Margaret Ann Kayser

Margaret Ann Kayser, 78, passed away on January 27, 2024, in The Woodlands, TX. She was born on October 7, 1945, in Toledo, OH on the feast of the Most Holy Rosary; she had a great devotion to the Rosary all her life. She attended the historic Mary Manse College for women in Toledo for two years. She moved to Texas in 1998 to live with her sister and brother-in-law, Joseph and Irene Slovak, and spent the remaining twenty-five years of her life in Texas. During her time there, she helped run a Catholic bookstore and enjoyed reading and traveling. Above all, she devoted much of her time to praying for her family, for all of the intentions confided to her, and especially for priests. Her Catholic Faith was truly the center of her life. The last of a generation of the Kayser family, she will be greatly missed by the many nieces, nephews, and friends who hold her dear.

Margaret was preceded in death by her parents, Irene and Frank Kayser, and by her siblings, Richard, Frank, Edward, and Irene.

A Rosary will be said for the repose of her soul on Monday, February 5th at 8:30 am at Stella Maris Catholic Chapel (1131 Delaney Rd., La Marque, Texas 77568). A Requiem Mass will be celebrated at 9:00 am with burial following at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.


  1. Family of Margaret Kayser
    I am so sorry that Margaret had such a hard ending to her life. She struggled so much with her eyes and her teeth.
    I always thought she missed her calling by not being a nun. She certainly looked the part. But she said that was ever on her “to do” list – and we all know if Margaret didn’t want to, Margaret didn’t do it – whatever it was!
    She was a pain, a delight, and an all- around devoted, loving individual!
    I know our Lord delights in her presence with him. AAND SHE CAN SEE!
    Praise God!
    Sara Rising, her friend

    Sara Rising
  2. Julie Voelkel and family:
    My sympathy to all of you who knew Margaret. I am the daughter in-law of Frank and Eileen Kayser. I married Christopher (Chris), their third child. I used to write letters to Margaret, and lost track of her once Joe and Irene passed. She was a delight and I enjoyed our letters, phone calls and visits when she came to Iowa. I would appreciate if you would contact me. I would like to visit with you about Margaret. My email is on this form. If not contact Joe Kayser, who forwarded this to us. He has my contact information. Again our sympathies to all, blessings to you
    Renee Kayser

    Renee Kayser
    • Dear Renee,
      Thank you for leaving a message. My number is 832 434 4506. I am exercising most mornings and free most afternoons. I would love to talk with you.
      Julie Voelkel

      Julie Voelkel
  3. As you know, Irene & I were close friends but more like sisters, so when Margaret came to live with her I was privileged to have another dear friend & sister. Margaret always greeted everyone with a big smile and open heart but she also had a fierce sense of justice which I loved about her. She was pretty intelligent & always spoke her mind. With all of her health problems, I never really heard her complain or be bitter. She accepted her lot & offered up her sufferings. She was my go to if I needed prayer. I’ll miss her and regret that I did not call her more often! May she rest in peace with the Holy Family! Bye Margaret…love Sue.

    Sue Broussard
  4. Dear Julie, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for accompanying Aunt Margaret during the final years of her journey. She loved you dearly. Having known Aunt Margaret all of our lives, she will be deeply missed. She and Aunt Irene were always so kind to us since we were little kids, and we soaked up the attention they lovingly gave us. The bond was, and is, very deep. The accident in 1962 sent us all reeling with the death of our grandparents and the terrible injuries that Aunt Irene and Aunt Margaret sustained. When I think of resilience, I think of them and how they managed to rebuild their lives. Margaret’s vision was originally damaged when she was born prematurely and was placed in an incubator with oxygen. The damage done by too much oxygen was the cause of an “epidemic of blindness” that affected thousands of premies during the 1940s and early 1950s before the cause was finally discovered. Even after suffering additional vision loss due to traumatic glaucoma stemming from the 1962 accident, Margaret forged on to make her way in life. In her 70s, she amazed everyone with her successful embrace of technology despite her visual limitations. She mastered her iPad and smartphone and found Ask Siri to be a super tool. Our reason for telling this history is that Margaret was truly inspiring but also so stoic that she might not have shared the history with everyone. We will miss her love, phone conversations, talking about family history, texting about sports, but especially texting each other goodnight. May our beloved Aunt Margaret rest in peace with all the loved ones who preceded her. She left an indelible impression with the love she shared with family and her very dear friends.

    Jean and Mary Kayser
  5. Dear Julie and family,
    Thank you for taking such loving care of Margaret during her illness, I am sure you were a great comfort to her. Margaret did not have an easy life, losing her parents in such a horrible accident, her and Irene being injured, having to make several moves was hard for a young girl. I was happy when she stayed with us so she could finish high school. She was very smart and determined. I was very happy for her when she moved with Irene and Joe. I know she worked in a bookstore and kept busy. Our birthdays are a week apart and she was always the first one to message me a birthday greeting. I will truly miss that. She had a killer smile that lit up her face.
    I will be praying the rosary with you tomorrow morning at 8:30. May her soul rest in peace. Love, Kathy

    Kathy Cousino
  6. To all of Margaret’s extended family, my deepest sympathy.
    Many of you I never, personally met, but knew that Margaret loved you all dearly.
    I’m going to miss my dear friend. I will always remember the time we shared @ Mary Manse,
    May Pandrea ( Canton, Ohio)

    Mary Pandrea
  7. Dear Aunt Margaret will be forever in our memories and hearts.

    Catherine Kayser

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