Warrior Project, SPCA, or a charity of your choice. Thank you my friends for memories and lessons learned.


  1. Robert will be remembered for his compassion for those less fortunate. He was never too busy to lend a helping hand to a person in need. I have seen Robert take his own money to purchase lunch for someone who was hungry, provide transportation for friends who had no way to travel where they needed to be. Robert grew his hair and beard to provide wigs for children who lost their hair due to cancer treatment

    I worked with Robert at the Texas WorkSource and at the Galveston Housing Authority
    As the former Director of Human Resources I was never surprised when Robert would ask me to be the messenger to deliver a kindness to a fellow employee. He wanted to help others but insisted his gift be anamonoyus.

    Robert, you will be missed, my friend, my coworker.

    Randi Jensen
  2. Dearest Laurel,

    Wishing you and yours comfort and love during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we are here for you should you choose.We are no more than a phone call away,sweet friend.Our hearts mourn with you, and are saddened by your sudden loss.Our hearts and prayers go out to both you and your families.I feel it necessary to share with you that we have truly enjoyed our visits with you and Robert on occasion. He was truly an amazing person it seems to all he met.We have had the privilege to be witness to,and a participant of Robert’s fun loving, generous spirit, his laughter,and the inspiring way he loved you so much. The example of his love was very apparent and was magnified every time he looked you.It was certainly something to be admired and I will carry that sentiment with me always as a constant and gentle reminder of just how important,delicate, and precious the gift of life and love really is, and how it is never to be taken for granted. Though our times together we’re few and seldom, I can honestly say without hesitation that Robert truly made a lasting impression. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment with both you Laurel, and Robert to it’s fullest extent.One that we will remember with fondness and respect always. In our instance,visits were truly qualified rather than quantified with great measure to it’s effect.It has been an honor and privilege to be in his company and to share a few laughs together. His smile lit up the room whenever the two of you walked in together.Thank you allowing us the privilege of sharing time with you both. It has been a true blessing and privilege to be witness to all that Robert was and offered to all he met it seems. He will be thought of and missed. So today, especially,we will mourn his loss, but mostly, we will celebrate his life and remember him with a fondness for his kind spirit, laughter and generosity of heart and honor the love he had for you,his fellow man ,and for those less fortunate.Robert made a difference in this world, and continues to do so.We are thankful for his gracious offerings. Rest well Robert, and Godspeed.With love and kindness.XO

    Warmest Regards,

    Roni and Dave Derry

    Roni and Dave Derry
  3. I was saddened to read about Robert. I worked with Robert at the Worksource back in 1998 when I first returned to this area. I will never forget the kindness he extended to me. I knew that in him I had a friend on whom i could always count. I am sorry for your loss. this world has lost a fine man

    Emma Jaramillo
  4. Laurel and family,

    I knew Robert a lifetime ago in Clarkston MI. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Imagine my surprise that after all these years he lived in League City and I live only 65 miles away…

    Jodi Buchanan
  5. How I treasure my memories of Robert ( and Sabrina ) from our summer days at Culver. Being around Robert was like magic for a young me and Sabrina’s friendship was
    Ike the decoration on the icing on the cake! I just found this obit and nice photo – please know that your loss is with me.

    Darsha primich

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