Gladys Merchant

Gladys MerchantMattie Gladys Merchant of Hitchcock, TX passed away April 5, 2014. She was born in Mountainburg, Arkansas March 15, 1924. Gladys worked for American National Insurance Co. of Galveston for forty years, where she was office manager. She was a member of Mainland Assembly of God Church in Hitchcock, TX where served as secretary-treasurer for over 20 years.

Gladys is survived by daughters, Agnes Richer and husband, Raymond, daughter, Kathryn G. Rider and husband James; Sister, violet C. Walker; brother Leslie Guy and wife Mildred; Numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, devoted friends and family who loved her dearly and will greatly miss her and her beloved tiny Chihuahua “Bella”.


  1. Please accept my condolences on your loss.

    Frank Ward
  2. My dearest Gladys, Bella and I were just sitting out in the sunshine reminiscing of the many hours we shared on your front porch…so hard to believe you aren’t there anymore…how we both miss you, but knowing you are at home with our Lord does give us peace…you were a joy to me these last few years. Hey, put in a good word for me up there, ok? Love, Molly and Bella

    mm ellison
  3. Gladys was my friend, what is a friend? Well I will tell you, she was a person who would be there for you at any time. She listened to me when I needed an ear , she cried with me when I cried. Most of all we celebrated God’s gracious gifts when He bestowed them upon us. She welcomed my great grandchildren and every other wonderful thing that happens in life, she was a true saint of God who lived her life on this earth as He would have liked. I will sadly miss her as she would call me every night at 9 O’clock and say “This is our time”. She was my friend and, if you could have only known her she would have been your friend too. She loved to talk about the Lord because He was her friend also. Pat Craig

    Pat Craig
  4. Gladys was my friend. What is a friend? I will tell you…she was there for me in joyful times and in sorrowful times.. She always had an ear to listen to me, cried with me when I cried, laughed with me when I laughed. She welcomed my 2 great grandbabies into the world and other wonderful things the happened in life. She was a true Saint of God. She lived her life the way God would be proud of. She was my friend, and if you could have known her, she would have been your friend also, she was like that. I will sadly miss her because every night at 9 o’clock she would call and say “this is our time” and yes, she was my friend, and I do miss her. And she was God’s friend also. Love, Pat

    Pat Craig
  5. Sis was more than a sister, she was my second Mom from my birth, my best
    friend and my prayer pardner. As a young child, I jumped from a window and
    fractured my collar bone. She was the first on the scene and gathered me into
    her arms. When my husband went to be with our Lord, she was here and
    stayed with me. One of the best prayer meetings ever was at her small kitchen
    table, just the two of us in the presence of God. Many prayers were answered.
    She was truly a prayer warrior and loved God with all her heart. She loved to
    share His Word with everyone she met and His love flowed through her to
    those around her.
    I miss you, Sis. Good bye for now, I’ll see you later.
    Your loving sister, Vie

    Vie Walker
  6. My condolences for the loss. I know no words may be of comfort for the loss of a loved one. We will pray for your healing and comfort in the years to come. I know everyone who new Gladys will also miss her wisdom and time together as well as those who’s lives change for knowing her. I know that it seems we will not be with our loved ones for a while but this with faith I can say,” as surely as Christ is Risen (luke 24: 5-7) we will see our family in Heaven as well as be reunited with all our loved one”.

    Pablo Castellano

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