Arcadia Schaeper

Arcadia Schaeper, 86, was born on December 16, 1936, and passed away December 10, 2022. After 65 years together on our blessed journey Arcadia reached her final destination. She was born in Munich Germany and settled in Biloxi Mississippi to be with her husband who was serving in the Air Force. She was the mother of two sons, grandmother of 6 grandchildren and great-grandchildren of two angels. Her exceptional mind is now at peace. She was one of the few early women who were accepted to the University Of Florida School Of Law. Arcadia was a generous donor to hospitals for handicapped children and was a strong local advocate and leader on behalf of the mentally disadvantaged. As a world traveler she was a prolific writer about the subtleties of the places she had visited. Arcadia was one of the last holocaust survivors.

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