Melva Lee Panting-Culp

culp 6-2015Melva Lee Panting-Culp, 76, was born on December 23, 1938 and passed away on June 19, 2015. She was preceded in death by her: parents, William and Neva Panting; husband, Earle Culp; daughter, Gale Sutton; and great grandson, Hunter Jackson. Surviving Melva are: 7 children; 20 grandchildren; 36 great grandchildren; and 8 great-great grandchildren.


  1. Oh Momma I know you aint with us no more in physical but you are with us in spirit. You fought a good fight til the end but papa wanted you with him. And GOD wanted a NEW ANGEL

    Eva Behle
    • I am sorry for your loss, can you tell me if Melva was the sister of Louis Panting that died in the 70’s? Was she born in Kansas?

      laurie eckels
  2. My condolences to the family of Mrs. Lee.

  3. Oh my momo I really miss u so much. U use to tell everyone that I’m your only special granddaughter. Because I’m different but u treat me just same. I truly miss u. I don’t want u gone but at same time I don’t want see u in pain and upset by confusing. I’m happy u finally rest and be with papa and aunt gale. We all doing good.. Please keep visiting sandi. I miss watch u spend lot of time with her.. Love see how u tell her everything. I have piece of u and papa and gale with me under my pillow every night knowing that u will always with me when I need you. U don’t know how much this mean lot to ave piece of u guys at least together. It been a month that u been gone. Of course it hurts me a lot but I manage get through just okay. I have mommy here to hold and see her through you.. I have ur feets and hardhead, am very proud of it lol. Ibreal real miss u momo. Patrick did wonderful things for us. He took care of u for us and brought pieces to us of you. That is so worth it. I thank God everyday that I been there by our side till it time but u frought so hard and not let me see u gone. U knew I wanted be here for u momo. I took pics of you to remember u by on the last day. I cherished it everyday bp matter what. I thank god I get to kiss u goodbye and u heard my voice.. Knew it will be ok and we will be all right. Please keep ur spirit visit us.. Escailly sandi! I know she ur favorite! I will make sure she will never forget u! I have so many pictures of u and sandi together to be remembered. I love u I love u I love u mono!!! Please tell papa and aunt gale we said hi and keep visit us!! Also please tell uncle Roy big big big hello! He still is part of our family! Mwah mwah mwah!

    anna aka ticia/tootie Culp
  4. Sorry to hear about your mom.Its late to hear,but doing family tree and wanted info.Godbless her and daddy may they finally be happy.I couldn’t do that as I was angry for being left behind.I do love you all.

    Marye Friedman

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