Michael Lawrence Santilli

Santilli New Pic jpgMichael Lawrence Santilli
2-15-1962 – 10-29-2014
Mike was the son of Lawrence Santilli (deceased) and Marlene Colella; brother of Lorene Peirce (Jack) and Nancy DeAngelo (Anthony), and uncle to Evan, Ella and Alex Peirce, and had many cousins.
Originally from the Chicago area, Mike lived in Texas for the past 32 years. He worked as an Electrical Maintenance/Operator on production platforms for 27 years.
He was an avid fisherman, spending many hours on his boat on Dickinson Bayou with his friends. Mike was also a sports enthusiast; a loyal fan of the Chicago Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, and Bulls.
His mother, sisters, brothers-in-law, niece, nephews, aunts, cousins and friends will miss him and will find comfort in knowing he is now at peace.
Memorial Services will be in Dickinson, TX at Crowder Funeral Home, 851 FM 517 Rd. W. on Saturday, November 15th at 11:00 am. In Chicago on Saturday December 13th at 11:00 am, at St. Matthias Church, 2310 W. Ainslie Avenue.
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  1. Mike was my dearest friend. He was from Chicago and I was from Saint louis we both moved here to Texas when we were 19 years old. 33 yrs.ago.We instantly became good friends.Mike was a wonderful person. He was a kind , loving , compassionate man. We had a lot of great times,fun,happy times together! We shared our lives our friends and my children’s Olivia and Grahams lives as well . Mike was a happy man who always had a big smile! He loved life.Mike had a lot of friends everyone whoever meet Mike liked, loved him.Mike will be dearly missed by many. God blessed me with a with a truly wonderful friend who will live in my heart forever.I love him dearly!
    My deepest sympathy to his mother Marlene and Mikes family.

    Love always Ada , Olivia and Graham

    Ada Harris
  2. I’m sorry to hear of Mike’s passing. I didn’t know him,but if he is anything like his mother, I’m sure he was wonderful person. May he rest in peace and all who knew him find comfort in the happy memories.

    Emily Calvo
  3. We will all miss you buddy ! R.I.P.

    Jay Bronas
  4. Sending prayers from Southern California…xoxo
    Mike now has the best seating in the house for every sports venue!
    We love you, Marlene! God bless you and your family…
    The Krum Family

    Lisa Krum
  5. Mike and I have known each other for over 40 years. Starting as friends/neighbors in Dolton, through our times in Texas. Mike was always so full of life. He loved sports, fishing, and playing pool. He was always passionate about everything. At least once a year, Mike would get away and spend the weekend with us and always brought his boat. He was so darn proud of that boat.

    Mike will be forever missed, but he will always be in our thoughts and memories.

    Gary and Susan Summers

    Gary Summers
  6. I’ll miss you buddy! I’m going to wear your Bulls jersey with pride and your cap! I’ll keep it forever, and I’ll keep rooting for the Bulls here in Texas!!

    Graham Harris
  7. Mike and My Husband Dennis Knight worked together off shore, I met Mike thru them. He will be greatly missed, I can remember him taking us fishing on his boat a many of times. even if he didn’t catch fish, the boat rides where always AWESOME…. We Dennis my son’s and I would always come over to Mike house and he would be Jamming to his Heavy Metal Music.. Mettalica was his favorite old school band…. and If you knew Mike he would be watching Two Football games at once while jamming to his music…. He also loved working in his yard. He loved his trees and plants…. We are gonna miss him so so much.He was my husbands fishing buddy and a longtime good friend….. We send our dearest dearest sympathy to his family Rest in Peace our dear friend , you are so missed. Dennis and Kimberly Knight and the boys Cody and Dolan Wall….

    Kimberly Ann Kenworthy Knight
  8. I was saddened to hear of Mikes’ passing. My condolences to his family & friends. I will miss his joyous smile and laughter as one of my last minute tax clients. Rest in peace.

    Sue Money
  9. Mike was a fine young man who will be dearly missed. We so enjoyed seeing him when he came up to Lake Conroe for fishing visits with our sons, Gary and Bob, who were his buddies from childhood days in Dolton, Illinois. Our deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

    Lorrie and Ben Summers

    Lorrie Summers
  10. Mike was one of my closest and best friends that I had for life. When we moved to Dolton Illinois in 1967, we immediately became friends with a family that lived behind us, in that family was a boy named Mike that would eventually become my best friend. Between little league, neighborhood pool parties, high school and everything after, Mike and I were like brothers. We had so many wonderful and great times together, whether going to Genesis concerts, fishing in lake Conroe or the bay, Mike was truly a special friend. I miss Mike, his smile, his humor. He was a kind and compassionate person. I am sure he is in heaven and at peace. Love you Mike. I will always remember you. My condolences to his family and friends.

    Bob Summers
  11. To be sure, I was Mikes favorite Irish cousin-in-law. I met Mike when he was only 17 years old. I was engaged to one of his older Colella cousin’s Bob (now my husband of 35 years). I lived with my parents in Riverdale, the town just next door to Dolton. The night I met Mike was when Bob brought him over to meet me along with another cousin David. He met my Dad too, who was a real Irish stereotype of a character. We sat on our front porch all night long telling stories , laughing, toasting, and singing Irish and Italian songs. Mike was such a great, happy, young man. We all had a great time that night. Soon he was gone to Texas but we never forgot that night. Peace be with you Mike.

