Kristian Dirk Hegman

Kristian Dirk Hegman, 54, of Dickinson, Texas, passed away February 4, 2017, at his home.  Dirk was born September 12, 1962 to Janice and Neil Hegman in Houston Texas.  Dirk was a machinist for Flexitallic.  Dirk was a man that lived life to the fullest with no regrets. He was a jokester who loved to laugh and make others laugh with him.  Dirk loved music, movies, fishing and kayaking, especially in his beloved Galveston Bay. Dirk passed away with a smile on his face.  Dirk was preceded in death by his father, sister Courtney Hegman and brother Adam Hegman.

Dirk is survived by his mother Janice Hegman, daughter Marla Hegman, and brother Karl Hegman.

A visitation in his honor will be held 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, Tuesday, February 7, 2017, with funeral services at 12:00 pm at Crowder Funeral Home Chapel, Dickinson, Texas.  Interment will follow at Forest Park East Cemetery, Webster, Texas.


  1. Dirk, you are dearly loved and will never be forgotten. Thank you for being a great cousin and introducing me to the Ramones. I will always remember listing to vinyl with you and Craig. Even though I was allot younger, you guys never kicked me out so I was grateful for that. I have very fond memories with you and your family and will always cherish them. And I know that you are in good company right now with some very dear people. Mom adored you, so I know she’s there with you. I know it’s gotta be loud up there with her, uncle Neil, uncle Donny, uncle Otto and Granpa, but it’s going to be special to be surrounded with all that love. Love you cousin.

    Jenny Cabrera
  2. I was the guy who got Dirk into Flexatallic and first met him as a night stocker at Target back when we were both teenagers. He used to get annoyed with me when I called his a Mercury Bobcat a Pinto. My StepFather was a supervisor at Flexitallic for decades and my mother worked there for 30 years as well and I’m happy he took so much joy from that employment. Dirk had an amazing memory and had smarts way beyond his education level. Dirk gave me unlimited street smarts (I was a naive suburban kid) and he was a student of culture, counter culture, music and he opened my eyes to many things in life. Dirk was a cynic and a bit of a renegade but had a good heart and I regret I was not a better friend at the end but we had too much to overcome. That was my weakness however and this is the last lesson Dirk taught me via my ignorance. We were both a bit hard headed but that’s probably why we were such good friends early in life. My condolences and my deep regrets to Dirk’s loved ones. I also want to apologize to Mrs Hegman for not visiting Dirk at the end. I will have to live with that for the rest of my life. If I could have overcome some of my pride, and that would have made me a better person but I didn’t. Dirk ended up teaching me a most valuable lesson at the end of the day however. I’m genuinely sad about the gift I never bothered to give him in his last days, but Dirk once again taught me something valuable about life even in his death. Rest in Peace.

    Vincent Russell

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