Bruce Andrew Munson, of Houston, Texas, died quietly in his home August 7, 2023.
Bruce, age 58, was born Nov 7, 1964 in Trenton, Michigan to Robert Craig Munson, Attorney at Law, and Katherine B Munson, bookkeeper and advocate for enfranchisement as president of a Michigan chapter of the League of Women Voters. Bruce’s father died prematurely, and Bruce and his mother moved first to the Chicago area and then to Jacksonville Florida for his teenage and young adult years. Bruce was a short order cook and a sought‐after shady tree mechanic to afford his college tuition.

Bruce graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Science of Civil Engineering, ’88, with high honors, and again from University of Florida with a M.S.C.E,’91, with high honors. Bruce and his wife (now former wife), Suzanne Wentworth of Maine, relocated to Louisiana when Bruce was hired by Chevron Petroleum Corp, first living in New Orleans and then Lafayette. They raised Shar Pei puppies, enjoyed music,
golf, and deep-sea fishing on the Louisiana Gulf shores.

Announcing, in his mid-thirties, “I can turn forty without a law degree or I can go to law school and turn forty with a law degree,” he transferred to a different Chevron division located in Houston and enrolled in night school at the University of Houston Law Center, following in his father’s footsteps. Bruce graduated in 2001 and earned his Juris Doctor, summa cum laude.

Bruce opened the Munson Law Firm and practiced personal injury law. Bruce was brilliant, argumentative, infuriating, compassionate, hilarious, and tender. He was a fierce advocate for the law, exhibited compassion for his clients, and was known in the legal community as both a great closer and a rainmaker. Bruce loved to talk and argue about the law and history, in any form, and especially about Supreme Court constitutional cases and precedents.

Bruce loved life with a passion, being overheard daily, “Let’s have a good time!” He enjoyed golf, riding motorcycles, driving his Corvette, and rafting in the hill country. The music was always on, may rock and roll never die. Bruce enjoyed movies and added, “But read the book second!” Bruce read voraciously and loved to discuss and dissect the novel’s plot. Bruce skied annually in Tahoe and loved the Heavenly Ski Resort. Bruce loved the beach, especially Jacksonville Beach.

Bruce’s happiest times were at the dinner table surrounded by family and friends, enjoying exquisite epicurean cuisine with great pairings. Bruce was generous to all around him and always told you he loved you.

Bruce was preceded in death by his father, Bob Munson; his aunts and uncles William & Sally Munson, Charlotte & Lloyd Fassett, and Dimitri & Phyllis Sergay; his cousins Sara Jane (Munson) Hartman, Tarik Sergay, and Charilynn Fassett; and his brother-in-law Paul Nofs.

Bruce is survived by his mother, Kathy Munson, of Jacksonville Beach; his siblings Craig (Josephine) Munson, Meg (David) Lentz, Beth (Paul) Nofs, and Victoria (Ronald) Robinson; and his cousins Andrew (Susan) Munson, Alex Sergay, Tim (Jenny) Sergay, Juliette (Bruce Cannon) Fassett, Lloyd (Suzanne Gutierrez) Fassett and
numerous nieces, nephews, and second cousins. To know Bruce was to love him.

Bruce, rest in peace.


  1. You are so loved by so many Bruce! You will be forever in our hearts.
    Your baby sister, Vicky

    Victoria A Robinson
  2. To Bruce’s family:

    I was so sad to find this page when I Googled him this morning (saw the name Munson while researching and thought I’d look him up). Although we practiced on opposite sides of the “v,” I always enjoyed seeing his name on a new assignment. We would talk about cars, music, movies, books, and then eventually get around to talking about work. I live in NC now so spending time in his company in person or on the phone was less frequent the last few years. I’m sure it’s little comfort, but I wanted to leave a note.

    Jeremy Foltz
  3. Kathy, I am so very sorry about Bruce passing away. We have 2 lawyers in the family so I know a bit about your sadness. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Bruce and your family.

    Roy Green of Jacksonville, FL

    Roy G. Green
  4. I am very sad to learn of the passing of Bruce. This is a great loss of a wonderful man.

    Ruth Orcutt
  5. After I graduated law school Bruce was the first attorney I worked for back in 2019. We called him “BAM”, which is how I have him saved in my phone to this day. We went through so much that year. I spoke with his sister and mother over the phone a few times and felt like they were good people. I lost touch with Bruce after we parted ways but I had thought about him over the years and always meant to reach out and say hello. I actually looked forward to it. Then a few days ago, I ran into an attorney friend of his that I met during my time with Bruce and after saying hello the first thing I did was ask about him.

    To this day, I have never gone out to lunch with any other attorney I have worked with a third as much as I had gone out with Bruce. Knowing Bruce was not a superficial experience. We lost a brilliant mind. I hope his family is healing for the loss.

    Rest in peace, BAM. I’ll see you at lunch.

    Jaime Perez

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