Robert Martin

Robert Martin passed away on July 4, 2016 after a courageous battle with cancer.  Born in Detroit, MI, on July 22, 1942 he is survived by his devoted wife of 52 years, Carol; son, Danny and numerous family members who loved him dearly.  A memorial service in celebration of his life will be held on Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 6:00 pm.  Crowder Funeral Home, Webster, TX.



  1. A beautiful Memory, dearer than gold
    Of a Uncle whose worth can never be told
    There’s a place in my heart no one can fill
    I Miss you, Uncle, and always will.

    I always remember the day trips antiquing at flea markets with you and Aunt Carol on my visits to Michigan and the day we spent at Round Top when you moved to Texas. The four of us had so much fun that day! The “Laurie Parlor,” as you so named it, is filled with special finds from those trips. Especially dear to me are the nick-knacks you picked out for me over the years – a sentimental reminder of what a sweet man you were. I’ll see again one day Uncle Bob, let’s meet on the “6th floor….”

    You’ll remain in my heart always!
    Love you,

    Laurie Quinn
  2. He will be sorely missed by the gang at work. He was a good conversationalist as well as a listener. He had a pleasant demeanor and always a kind word. I for one will miss his presence.

    “But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?”
    Albert Camus

    Vince Villasenor
  3. Bob and I were elated when Carol Ann (my sister) and Bob (same name as my husband) moved down here to be with our family and with our mom. The house they bought is in the same neighborhood as ours. How lucky could we be to have them right around the corner!!

    And so grateful that we were able to spend time with Bob and Carol Ann for holidays, day trip antiquing, dinners out and pleasant conversations at each others’ homes. Even though Bob is not with us physically, we will still carry that on with my sister and their son, Danny, and know that Bob is with us “in spirit” and listening to every word said.

    Bob liked to skip over to our house at night for a few minutes to shoot the breeze with my Bob and I know my guy is heartbroken that his pal won’t be at the door anymore. Those night time talks will surely be missed.

    Our little grandchildren would see him rounding the corner in his truck and they would get excited to see him. He always had something in his hand to give them. Usually a piece of candy or a few pennies. One day when he was visiting on our porch, he heard the ice cream truck coming and asked one of our little ones if she wanted an ice cream. Naturally she said “yes” and she never forgot that her “Uncle Bob” ,as she called him, got her a treat. Of course after that she was “always” looking for a treat when she saw him.

    He would always make our Blake and Dylan laugh when he walked in the door – talking about school, vehicles, girls and of course their party days.

    Here was a man always willing to help anyone with any project they had or any work that had to be done. A man willing to share his time, even when he got sick. A man pleasant to be around with that twinkle in his eyes and that contagious smile on his face.
    A man that courageously led a fight with not just one terrible disease but two. He fought till the very end but God had other plans for him. “He” wanted him Home.

    He will be always be here, with all of us, wherever we are.
    Bob and Barbara, Dylan and Blake

    Bob and Barbara Clacher
  4. Aunt Carol and Danny,
    We love you guys and are praying for peace in you hearts and because God was in control, He was “in need of an angel”. Uncle Bob is looking down and watching over you with that heartwarming smile of his.

    I appreciate more than anything how Uncle Bob treated me with such kindness and of course Layne and Lia. He always seemed to put a huge smile on Lia’s face.

    We will miss you but in our hearts will know that you are still with all of us.
    Love, Cassy, Layne, and Lia

    Layne, Cassy, Lia
  5. A sunny day with blue skies and a Nascar race
    His El Camino, that’s the car I remember. Purple?
    His flannel shirt, a big belt buckle, jeans, cowboy boots and his hard working hands
    The smell of a wood burning stove, or the sound of a Police scanner reminds me of the house on Powers.
    That huge projection TV, the biggest one I had ever seen.
    I love the way he said “Annie Carol” as if there was no “T” in Auntie.
    I love that he always greets me with a smile, and a “Hey Bon Bon”
    I love that he was always there for me, from the day I was born, till I had my own babies and beyond
    He never misses the important stuff.
    He always told me I was his “favorite niece” and makes me feel every bit that I am ‘his favorite’. But I know we are all his favorite nieces. It was fun to catch him saying it to Nancy or Laurie. Busted!
    I love that when he laughs, his whole body laughs, he has a fun laugh, almost childish, a little snicker
    Whenever I see him, he would always say how nice it was to see me, He would invite me over,” stop in anytime” he would say, “would love to see you”. I know he meant it.
    Uncle Bob, I would love to see you again. I am glad that you are not in pain, or suffering, but you are, and always will be, missed by me.

    Bon Bon

    Bonnie Tabaczynski
  6. I’ll always remember that summer we went to visit in Michigan. Uncle Bobby played Skip-Bo with me at the kitchen table all morning and let me eat as many molasses cookies as I wanted. He was kind-hearted and loved dearly by each of us. We will miss his jokes, his smile, and his presence greatly but I feel blessed that he has been a part of mine and my family’s lives.
    Katie, Trevor, and Rhyder
    Katie Huddleston, Dickinson, TX

    Katie Huddleston
  7. This sweetest man I ever knew! Every time I saw him, he would say, “How are you doing Deb, How’s Thomy doing? A man that would give you the shirt off his back, that smile was so contagious. We will miss you Uncle Bobby… I hope you are resting now as you fought so hard.

    Debby Lawyer

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