Lisa Morrow

lisa 2Lisa Christianna Morrow was born August 31, 1994 in Houston, Texas, the daughter of Daniel Barthell Morrow and Maria Blessing Morrow.  She was was received into Heavenly arms on March 27th, 2015 after a pedestrian accident.  A dear daughter and loved sister – she will be missed. Lisa was a vivacious, genuine young woman.  This tender flower had finally reached full bloom. She had overcome so many challenges and was happy and confident in her present goals and ambitious plans for the future. Lisa worked at  Baskin Robins where  she  was well known by her  faithful customers.  She was learning to drive and was soon to graduate from Clear Lake High School. She was excited about starting college and wanted to enter the medical field.  At 20 years of age, she had done more than many will do in their lifetime. She had enjoyed an active and exciting life as she traveled the world with her family in missionary service. She participated in many aspects of ministry and loved the fun and adventure of countless opportunities and experiences. Her excitement and youthful enthusiasm were contagious.  She believed she could accomplish anything and was willing to work hard to achieve her dreams. She touched the lives of those around her more than she could’ve ever known. From the classmates to store owners to crossing guards, Lisa was always making those around her smile and laugh, often surprising them with her talent and determination. Lisa’s influence reached far in the community and her passing is a painful loss to all who knew her. Lisa Morrow is survived by her parents, Daniel and Marie Morrow; her brother, DJ; two sisters, Chalsey and Kristy; four grandparents, Craig and JoAnne Leppo,  John Lee and Ann Johnson; and many caring aunts, uncles and cousins.

A celebration of her short but vibrant life will be held on Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 11:00 am in the Crowder Funeral Home Chapel in Webster.  Her body will be laid to rest in the Grand View Memorial Park Cemetery in Pasadena, but her spirit will be set free to fly with the angels.


  1. Dear Daniel and Marie: I am so sorry that you lost your beautiful ANGEL! I treasure the times she attended our Starlight Brigade events. Marie told me that Lisa was making wonderful progress. Both of you get the credit for how well she was doing, and how independent she was becoming! I can only imagine the pain your family is enduring, and I’m so sorry for all of you. Lisa was one of our special children, too. I will always remember her sweet, sweet smile! I told Marie that I’m sure Lisa’s life will be an inspiration to many of our special-needs individuals – Marie will make that happen in her own special way, when the time is right.

    Bernadette Elkins, ASD Houston Autism
  2. Dearest Daniel, Marie, DJ, Chalsey,and Kristy, it will be a very hard moment, but I know God will leading you to get through it, Lisa will always be with us, always stay in our memories, miss you guys, also feel sorry I can’t stay with you now, but always pray for your family, love you.


  4. ear Family Morrow:
    It’s been a year already since she has gone. A great spirit will always be shining there for every love ones of the family Morrow.
    I wrote this letter to family Morrow a year ago when the tragedy happened. I don’t know if her ever received and ever read trough. This is my support and the best regards to the Family Morrow always remains in my prayers to the family of Lisa.
    The letter was wrote to motivate the class that Lisa was with me and also to support the family morrow emotionally.
    Here the letter goes …
    Lisa Morrow

    Everyone is this room knew Lisa Morrow as the girl that always got on time in class, as a good and also responsible person, I did not have a close relationship with her the whole time that she was here sharing with us.
    Last Monday, I got on shock when I realize that a partner of my class was gone the pass Friday, March 27. If we look what’s around us, we can find out that our environment that in the end of all the year each of us become part of a great part of an amazing day, but sometimes we are not noticing that our closer people can somehow be the closet people from who count for, whenever you need something. So what I’m saying with this, is the fact all the people that you care about, just value them, keep them alive emotionally. Sometimes even when we don’t have a close relationship with our partner’s witch for others means just the people that you know their names; those people that you may think they acting weird with you or something awkward to you, but eventually, you don’t know what’s the actual reason behind that. or why? You cannot just ask them and being like:” Hey what’s wrong with you?”
    But do you all want to know what you can do for them?
    Tell to the people that you interact with everyday at least one time of the day that thanks for are there, even when they don’t do anything for you, be appreciate with them, even when you know that you did the whole work and they didn’t do anything, let them know somehow that you’re glad to have them into your life. Become their hope at least saying that you’re there for them, even when you feel that they don’t care about you. You can save someone’s day!
    The most important thing here is if we’re going through darkness situations, no matter how hard you think that things can get today. There’s always time and space to share your difficulties, right away. We all are humans and when you feel that the world now is against you, and whenever you feel that the no one is on your position.
    Here’s someone to share feelings with and always wants the wellness on your life even when you tell me to walk away. Anything that you want to share I’m not going to judge you; I’m actually going to be on your shoes and hold you up, that’s what I’m here for.
    You can be someone else’ hope…

    My Prayers are going to Family Morrow.

    Gaspar D’Armata

    Gaspar D'Armata
    • Dear*

      Note: Thanks for such as great time she spend with all us!
      Family Morrow, you always will have a support…

      Gaspar D'Armata

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