Jon Townsend Senderling, Jr.

Jon Townsend Senderling, Jr.

May 9, 1966 – May 2, 2022

If there were a word to describe Jon Townsend Senderling (May 9, 1966—May 2, 2002) it’d be one of a kind. OK, that’s four words but I was never any good at math. I don’t know if Jon was any good at math, either, but he was good—sometimes very good—at about everything else. Especially, when it came to his creative pursuits: music, art, writing, and even filmmaking (how “Where’s Uncle Mikey 2” never got a nod from the Academy is a travesty).

My abiding image of Jon is with a guitar strapped over his shoulder or sitting down at a piano playing an original song or something by The Beatles (his fave) or Elton John or any number of other artists he loved. Outside of his family and friends, music was his life and this passion brought him in contact with many musicians and lovers of music, all of whom remained friends with him, from those early days at Plano Senior High School and the University of North Texas all the way to today.

My other abiding image of Jon is smiling and laughing and joking. His sense of humor bordered on the absurd, nourished by watching Monty Python at an early age. He had an endless parade of internal characters and voices with which to draw from; whatever role he assumed, you could be sure he put his whole heart and soul into it. He loved performing on stage, not only for the joy it brought him but for the joy it brought the audience.

That’s another thing: Jon cared deeply for his family and friends and would do anything for them. His last great selfless act was to set up a GoFundMe Fund for an ailing friend to help pay hospital expenses, taking the time not only to set up the page but to create a wonderfully moving video to explain the urgent need. He was never farther away than a telephone call, even if he was in Australia (true story involving alcohol on my end). Months may have passed since we’d last talked, but time’s passage was never evident in our conversations (just our hairlines).

Even though he was a kid at heart (rock ’n’ roll keeps you young; what else explains Keith Richards?), when his dreams of being a professional musician didn’t pan out, Jon recognized his responsibilities and had a very successful career as a team builder with over 20 years experience in telecom management, working for both AT&T and Shell to name but a few of the companies fortunate to have had him.

Jon was a devoted and doting father; he understood how important family was, a trait passed down from his own parents, Jon Sr. and Betty. But he extended his blood family to his closest friends, and you always felt a part of that crazy loving family of Philadelphians.

When he moved to Houston, Jon became an important and beloved member of the Timber Cove neighborhood, christening boats, leading parades, and, of course, playing music at neighborhood parties.

Jon was an engaging, intelligent, hilarious, creative, loving, and thoughtful man. I only knew him 40 years but our bond was deep and profound. I’ve lost other friends, but none have affected me quite the same way. The pain is still real but so are the good memories. From our teenage years (better say nothing about them), our college years (better say nothing about them, too), and into our more mature years, my memories of Jon will help banish the agony of his loss.

Jon is survived by his children: Sean Senderling, Dylan Senderling, Jules Senderling, and Samantha Senderling and their mothers, Nadine Senderling and Devin Rose Senderling. He is also survived by his sister, Tracy Aukes, and her husband John, and their children, Chris Aukes and Nathaniel Aukes. In addition, he is survived by many beloved cousins throughout the US. Lastly, he is survived by a rag-tag group of freaks and geeks who are proud to call Jon a life-long friend.

A memorial service for Jon Senderling will be held on June 4 at 11:00 a.m. at Seabrook United Methodist Church, 3300 Lakeside Dr., Seabrook, TX 77586. We will have a reception following; details to be provided at funeral service. Please BYOB and bring a dish to share. We will have time to share memories and music of some sort, along with TastyKakes food. Please do not park at the house or in the driveway. Parking will be at Robinson Elementary across the street. You can walk to the house or we will provide a shuttle.

Jon was an advocate for struggling musicians and gave to organizations throughout the years to help assist musicians in need. We would request that in lieu of flowers, to please consider a donation to the Houston Music Foundation. This foundation is a crisis relief fund created to help the city’s musicians and music industry workers in times of need. Please make checks out to Artists for Artists (please notate that funds are designated for the “Houston Music Foundation in memory of Jon Senderling” in the memo section) and mail to 1101 Elder Street #401, Houston, TX 77007.