    Below is an Irish blessing, for Mike and his family.

    “May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    And the rains fall soft upon your field,
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

    Marianne Colella
  12. I am saddened to hear of Mikes passing. I was his step daughter. I saw him 3 years ago and we talked for a while. I will miss him so much. RIP Mike I will always love you.

    Miranda henson
  13. I will miss you will always love you .we had a great 11 years together. RIP I will see you again.Marlene, Nancy,Lorene so sorry for your loss.

    Amanda Anderson
  14. So sorry to hear of Mike’s untimely passing. Mike and I spent most of our high school lives together. 1000’s of hours playing pool in the basement on Oak St., fishing at the Ike’s, pick up baseball games on Sunday at Thornridge Field and getting into whatever trouble kids did in the the 70’s. My sincere condolences to Marlene, all his family and friends. Although we did not see each other much since then, when we did we always picked where we left off. These things Mike taught me, how to hook a night crawler perfect so a Large Mouth Bass could not resist it, no matter where the cue ball is you always have a shot ( 3 rails in the side pocket still amazes me), a great car stereo is important, turn the bass all the way up when listening to Genesis and how to be a good friend. Mike, rest in peace, I will miss you.
    p.s. to all his friends in Texas. Mike made cowboy boots cool in Dolton IL long before he moved there.

    Dennis Reis
    • Dennis, Mike’s Memorial Service here in Chicago will be on Saturday, December 13th. It will be at St. Matthias Church, 2310 W. Ainslie Avenue, 60625. I thought you might want to know.

      Thanks for your beautiful comments.


      Marlene Colella
    • By the way, it will be at 11 a.m.


      Marlene Colella
  15. I met Mike when I moved to TX in 1984. He was one of my neighbors and quickly became one of my best friends. We always got together for football Sundays to cussed & discussed each others teams. I also spent a Lot of time on his Rajin Cajun out in the bay or up Dickenson bayou. We spent a lot of good times together and I’ll miss his smiling face. We for the most part lost touch for the last 10 years or so with me moving across town and starting a family, but I’ll always remember the good times and the mischief that me, him & Ronny would get into. You will be missed Mike, keep smiling! God speed.

    Louis Daviet
  16. Mike was a friend for over 30 yrs. Not many people have the pleasure of a friendship that long, esp. in Houston. I picture him smiling. I guess that’s how i always saw him. R.I.P

    Patrick Sloan
  17. My fondest memory of Mike is from an old super 8 movie taken at a family Christmas party when all the cousins were very young and Gramdma Colella was handing out our Christmas envelopes. Mike opened his envelope and held is money like it was gold – waving it to the camera with the biggest, biggest smile on his face. He had to be maybe 4-5 years old. Every time I watch that old, old video – I see that smiling little guy…with his big $3 bucks!! Love and prayers to Aunt Marlene, Lorene and Nancy.

    Cousin Chris Colella
  18. I can’t begin to express my sorrow over the loss of Mike. He was such a good person. We had so much in common. We went fishing, played billiards, listened to some good music, shared our backgrounds, and best of all, watched sports. There were times when I needed help and I could call him and he would be there for me. And I was there for him. He will always have a place in my heart.


    Tracy Miles
  19. Mike wad my younger cousin.Marlene {Aunt M} & my father were siblings. I was Mike’s confirmation sponsor. My sister Avandra & I loved visiting Mike & his sisters.at their parents home.Mike & I would wrestle & horse around all the time. Those images that cousins Chris & Maryann wrote about are still vivid in my mind. Add lots of Birthday and Holiday parties wedding & receptions socializing you see we had a rich family life. My wife Theresa & I spent time with Mike last year and when he came into town in 2012. We had a great visit with Mike & his family at Tony & Nancy’s home some time ago. I never went fishing with Mike —NO REGRETS he asked me all the time to come to visit—just knowing that makes me damn proud to be his cousin…….

    Dave Colella
  20. Mike had a great love for his family and friends. Whenever he would come to Chicago to visit with his family, he always made time to stop and visit with me so we could catch up on our lives. He was a true friend for life and I will miss him so very much. He was like a brother to me. God bless you Mike and your entire family. With much love and sympathy,
    Dan and Maureen Carey and family

    Dan Carey
  21. Mike was my younger cousin by 5 years as we both were born on February 15 (his Mom, my Aunt Marlene is also my Godmother). I have many memories of Mike and most are from childhood to young adults. One of the instances I will share here. My Uncle Ava had passed away and the family had gathered at Aunt Ann’s house after the funeral to drink a few ‘pops’ and reminisce of Ava’s life. Mike and I were in a corner having a couple when for some reason, I don’t remember, the conversation turned to cows. Mike then when on to tell me and whoever was listening that in Texas there were ‘Blue Cows’. Well this lead to a lot of kidding of Mike about this, but he would not give up on that the cows in Texas were Blue or had a Blue tint. Finally, my Aunt Marlene grabbed him and said ‘Mike, cut it out about the F** Blue Cows. I couldn’t help but laugh and laugh. I could not believe when I heard of Mike’s illness and when I was told of his passing, one of the first things to pop into my head was ‘Blue Cows’ and a smile came across my face. Rest well my cousin until we meet again.

    Bob Colella

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