Obituary lovingly crafted by his good friend, Simon Martin


  1. I still don’t know what to say aside from I love you Dad.

    Sean Senderling
  2. Paul, Wendy, Sean, and Shannon Reilly send their love to all of the Senderling family! We are so sorry for the loss of Jon, and we will keep him and all of you in our prayers! We have many great memories of Jon with Dylan and “Baby Sean,” and our hearts are grieving with you all💔

    Wendy Reilly
  3. I am praying for peace and comfort during this difficult time for the Senderling family. Keep your memories of him close to you. God is close to the broken hearted and he is with you.

    Joyce Johnson
  4. As very good friends of Jon Sr. and Betty Senderling, we had the privilege of knowing Jon Jr starting in his infant days and continuing through the years until his untimely death. Although he lived many of his years far away from the Philadelphia area he never forgot us and made many a trek with his family to join our old crowd in Ocean City NJ for a week of Ocean, Beach, and Boo ….er, Adult Beverages.
    We will miss you, Jon

    Bonnie and Paul Roberts

    paul roberts
  5. So very well written, you nailed it.

    Jon was always the life of the party. This is the end of an era.

    From the moment my husband and I met Jon we just clicked. Imagining life without his own brand of chaos, is just so hard.

  6. My parents (Bonnie and Paul Roberts) said it perfectly above, but as usual – or at least when it comes to family – I have to throw my two cents in as well. And that is exactly what Jon has always been to me .. family. I never, until now, knew a life without him. The adventures we had, the laughs we shared, the endless conversations about music lit up those glorious days and many OLOTW Spaghetti Dinners in Ocean City.
    My heart is broken, so I am not sure what is worth, but it goes out to the rest of Jon’s family, friends and loved ones.

    Jen (Roberts) Parker

    Jennifer Parker
  7. So sorry for your loss.
    Peace and Blessings.
    Sheryl Kathryn Hussey and Family.

    Sheryl Hussey
  8. I met Jon 10 months back through work. Over the course of that time, we worked closely on a project together. He was exactly the type of person you would want on your team. He was sharp, open to ideas, supporter of coworkers, and a mentor to many. Its still a bit hard to reconsile the loss in my mind since we had never met in person. He will definitely be missed.

    Deepest condolences to his friends and family.

    Stephen Burnside
  9. Deepest condolences to his friends and family. A great colleague. Always a funny comment or gentle word.

  10. Responsible, gentle, intelligent, generous & kind – you will be missed, my friend.

    Chee Seng
  11. On behalf of the entire Global Cisco Account Team, we send our deepest and heartfelt condolences to Jon’s family, his Shell family and to all his friends. He was an amazing person to work with and he had contacts with us on both side of the Atlantic depending on the projects he was leading. Jon was a true professional and will be sorely missed. It is still very hard for all of us to wrap our minds around the suddenness of this. Prayers of strength and comfort to all in the weeks and months to come as everyone navigates this great loss.

    David Kelly
  12. He was my Best Friend and Brother. This will never leave me. Forever I will miss him.

    Eric Byro
  13. *Our entire family loved you- especially my dad, rest his soul. He would be extremely sad to hear this news, he adored you- but hopefully you’ll meet up at his heavenly fishing spot, sit a spell. You were very loved but all who knew you. A legacy most don’t have the honor of having. God speed to my son in law. Love, JO

    Julie O
  14. I’m part of that “not blood” crazy loving family of Philadelphians. My mom loved Jon like the brother she never had.
    My heart goes out to the entire Senderling crew. Jon will be missed more than words can say.

    Katie Flowers
  15. In my 47 years on Earth, I’ve not met another human as genuinely kind, caring & thoughtful as Jon. His light made this world brighter. I hope those who he touched will continue to shine his light in this world.

    Justin Franz
  16. Jon, you are so loved and missed. I am so grateful to know you, and to have had such beautiful and hilarious conversations with you. Thank you for caring so deeply and sincerely for my family during our loss of my father. We bonded over grief, and here we are grieving you. But as you said in your text to me, “I think as humans we have a distinct sense of time. So in our stories and movies all the parts have to make sense, but time doesn’t exist to God. Meanwhile humans try to deal with things and force them to make sense, but there’s no way we can see it from where we stand. We don’t understand the reason, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t one.- Deep thoughts of a man who just had a shower :)” Love you and your babies always.

    Laura Osborn

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